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Updated on 2021-04-21

“Sorry, you’ve got all technical skills for the job, but I am afraid you aren’t the right fit for this role”.

There is this, and 99 other weird reasons that you could hear from recruiters during interviews for a SF BA role.

Landing a Salesforce business analyst role is no joke! Whatever you write on your resume is taken on its face value and is tested for relevance against the role.

Not picking up the right words could show lack of business exposure, which is often one of the main reasons why resumes get rejected too.

But if you follow a handful of rules, you’ll easily land an interview using your salesforce business analyst resume.

Here’s what you’ll learn here:

 ✔ Walk through a real, job winning Salesforce business analyst resume example

 ✔ Learn how to perfect the top 5 sections of the resumes

 ✔ Good and bad samples of resume sections

 ✔ How to leverage your portfolio to increase your resume’s impact

 ✔ Tips on customizing your resume to display and match the level of required seniority for the role

Salesforce Business Analyst Resume Samples

Salesforce Business Analyst Level II

+359 88 888 8888


Salesforce Business Analyst - Level II
Hudson PLC2015 - Ongoing
Facilitated and led group discussions to elicit requirements in JAD
Worked closely with the development team to customize, develop, design and manage ongoing system solutions to meet the organization’s goals
Customized various Salesforce.com Standard Objects Leads, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activities and custom objects
Developed document working prototypes and workflow diagrams to facilitate better system understanding
Salesforce Consultant
Renaud2011 - 2015
Renaud is an IT company
Managed Salesforce requests/issues for 2,500+ Salesforce total end users
Worked in a team of 6 resources throughout the Simplion journey
I was also recognised with the Most Valuable Team Player Award by the Sales team in 2017
Bouchard2009 - 2011
Bouchard is a company specializing in information technology services. • Supporting the Sales team, qualifying Sales leads on Salesforce • Adding and deactivating users on Salesforce; running the sales report to help forecast • Keeping Track of Sales targets, point of contact of any sales queries and managed customer data
Participated with customers at Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco
Brought on 35 new customers in the first 12 months and continued this growth rate
Leading and coaching experienced sales account executives (9)
Re-engineered an existing product which has around 4000 active users
I was also recognised with Gold Star Awards 2 Years in a row between 2015 and 2016
Industry Expertise
App Building
Process Builder
Data Security
Bachelors in TechnologyM.I.E.T /B.P.U.T Johannesburg
2004 - 2008
GPA3.8 / 4.0
DropoutUniversity of National and World Economy
2006 - 2009
GPA6 / 6
I realize this is not what I want to do in the future and also that I am very interested in programming
Declarative SalesforceProficient
Salesforce Sales CloudProficient
Lightning ExperienceIntermediate
Server, Deployments
MCSAMicrosoft (2009)
ADM-201Salesforce (2011)

What are the most crucial sections in a Salesforce Business Analyst resume?

The most impactful resume sections of Salesforce Business Analyst’s CV

  1. Summary
  2. Header
  3. Relevant experience in Salesforce and business domain
  4. Soft & Technical Skills
  5. Certificates
  6. Education

There should not be any confusion in your resume header

The truth is, you may get rejected solely based on your resume’s header. Why is that?

Salesforce is an extensive and versatile platform that gives birth to tens of different job titles and requirements.

It isn’t uncommon for a hiring manager to go through a Salesforce resume and come across a job title like

“Salesforce Business Administrator |Salesforce Business Analyst | Salesforce Sales Manager”

While it’s cool that you did all of that, but often titles like these give out wrong signals.

Think about it, if you yourself were hiring someone for a Salesforce Business Analyst, how would you feel to see a title like this?

You’d feel that possibly, he/she is more into Salesforce Sales, or maybe this is someone who’s mile-wide and inch deep.

Keep your resume’s header short with the right title.

Plus, enterprises and large organizations hire for reliability. They would rather hire someone who’s a mile deep, rather than inch deep in Salesforce.

Business Analyst Salesforce Resume Header Samples

Your Name
Salesforce Business Analyst / Administrator / Sales Manager

+359 88 888 8888


Your Name
Salesforce Business Analyst

+359 88 888 8888




If you’re on the other hand looking to apply at a senior level SF Business analyst roles, you can tweak your header a bit to communicate your experience.

But make sure before you claim a Senior Business Analyst resume, you’ve got an experience of 5 years or more to back it.

