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5 Project Controls Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your project controls manager resume must highlight your proficiency in cost management and scheduling. It is essential to demonstrate your expertise in budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis. Emphasize your experience with project management software and tools in your project controls manager resume. Showcase your ability to lead teams, communicate effectively, and implement control systems to ensure project success.

All resume examples in this guide

As a project controls manager, articulating your complex experience in a concise format is a significant resume challenge. Our guide provides tailored strategies to help you distill your expertise into a compelling narrative that captures the attention of hiring managers.

Master the art of writing your resume with our brief guide on:
  • Defining the highlights of your project controls manager career through your resume summary, objective, and experience.
  • Real-world project controls manager resume samples with best practices on how to stand out amongst the endless pile of candidate resumes.
  • Most in-demand project controls manager resume skills and certifications across the industry.
  • Standardizing your resume layout, while maintaining your creativity and individuality.

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Project Controls Manager resume format made simple

You don't need to go over the top when it comes to creativity in your Project Controls Manager resume format .

What recruiters care about more is the legibility of your Project Controls Manager resume, alongside the relevancy of your application to the role.

That's why we're presenting you with four simple steps that could help your professional presentation check all the right boxes:

  • The reverse-chronological resume format is the one for you, if you happen to have plenty of relevant (and recent) professional experience you'd like to showcase. This format follows a pretty succinct logic and puts the focus on your experience.
  • Keep your header simple with your contact details; a headline that details the role you're applying for or your current job; and a link to your portfolio.
  • Ensure your resume reaches an up-to-two-page limit, only if you happen to be applying for a more senior role or you have over a decade of relevant experience.
  • Save your Project Controls Manager resume as a PDF to retain its structure and presentation.

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Showcase any ongoing or recent educational efforts to stay updated in your field.

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Project Controls Manager resume sections to answer recruiters' checklists:

  • Header to help recruiters quickly allocate your contact details and have a glimpse over your most recent portfolio of work
  • Summary or objective to provide an overview of your career highlights, dreams, and goals
  • Experience to align with job requirements and showcase your measurable impact and accomplishments
  • Skills section/-s to pinpoint your full breadth of expertise and talents as a candidate for the Project Controls Manager role
  • Education and certifications sections to potentially fill in any gaps in your experience and show your commitment to the industry
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Demonstrated experience in project planning, scheduling, cost control, and risk management
  • Proficiency in project management tools and software, such as Primavera P6, MS Project, and cost management software
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to present complex data in an understandable format to stakeholders
  • Proven track record in successful project delivery within scope, time, and budget constraints
  • Experience in developing and maintaining project control systems, procedures, and documentation

Defining your professional expertise in your project controls manager resume work experience section

The work experience section, often the most detailed part of your resume, is where you discuss your past roles and achievements. To effectively list your experience, consider these four key tips:

  • Align your expertise with the job requirements. It's vital to integrate keywords matching the job criteria to pass initial assessments;
  • Show, don’t just tell. Quantify your responsibilities by stating your actual achievements in previous roles;
  • Include measurable metrics. For instance, how did your performance impact the annual ROI?
  • Highlight crucial industry skills. Mention both technological knowledge and interpersonal skills in this section.

These guidelines will help you craft an impressive project controls manager resume work experience section that is bound to catch recruiters' attention.

Work Experience
Senior Project Controls Manager
  • Developed and implemented project control systems across multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects, increasing efficiency by 25%.
  • Conducted detailed risk analysis to identify potential cost overruns, reducing financial risk by 30% and safeguarding project profitability.
  • Led a project controls team of 10 to successfully deliver the Metro Expansion Project on time and 15% under budget.
Work Experience
Project Controls Lead Manager
Bechtel Corporation
  • Implemented an Earned Value Management System for a $500M real estate development, improving project tracking accuracy by 40%.
  • Managed scheduling and cost control for the Greenfield Airport Project, resulting in the completion of phased openings 2 months ahead of schedule.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to optimize resource allocation, leading to a 20% increase in productivity.
Work Experience
Director of Project Controls
Siemens Energy
  • Oversaw the control processes for a portfolio of renewable energy projects with a combined budget exceeding $750M, ensuring strict financial compliance.
  • Strategically realigned project control procedures, enhancing reporting capabilities and contributing to the on-time delivery of all projects in 2023.
  • Championed the adoption of an advanced analytics platform which predicted project bottlenecks, decreasing project delays by an average of 18%.
Work Experience
Project Controls and Planning Manager
Kiewit Corporation
  • Led the project control initiatives for the Overseas Highway Construction, managing budgets exceeding $300M and cutting costs by 10% while maintaining quality.
  • Played a pivotal role in contract negotiations, securing favorable terms that produced an estimated $15M in savings over the project lifecycle.
  • Improved project forecasting accuracy by 35% through the introduction of a customized project management information system.
Work Experience
Project Financial Control Manager
Fluor Corporation
  • Managed project controls for the Cross-City Tunnel initiative, effectively eradicating schedule slippage and meeting all milestones.
  • Directed the overhaul of procurement processes, which cut lead times by 22% and reduced procurement expenses by approximately $8M.
  • Initiated a training program for control staff that resulted in a 95% retention rate and increased team productivity by 30%.
Work Experience
Infrastructure Project Controls Manager
Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Played a key role in developing cost control strategies for a $450M highway overhaul project, directly impacting the successful avoidance of costly overruns.
  • Fostered strong stakeholder relationships, effectively communicating cost impacts and schedule changes, leading to a 97% stakeholder satisfaction rate.
  • Initiated and led a cross-departmental task force to streamline project update workflows, trimming reporting times by 25%.
Work Experience
Global Project Controls Manager
  • Formulated and executed a project control strategy for a multi-year, international petrochemical project valued at $800M, improving cost tracking precision by 30%.
  • Innovated cost control and forecasting techniques that became company-wide best practices, enhancing overall project performance.
  • Led the adoption of BIM technology for real-time project tracking, which shortened the project schedule by 1 month, saving approximately $5M.
Work Experience
Principal Project Controls Specialist
Turner Construction
  • Assured the financial integrity of a $1B mixed-use development project through stringent controls and accurate forecasting, keeping the project 12% under budget.
  • Instituted a performance management dashboard that provided real-time KPIs to stakeholders and streamlined decision-making processes.
  • Masterminded a risk mitigation plan that reduced potential schedule delays by 50%, essential to the successful opening of the retail and residential phases.

