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5 Administrative General Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

When crafting your administrative general manager resume, highlight your leadership experience. Demonstrate a proven track record in overseeing operations and team management. Your resume must also showcase your expertise in strategic planning and financial acumen. Detail your ability to drive organizational efficiency and profitability.

All resume examples in this guide

As an administrative general manager, articulating the breadth of your capabilities without overwhelming potential employers with a dense resume can be a challenging task. Our guide offers clear strategies for streamlining your experience and highlighting your key administrative accomplishments in a concise manner that will make your resume stand out.

Make sure your administrative general manager resume leaves an excellent first impression with our simple guide featuring:
  • [Job title] resume samples that got people hired at top companies.
  • How to perfect the look-and-feel of your resume layout.
  • How to showcase your achievements and skills through various resume sections.
  • How you could hint to recruiters why your resume is the ideal profile for the job.

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Professional administrative general manager resume format advice

Achieving the most suitable resume format can at times seem like a daunting task at hand.

Which elements are most important to recruiters?

In which format should you submit your resume?

How should you list your experience?

Unless specified otherwise, here's how to achieve a professional look and feel for your resume.

  • Present your experience following the reverse-chronological resume format . It showcases your most recent jobs first and can help recruiters attain a quick glance at how your career has progressed.
  • The header is the must-have element for your resume. Apart from your contact details, you could also include your portfolio and a headline, that reflects on your current role or a distinguishable achievement.
  • Select relevant information to the role, that should encompass no more than two pages of your resume.
  • Download your resume in PDF to ensure that its formatting stays intact.

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The more trusted the organization you've attained your certificate (or degree) from, the more credible your skill set would be.

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The six in-demand sections for your administrative general manager resume:

  • Top one-third should be filled with a header, listing your contact details, and with a summary or objective, briefly highlighting your professional accolades
  • Experience section, detailing how particular jobs have helped your professional growth
  • Notable achievements that tie in your hard or soft skills with tangible outcomes
  • Popular industry certificates to further highlight your technical knowledge or people capabilities
  • Education to showcase your academic background in the field
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Proven leadership and team management skills, with the ability to oversee multiple departments or teams.
  • Strong business acumen and experience formulating and executing organizational policies and strategic plans.
  • Demonstrated ability in operational efficiency and expertise in process improvement to optimize productivity and reduce costs.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including budgeting, resource allocation, and scheduling.
  • Advanced communication and interpersonal skills, capable of building and fostering relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

Quick formula for writing your administrative general manager resume experience section

Have you ever wondered why recruiters care about your administrative general manager expertise?

For starters, your past roles show that you've obtained the relevant on-the job training and expertise that'd be useful for the role.

What is more, the resume work experience section isn't just your work history , but:

  • shows what you're capable of achieving based on your past success;
  • proves your skills with (oftentimes, tangible) achievements;
  • highlights the unique value of what it's like to work with you.

To ensure your resume work experience section is as effective as possible, follow this formula:

  • start each bullet with a powerful, action verb , followed up by your responsibilities, and your workplace success.

The more details you can include - that are relevant to the job and linked with your skill set - the more likely you are to catch recruiters' attention.

Additionally, you can also scan the job advert for key requirements or buzzwords , which you can quantify across your experience section.

Not sure what we mean by this? Take inspiration from the administrative general manager resume experience sections below:

