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This FREE Tech Lead resume example combines job responsibilities, experience, achievements, summary of qualifications, technical skills and soft skills generated from a database of successful resume models.

Use the Tech Lead resume sample below, replace the information with relevant data about you and match your skill set, certificates and experience with the job description.

Damon Stanley
India / EU / US
Tech Lead
Heller2018 - Ongoing
India / EU / US
Heller is a global leader in technology services and consulting.
Handled multiple projects in J2EE technologies for development and maintenance work
Handled multiple projects in J2EE technologies for development and maintenance work
Supervised 2 team members in day to day activities.
Filed 10 patents with Samsung on proprietary technologies developed and related use cases
Tech Lead
Heller2016 - 2018
India / EU / US
Heller is an IT and Software Development company operating in many countries.
Creation of new schools in France (9); Achieved in six months with a staff of five people.
Handled multiple projects in J2EE technologies for development and maintenance work
Mid-Level PHP Engineer and Tech Lead
Wolf Inc2013 - 2016
India / EU / US
Wolf Inc is an international IT outsourcing enterprise operating a software factory that is listed as one of the leaders in Brazil.
Led DevOps for teams across Canada and China, improving automation performance by ~20%
Implemented Scrum and lead , mentored 9 workforces
Joined the company as first employee of technology team back in 2015
Most Proud Of
Guarding the company culture by confronting toxic behaviours
even though 90% of the people in the company are older than me
Living in the US on my own
Despite the difficult times I've gone through. I can tell you more in person ;)
SAP Hybris Marketing TrainerIt`s an amazing marketing 1:1 solution and I`m proud I`m certified to train people how to use it.
Bulgarian Women in TechnologyAn active member since 2016
Soft skills Business training empowering leaders to become masters of targeted communication.

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How to talk about your experience on Tech Lead resume

Jan/2010 - Jan/2014
The company is part of Brazilian Department of Agriculture
Reduced IT costs in 10% while increasing the service level
Having me as Technology Leader, the company had four successful systems implementations in 1.5 (one-and-a-half) years
I took the initiative to develop a new website for the company saving 30k in costs

Tech LeadFiserv, Biller Solutions
Jan/2014 - Jan/2018
CLIENTS: J P Morgan Chase (Retirement Planning Services), American Express IT services and consulting
Provided technical leadership to a cross functional product development team of 15 members, onshore and offshore. Effective in interacting with Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Directors within Biller Solutions
Effective in communicating and coordinating geo-located teams.
Successfully conceptualized and designed product feature releases.

Tech LeadXpert Eleven AB
Jan/2018 - Ongoing
IT consulting and services
We serve 100 000 daily players
Encashea App is the consumer facing application which is used to consumers to schedule a pickup and manage their encashea account. Ecpickup is used by our pickup boys for creating invoices for the Link :
EcPickup is an app for EnCashea pickup guys, meant to be used for easy invoicing and great routing optimisations. Link :

Additionally, you may also highlight awards, education, certifications and industry expertise, or include a career summary in your Tech Lead resume that best portrays your professional work experience.

What phrases to use in my Tech Lead resume skills

  • Java
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • MongoDB

Here’s how to include skills for Tech Lead resume

How to use Java in your Tech Lead resume:

Created APIs in Backend(Java, Spring, Hibernate) and respective view in Frontend(jQuery, HTML, CSS) for both android and web. Worked on admin dashboard to add more functionality. Handled all web and android apps single-handedly. Special attention given to scalability in designing database.

How to use Docker in your Tech Lead resume:

Delivered new environments in docker & kubernetes platform • Provided support in build module, development and testing environment. • Performed Weblogic Server administration tasks such as installing, configuring, upgrading, monitoring and performance tuning. • Upgraded the java versions of running weblogic domains. • Deployed the applications on multiple Weblogic servers and maintained Load Balancing, High Availability and Failover. • Responsible for documentation, status reporting and presentation. • Created scripts for Cassandra status reporting • Managed and monitored JVM Performance by adjusting Weblogic heap size and garbage collection parameters. • Troubleshooting of any issue that arises during deployment process. • Coordinating the development and testing team during the release process. • Worked with development and testing teams in trouble shooting and fixing issues in all environments. • Responsible in development of Ant scripts and UNIX shell scripts for Auto deployment process. • Developed scripts for automatic startup and shutdown of Weblogic Servers. • Installed and configured SSL for webservers. • Monitoring the startup and application logs for any exceptions and errors. • Analyse Weblogic server log files, thread dumps, logs, configuration files, dump files and core files to identify possible causes of the problem. • Created Crontab scripts for timely running jobs • Performed regular health check of servers

How to use Git in your Tech Lead resume:

Migrer l’ancienne infrastructure (GitLab, Jenkins et tous les serveurs) vers une infrastructure cloud.

How to use Python in your Tech Lead resume:

Automated the entire GSK ticketing process using a Python based Image recognition tool and presented to GSK leadership

How to use MySQL in your Tech Lead resume:

Integrated MongoDB for reports and logs reducing size/load of MySQL server enabling Ops team to work faster increasing their sales by 5-10 % with same working hours

How to use AWS in your Tech Lead resume:

Built an inhouse Platform as a Service solution from scratch, designed
to be multicloud, based on AWS + OpenStack and Docker, providing
services such as DBaaS, KeyValueStore, CI/CD

How to use MongoDB in your Tech Lead resume:

Leveraged Angular, MongoDB, .NET, C#, Cloud Foundry, Swift

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Tech Lead resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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