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Event Planner Resume: Samples, Tips and Advice for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-11-17

Picture it! You’ve dreamed of hosting events and gatherings your whole life. You’ve volunteered your services with relatives and friends.

What’s more, you have invested in a few courses or have devoted a few years at a university.

All in the hopes to shine on your event planner resume and land your dream job.

And then the pandemic happened…

Conventions, conferences and trade shows - canceled. Weddings - postponed by a year or two. Companies went remote.

What now? Is the event planning job market over?

Well, no. But you’re not alone in feeling this way. In 2020, both young and experienced professionals saw their industry turn upside-down.

As a result, many had to adapt to a new way of holding mass gatherings. This included online summits and hybrid events.

"I know probably hundreds of people who have lost their job on both the supplier side, like the hotels, and on the planner side.

This evened out the job market playing field. Hiring managers are now searching for professionals with an updated skill set.

How do you highlight that on your resume? Read on to find out.

Our Event Planner Resume Guide Will Teach You

  • How to laser-focus your resume for different event planning positions
  • How to show you are on top of current trends and industry developments
  • The top skills to make you the perfect job candidate
  • How to provide evidence of experience without overstuffing your resume with unnecessary fluff
  • How to stand out among the rest, if you’re just starting your career as an event planner
  • What else you can add to supplement your resume. Other than education and certifications, that is.

Event Planner Resume Examples