See the example below.

Your Name
Senior Salesforce Business Analyst

+359 88 888 8888



PRO TIPIf you’re looking for a junior position with Salesforce Business Analyst and have a promising profile on Trailhead (Salesforce education platform), leave a link to it in your header.  

Write an effective resume summary

There a couple of resume summary fails for Salesforce business analyst. Our favorite ones are:

  1. Failing to keep it short and going beyond 5 lines
  2. Talk about everything (your cat), but not what you achieved.
  3. Not mentioning your domain/vertical specific experience

This is the exact hierarchy in which hiring managers prefer to go through your Salesforce resume summary:

  1. Salesforce Experience
  2. Relevant Domain Experience
  3. Certificates

In order to keep the summary short, you have to make these three shine and omit anything that you don’t feel is relevant.

2 Salesforce business analyst resume summary examples

I graduated from Michigan Tech University with a degree in computer science. I have Salesforce certifications ADM 201, ADM 211, Sigma6 BA, and I worked as a Salesforce Business analyst for a major software company.

The order in this example is flawed. You should prioritize your experience and talk less about your education in the beginning, even if it is a tangent speciality.

Over 6 years of experience as a Salesforce Business Analyst and 8 years in I.T. Worked closely with business leadership, key stakeholders, developers, and clients to identify, implement, and distribute Salesforce processes & system solutions to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs in a global Salesforce environment.

State your overall Salesforce experience without breaking it into time periods.

Highlight your key responsibilities and at the same time talk about how you delivered real value to the business.


Another problem with the summary section is irrelevant experience. It hints at your inability to leverage various experiences as a part of a business analyst’s job.

I have direct experience with Sales, Retail, Architecture, and Finance that I would like to apply at my future position as a Salesforce Business Analyst.

If your role is more into consulting, then adding your previous Salesforce related experiences would make a ton more sense. Else, keep the precious summary space for something more important.  

For those who are looking for an entry Salesforce Business Analyst position, the summary will look a little different.

With lack of Salesforce experience, you should focus on official Salesforce certificates and domain knowledge.

Trailhead badges also play an important role for entry level Salesforce Business Analysts - given the fact that there are no explicit certified paths for Salesforce Business Analysts.

Certified Salesforce Business Analyst. I worked with Sales and Engineering companies, gathering requirements from users and optimizing work processes that would fulfil those demands in Sales & Software niches.

If you need to know what skills from your past would be useful for the summary, carefully examine the entry job description and read our experience section below.

How should you frame your Salesforce Business Analyst experience?

According to Salesforce.com, Communication is the most frequently requested soft skill (52% of respondents) by employers for this role.

As for the technical skills, it’s Data Analysis and Business analysis.

Your resume experience should display an equal balance between the above three.

The fourth and probably the deal breaker for any Salesforce role is your platform knowledge. Given how vast Salesforce really is, your resume should accurately project what you know.

The two examples that we’ve listed below will show you the difference.  

Salesforce Business Analyst Experience on Resume

TitleCompany Name
What did you achieve in this role?

Of course, there are exceptions too. And sometimes, you need to restructure your resume for a certain position.

How you frame your experience will largely depend on two things:

  • The position you’re applying for
  • Your background

Different Salesforce Business Analyst jobs accentuate different skills in their candidates.

Often it’s apparent when to make these changes, especially when the same skill/technology/requirement gets repeated several times in the job description:

  • Lead requirements gathering sessions, proactively drawing out requirements from stakeholders.
  • Perform gap analysis to identify opportunities for process improvement or management control of workflow.
  • Create requirements definition documentation, including use cases, and functional specifications to capture business needs and for validation with the customer and shared with project stakeholders.
  • Create workflow diagrams to document current and future business environment.
  • Communicates in written, oral, and presentation formats to best represent and express user and organizational requirements to audiences up to mid-level management.
  • Collaborate with Business Operations, Sales, Information Technology and other business stakeholders to drive high levels of data integrity and operational reliability of our standardized business analytics, tools and processes.

See the pattern here?

If you want to summarise what the role needs, it would be - “gather data from key business stakeholders, document it and prepare for the implementation in the system.”

