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Product Manager Resume: Ultimate Writing Guide with Tips & Tricks to Land Your Dream Job

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-06-18

A new Product Manager position has just opened up at your dream company.

It’s a prestigious product that is loved by thousands of people.

Being a Product Manager on their team would be a huge jump-up in your career.

There will be hundreds of applications sent in for the role, but you know that you’re the perfect fit.

But first, you have to get past the hiring manager with a stand-out resume.

This guide will help you do just that, with tips and tricks on what they’re looking for in your Product Manager resume.

What will you will learn

  • How to best demonstrate the value of your skills as a product manager
  • The top hard and soft skills that companies want to see
  • How to make up for lack of experience in your resume if you’re just starting out

Product Manager Resume Example

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How to write a Product Manager Resume

What format should you use?

The reverse chronological resume format is the most common one used by Product Managers.

This layout emphasizes your work experience, and also highlights your skills, education and summary.

If you’re writing an entry level Product Manager resume, you won’t have work experience to talk about yet. In this case, the functional resume format is best. We’ll talk more about this later!

No matter what format you use, hiring managers reading your resume will only spend a few seconds scanning before deciding if they want to read on. Follow these tips to ensure that your resume is easy-to-read:

  • Use a clear font like Times New Roman or Arial
  • Bullet points will help make your resume be scannable
  • Export your resume as a PDF to ensure that it looks the same on any computer

With these tips in hand, it’s time to write a Product Manager resume that will pass through applicant tracking systems. This software scans your resume for the right keywords before passing it along to a real human being on the other side. Don’t forget to check outA Guide To Types Of Resumes: Best Formats, Tips & Examples

What are the right Product Manager resume keywords?

How can you ensure that your resume passes through these applicant tracking systems and makes it to the hands of the hiring manager?

By using the same keywords that arelisted in the job description.

Take a close look at what language is used in the job description to describe the responsibilities of the role, and use those same phrases throughout your resume: in your experience section, summary, and skills.

Pssst. Buzzwords, right? Yeah, these can be magical, but only when used in the right context. Check outHow to Properly Use Resume Buzzwords to Get An Interview

Recommended resume sections

  • A resume header that has all of your important contact information
  • Descriptive summary that proves your value in a few sentences
  • Work experience section with data-backed accomplishments
  • Your educational background
  • A mix of technical and soft skills

What recruiters want to see in your resume

  • Proof that you can plan, build and launch successful products
  • Work effectively with a team