Quantifying impact on your resume

  • Detail the total value of projects managed, showcasing your experience with large-scale budgets and complex financial oversight.
  • Specify the percentage of projects completed on time and under budget, demonstrating efficiency and effective time management.
  • Quantify the financial savings achieved through cost control measures, highlighting your fiscal responsibility and strategic planning skills.
  • Outline the number of personnel managed, reflecting your leadership capabilities and human resource management expertise.
  • Measure the improvement in project delivery time, indicating your ability to streamline processes and increase productivity.
  • Enumerate the number of risk assessments conducted, underscoring your proactive approach to risk management and mitigation.
  • Indicate the scale of stakeholder communication, portraying your communication skills and ability to manage expectations.
  • Report on system or process implementations, providing evidence of your ability to drive innovation and continuous improvement.

Action verbs for your project controls manager resume

Recruiters go through tens of resumes every day. You obviously need to make yours stand out if you want to get that dream job. The easiest way to do this is by using action verbs. They give depth and clarity to your resume, which won’t go unnoticed.
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No experience, no problem: writing your project controls manager resume

You're quite set on the project controls manager role of your dreams and think your application may add further value to your potential employers. Yet, you have no work experience . Here's how you can curate your resume to substitute your lack of experience:

  • Don't list every single role you've had so far, but focus on ones that would align with the job you're applying for
  • Include any valid experience in the field - whether it's at research or intern level
  • Highlight the soft skills you'd bring about - those personality traits that have an added value to your application
  • Focus on your education and certifications, if they make sense for the role.
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If you happen to have plenty of certificates, select the ones that are most applicable and sought-after across the industry. Organize them by relevance to the role you're applying for.

Project Controls Manager resume skills section: writing about your hard skills and soft skills

Recruiters always care about the skill set you'd bring about to the Project Controls Manager role. That's why it's a good idea to curate yours wisely, integrating both hard (or technical) and soft skills. Hard skills are the technology and software you're apt at using - these show your suitability for the technical aspect of the role. They are easy to track via your experience, certifications, and various resume sections. Your soft skills are those personality traits you've gained over time that show how you'd perform in the specific team, etc. Soft skills are more difficult to qualify but are definitely worth it - as they make you stand out and show your adaptability to new environments. How do you build the skills section of your resume? Best practices point that you could:

  • Include up to five or six skills in the section as keywords to align with the advert.
  • Create a specific technical skills section to highlight your hard skills aptitude.
  • Align the culture of the company you're applying to with your soft skills to determine which ones should be more prominent in your skills section.
  • Make sure you answer majority of the job requirements that are in the advert within your skills section.

A Project Controls Manager's resume requires a specific skill set that balances both industry-specific hard skills with personal, soft skills. Discover the perfect mix for the Project Controls Manager role from our list:

Top skills for your project controls manager resume:

Project planning and development

Budgeting and cost control

Scheduling and timeline management

Risk management

Contract management

Performance reporting

Change management

Construction management

Software proficiency (e.g., MS Project, Primavera P6)

Earned value management




Analytical thinking






Attention to detail

Time management

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If you're in the process of obtaining your certificate or degree, list the expected date you're supposed to graduate or be certified.

Your resume education section is crucial. It can indicate a range of skills and experiences pertinent to the position.

  • Mention only post-secondary qualifications, noting the institution and duration.
  • If you're still studying, highlight your anticipated graduation date.
  • Omit qualifications not pertinent to the role or sector.
  • If it provides a chance to emphasize your accomplishments, describe your educational background, especially in a research-intensive setting.