Work Experience
Senior Administrative Manager
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  • Led a team of 25 administrative staff, optimizing workflow which improved overall department efficiency by 20% within the first year.
  • Spearheaded the transition from paper-based to digital file management, reducing document retrieval times and increasing office space by repurposing the former storage areas.
  • Negotiated with vendors to cut office supply costs by 30%, securing a three-year contract that reduced operational expenses significantly.
Work Experience
Director of Administration
Dell Technologies
  • Implemented a CRM system that improved customer engagement by 40%, fostering stronger relationships and repeat business.
  • Overhauled the internal communication practices to include weekly team briefings, enhancing organizational transparency and employee morale.
  • Managed annual budgets exceeding $5 million, consistently coming in under budget through cost-effective strategies and careful financial stewardship.
Work Experience
Chief Administrative Officer
Microsoft Corporation
  • Administered office operations for a staff of 150, streamlining administrative procedures to boost productivity by 25%.
  • Coordinated with IT department to develop a bespoke intranet system, improving internal communications and document management.
  • Launched a professional development program for administrative staff, resulting in a 50% increase in team certifications and qualification advancements.
Work Experience
Executive Administrative Manager
  • Revitalized the company’s archiving system which led to a 60% faster retrieval time of important documents.
  • Directed logistical support for 10+ company-wide events per year, each exceeding 300 participants, which boosted brand recognition and employee engagement.
  • Orchestrated a company-wide training on administrative best practices, increasing overall efficiency and standardization across departments.
Work Experience
Administrative Operations Manager
Cisco Systems
  • Successfully managed the office relocation project for a 200-employee firm without impacting productivity, completing the move 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Developed a sustainability initiative that reduced paper usage by 70% and was later adopted company-wide.
  • Initiated a cross-departmental task force to re-evaluate administrative processes, leading to the elimination of redundant tasks and a 15% reduction in operational costs.
Work Experience
Manager of Administrative Services
Intel Corporation
  • Managed the onboarding process for over 300 new hires, creating a comprehensive orientation program that was recognized for its effectiveness and user friendliness.
  • Piloted a new performance review system for administrative staff that improved individual accountability and team performance metrics by 35%.
  • Designed and implemented a disaster recovery plan that safeguarded critical data and ensured seamless continuation of operations during emergency situations.
Work Experience
General Manager, Administrative Division
Oracle Corporation
  • Oversaw a team responsible for the maintenance and support of office IT infrastructure, ensuring 99.9% system uptime and minimal disruption to business activities.
  • Managed negotiations and relationships with key partners and suppliers, securing terms that favored the company's financial position and resource availability.
  • Championed the implementation of an employee wellness program that decreased sick days by 20% and fostered a healthier work environment.
Work Experience
Head of Administration
  • Facilitated the merger of administrative departments from two companies, maintaining operational efficiency and resulting in a streamlined team with improved output and reduced overlaps.
  • Implemented a monthly reporting system to track department performance against corporate objectives, which became a model for other departments.
  • Oversaw a successful office renovation project that updated the workspace to better meet the needs of a growing company, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Quantifying impact on your resume

  • Detail the percentage increase in office efficiency due to process improvements you implemented.
  • Highlight the amount of cost savings realized by renegotiating vendor contracts.
  • Specify the number of projects managed concurrently, demonstrating project management skills.
  • Quantify the size of the teams you've led to illustrate your leadership capacity.
  • Include the dollar value of budgets you've overseen to show financial responsibility.
  • Mention the growth in revenue or market share during your tenure as an indicator of your strategic input.
  • Report on the reduction of employee turnover rate after introducing new initiatives.
  • Present the number of training sessions or workshops you've conducted to underline your contribution to staff development.

Action verbs for your administrative general manager resume

The Enhancv team went through thousands of administrative general manager resumes that have helped people get hired at their dream companies. Here are some of the best power words used by these top applicants:
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Four quick steps for candidates with no resume experience

Those with less or no relevant experience could also make a good impression on recruiters by:

  • Taking the time to actually understand what matters most to the role and featuring this within key sections of their resume
  • Investing resume space into defining what makes them a valuable candidate with transferrable skills and personality
  • Using the resume objective to showcase their personal vision for growth within the company
  • Heavily featuring their technical alignment with relevant certifications, education, and skills.

Remember that your resume is about aligning your profile to that of the ideal candidate.

The more prominently you can demonstrate how you answer job requirements, the more likely you'd be called in for an interview.

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If you failed to obtain one of the certificates, as listed in the requirements, but decide to include it on your resume, make sure to include a note somewhere that you have the "relevant training, but are planning to re-take the exams". Support this statement with the actual date you're planning to be re-examined. Always be honest on your resume.

Defining your unique administrative general manager skill set with hard skills and soft skills

In any job advertisement, a blend of specific technologies and interpersonal communication skills is typically sought after. Hard skills represent your technical expertise and indicate your job performance capacity. Soft skills, on the other hand, demonstrate how well you would integrate within the company culture.

Incorporating a balanced mix of both skill types in your administrative general manager resume is crucial. Here's how you can do it:

  • In your resume summary or objective, incorporate up to three hard and/or soft skills. Make sure to quantify these skills with relevant or impressive achievements;
  • less
  • The skills section should list your technical know-how.
  • The strengths section is an ideal place to quantify your competencies by focusing on the achievements facilitated by these skills.
Top skills for your administrative general manager resume:

Strategic Planning

Financial Management

Project Management

Operations Management

Human Resources Management

Compliance Management

Data Analysis



IT Proficiency





Time Management

Decision Making

Interpersonal Abilities


Critical Thinking


Conflict Resolution

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If you happen to have plenty of certificates, select the ones that are most applicable and sought-after across the industry. Organize them by relevance to the role you're applying for.

Qualifying your relevant certifications and education on your administrative general manager resume

In recent times, employers have started to favor more and more candidates who have the "right" skill alignment, instead of the "right" education.

But this doesn't mean that recruiters don't care about your certifications .