It is clear that communication is extremely important to the position. So, when you describe your work experience - emphasize the following:

  1. Your experience of working with diverse, cross functional teams and stakeholders
  2. How you collected and analyzed data to build functional requirements
  3. How you handled and presented your findings and convinced stakeholders on the right solution

Salesforce Business Analyst resume experience samples

TitleCompany Name
Worked with APEX (classes and web services), Visual Force, Salesforce APIs, SOQL, Force.com platform
Managed and populated configuration workbook
Directed and monitored BA and QA/QC activities to ensure the traceability and optimum coverage of business requirements by defined plan and scope
Created utility services for common usage using Flow and Java services

If you’re building a SF BA resume for career transition from being a Salesforce Administrator to Salesforce Business Analyst - emphasize past admin experience that’s closest to a BA role.

Here’s an example of how to do it.

TitleCompany Name
Gathered, documented and presented operational data & requirements from key stakeholders including the sales team, client pool, upper and mid-management
Conducted GAP Analysis prior to integrating platform solutions within a defined project scope
Provided Salesforce support to new and current team members within DevOps, Sales, Support, and Management departments

If the position you’re applying for includes agile management, gently weave the agile experience into your narrative.

Same goes for experience with AppExchange solutions, as it not only proves your Salesforce knowledge but also puts forward your ecosystem expertise forward too.

The last that you need to take care of before is to see if the role demands something specific into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, etc. Make sure that you don’t miss out on these if you’ve worked with them before.

At the end, remember that technologies should be a part of your business narratives, not its point of focus.

How should you decide which skills to include and emphasize?

Successful Salesforce BA’s have perfectly developed soft skills. That’s why it is extremely important that you list your soft skills within your resume.

10 Soft skills to include on a Salesforce Business Analyst resume

  1. Communication
  2. Project Management
  3. Organization
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Active listening
  7. Conflict resolution
  8. Negotiation
  9. Client service techniques
  10. Detail-Oriented

A Salesforce business analyst packs a ton of technical skills too! Here are some of the highly valued SF BA technical skills to add in your resume.

8 Technical skills to reflect your analytical expertise

  1. Data Analysis (Visualization, Presentation)
  2. Business Analysis (Scope, Gap Analysis, Use Cases, etc.)
  3. Data Management
  4. Salesforce Administration
  5. SQL-database management
  6. Financial Modeling
  7. MS Office
  8. Requirement Management and BPM tools
  9. Mind Maps
  10. Prototyping tools

What are the most convincing certificates for a Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce.com offers certification paths for almost every possible Salesforce position. Except for Salesforce Business Analysts.

However, it doesn’t mean that recruiting managers don’t value the certificates. In fact, some of them are particularly valuable and even demanded for certain jobs. Certifications like:

  1. Salesforce administrator (ADM 201) proves that you are suitable to any BA workflow
  2. Scrum master certification - considered for BAs helping modern, agile Salesforce enterprises

Then there are other certifications like CFLBA (Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst), CALBA (Certified Advanced Level Business Analyst) and CELBA (Certified Expert Level Business Analyst) that prove your business acumen and business-first-approach.

Many established Salesforce Business Analysts recommend getting your Salesforce Admin Certificate if you wish to transition to a SF BA role in future.

SF Business Analyst Certifications to include

Managing the education section of your Salesforce Business Analyst resume

As we’ve already established in the Summary section, education becomes important only when you have no direct Salesforce experience, which usually applies to junior positions. In this case, there’s a choice whether to emphasize your university’s name or your degree.

That’s easy to decide: if you have a degree that is relevant to the position, emphasize it.

Bachelor of Computer ScienceUniversity of Florida
4.0 / 4.0

The only exception would be if you come from a prestigious university.

Bachelor of Computer ScienceYale University
4.0 / 4.0

Keep in mind that Lead Business Analyst positions with 10+ years of related experience usually require a Master's Degree.

We used big data to get you critical insights

top salesforce business analyst resume skills

What are the most impactful tips for the Salesforce Business Analyst resume?

  • An emphasis on a Salesforce experience
  • A perfect balance between soft skills, analytical, and technical knowledge of the Salesforce platform, reflected in business processes
  • A set of narrative sections showcasing various scenarios of how you gathered important data from key users, analyzed it, and saw through solutions for the actual benefit of your business
  • Use relevant technologies and tools as an environment in those scenarios, not the point of focus. The point should be your business acumen
  • Domain expertise, framed to be of relevance to the specific business of interest
  • A collection of relevant certificates, including Salesforce, Agile, and Project management global certifications

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