Recruiters value project controls manager candidates who have invested their personal time into their professional growth. That's why you should include both your relevant education and certification . Not only will this help you stand out amongst candidates, but showcase your dedication to the field. On your project controls manager resume, ensure you've:

  • Curated degrees and certificates that are relevant to the role
  • Shown the institution you've obtained them from - for credibility
  • Include the start and end dates (or if your education/certification is pending) to potentially fill in your experience gaps
  • If applicable, include a couple of job advert keywords (skills or technologies) as part of the certification or degree description

If you decide to list miscellaneous certificates (that are irrelevant to the role), do so closer to the bottom of your resume. In that way, they'd come across as part of your personal interests, instead of experience. The team at Enhancv has created for you a list of the most popular project controls manager certificates - to help you update your resume quicker:

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The top 5 certifications for your project controls manager resume:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute (PMI)
  2. Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE International)
  3. Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP), Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE International)
  4. Project Management in IT Security (PMITS), EC-Council
  5. Professional in Project Management (PPM), Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)
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List all your relevant higher education degrees within your resume in reverse chronological order (starting with the latest). There are cases when your PhD in a particular field could help you stand apart from other candidates.

Best practices to your project controls manager resume summary or objective

To start, how do you know if you should include a resume summary or a resume objective ?

  • Resume summaries are ideal for project controls manager professionals with more experience, who'd like to give a quick glimpse of their biggest career achievements in the top one-third of their resumes.
  • On the other hand, resume objectives serve as a road map for recruiters. Candidates use the objective to show how their experience aligns with the project controls manager role they're applying for while showcasing the North Star of their career (or where they want to be as a professional in the next couple of years).

The resume summary or resume objective could be the perfect fit for your project controls manager resume. The function of both is to highlight your professionalism succinctly. So, keep your writing specific: include no more than four sentences and target your application to the role. Here's how these specific resume sections help the project controls manager candidates stand out.

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Resume summaries for a project controls manager job

  • With over 10 years of experience in project controls within the construction industry, this seasoned professional boasts a robust background in cost management and scheduling. Demonstrated success in delivering multi-million-dollar projects under budget and ahead of schedule solidifies their reputation as a leader in the field, offering a rich blend of technical acumen in Primavera P6 and comprehensive expertise in risk analysis.
  • Accomplished IT Project Manager seeking to leverage 8 years of experience in software development lifecycle management to transition into project controls. Proven track record in delivering high-quality, agile-based projects, exceeding stakeholder expectations and adept in technologies such as MS Project ensures a seamless shift to managing complex project timelines and budgets in a more structured environment.
  • Bringing forth a noteworthy career as a financial analyst for a leading tech corporation, this candidate is poised to pivot into project controls management. With 6 years of meticulous budget oversight and proficiency in data analytics tools, including SAP, they aim to elevate the precision of forecasting and cost control measures within large-scale engineering projects.
  • An adept Controller with 15 years in the manufacturing sector possesses a keen ability to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiencies. Skillfully managed budgeting and reporting for projects valuing over $50 million, demonstrating a firm command of ERP systems and an unyielding commitment to maintaining financial integrity in complex project environments.
  • Recently graduated with a Master's in Project Management, this enthusiastic individual is eager to apply fresh knowledge and a passion for construction management into practice. Driven by a strong dedication to excelling in project controls, they are keen on deploying their advanced understanding of cost management and schedule optimization to contribute meaningfully from day one, despite a lack of industry experience.
  • Armed with a robust foundation in business administration and a voracious appetite for learning, this entry-level aspirant is determined to break ground in project controls management. Eager to absorb strategic planning techniques and gain hands-on experience with project management software, they are relentless in their pursuit to overcome steep learning curves to add tangible value to complex projects.

Recruiters' favorite additional project controls manager resume sections

When writing your project controls manager resume, you may be thinking to yourself, " Is there anything more I can add on to stand out? ".

Include any of the below four sections you deem relevant, to ensure your project controls manager resume further builds up your professional and personal profile:

  • Books - your favorite books can showcase that you have an excellent level of reading comprehension, creativity, and outside the box thinking;
  • Languages - make sure you've included your proficiency level alongside a relevant certificate or a form of self-assessment;
  • Website link - ensure you've curated your most relevant and recent projects in your professional portfolio (and that the link is a part of your resume header) to support your application;
  • Passions - showing recruiters how you spend your time outside of work and what activities or causes you're invested in.
  • Key takeaways

    • The format and layout of your project controls manager resume should reflect on both your career and what matters most to the job you're applying for;
    • Use the resume summary and objective to hint at your most prominent accomplishments;
    • Always be specific about your experience and consider what value each bullet you curate adds to your project controls manager application;
    • Consider how your academic background and technical capabilities could further showcase your alignment to the role;
    • Your soft skills should contribute to your overall project controls manager profile - aligning your personality with skills and results.
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