Dedicate some space on your resume to list degrees and certificates by:

  • Including start and end dates to show your time dedication to the industry
  • Adding credibility with the institutions' names
  • Prioritizing your latest certificates towards the top, hinting at the fact that you're always staying on top of innovations
  • If you decide on providing further information, focus on the actual outcomes of your education: the skills you've obtained

If you happen to have a degree or certificate that is irrelevant to the job, you may leave it out.

Some of the most popular certificates for your resume include:

top sections icon

The top 5 certifications for your administrative general manager resume:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP) - Project Management Institute
  2. Certified Manager (CM) - Institute of Certified Professional Managers
  3. Professional in Human Resources (PHR) - HR Certification Institute
  4. Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) - International Association of Administrative Professionals
  5. Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) - American Society for Quality
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If you failed to obtain one of the certificates, as listed in the requirements, but decide to include it on your resume, make sure to include a note somewhere that you have the "relevant training, but are planning to re-take the exams". Support this statement with the actual date you're planning to be re-examined. Always be honest on your resume.

Administrative General Manager resume summary or objective? The best choice is based on your experience

If you're wondering about the relevancy of the resume summary or the resume objective to your Administrative General Manager application - here's the truth.

The summary and objective provide recruiters with your expertise and accomplishments at a glance, within an up-to-five-sentence structure.

The difference is that the:

  • Resume objective is also more focused on emphasizing your career goals. The objective is the perfect fit for (potentially more junior) candidates who'd like to balance their relevant experience with their career goals.
  • Resume summary can provide you with space to also detail the unique value of what it's like to work with you. Administrative General Manager candidates who have many noteworthy accomplishments start from the get-go with their summary.

Ensure that either type of resume introduction presents your Administrative General Manager expertise in the best light and aligns it with the job advert.

The more details you can provide with numbers, the more compelling your resume summary or objective will be.

Real-world Administrative General Manager candidates follow these frameworks in writing their resume summaries and objectives.

The end results are usually as such:

top sections icon

Resume summaries for a administrative general manager job

  • With over 15 years in executive leadership, I have honed an expansive suite of management skills at a top-tier retail firm, leading to a 50% increase in annual revenue through strategic planning and employee development. Possessing a deep understanding of effective administrative procedures and cost reduction, my leadership has consistently elevated organizational efficiency.
  • As a seasoned executive manager in the manufacturing industry, my 20-year tenure has been marked by driving operational excellence and fostering collaborative team environments. Exceptionally adept at business process reengineering, which resulted in a 30% improvement in production efficiency and profitability for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Transitioning from a successful 10-year career in educational leadership, my skills in team building, strategic program development, and stakeholder communication are directly transferable to the administrative management realm. With a proven record of increasing student performance, I am eager to apply my expertise to elevate operational success in a new sector.
  • With a background in healthcare administration, I bring 12 years of experience in optimizing patient care coordination and clinic operations. Now seeking to leverage my adeptness in cost control, regulatory compliance, and team leadership to drive success as a general manager in the administrative industry, poised to deliver immediate results.
  • Eager to embark on an administrative management career, I bring fresh insights from a recent MBA with a focus on strategic management. With a passion for organizational leadership and a commitment to continuous improvement, I aim to apply my academic foundation to contribute to operational excellence and sustainable growth.
  • As a new entrant to the field with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, my objective is to utilize my extensive volunteer management experience and adept skills in project coordination. I am motivated to develop my professional path by contributing innovative solutions and a fresh perspective to administrative management challenges.

Additional valuable administrative general manager resume sections to stand out

When assessing candidate applications, recruiters are often on the lookout for elements that go beyond meeting standard requirements and technical expertise.

This is where extra sections could play a key role in showcasing your unique skill set and personality.

Make sure to include sections dedicated to:

  • How you spend your free time, outside of work. The interests resume section also goes to show your personality and transferrable skills; and may also serve to fill in gaps in your experience;
  • Most innovative work. The projects resume section brings focus to what you're most proud of within the field;
  • How you're able to overcome language barriers. The language resume section is always nice to have, especially if communication would be a big part of your future role;
  • Industry-wide recognitions. Remember that the awards resume section should highlight your most noteworthy accolades and prizes.

Key takeaways

  • The format and layout of your administrative general manager resume should reflect on both your career and what matters most to the job you're applying for;
  • Use the resume summary and objective to hint at your most prominent accomplishments;
  • Always be specific about your experience and consider what value each bullet you curate adds to your administrative general manager application;
  • Consider how your academic background and technical capabilities could further showcase your alignment to the role;
  • Your soft skills should contribute to your overall administrative general manager profile - aligning your personality with skills and results.
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