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Account Manager Resume: Step-by-Step Writing Template with Examples

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Updated on 2021-04-21

As an account manager, you take care of your clients and customers.

You’re a people person who can help them reach their goals, discover new solutions for them, and keep the profits rolling in with their continued business.

Your team relies on you to keep the customers or clients happy. You’re directly responsible for how fast your company will grow.

Hiring managers understand the importance of a great account manager on any team. They’re on the hunt for the best of the best among a sea of candidates.

The first step to filling that position is reading through a stack of resumes. Most are average and don’t inspire any excitement from the hiring manager, but eventually they come across the perfect resume that makes them want to meet the candidate right away.

This guide will help you write that account manager resume that impresses the hiring manager, puts you ahead of all other candidates, and lands you the job of your dreams.

Let’s get started!

What you’ll learn here

  • How to write an account manager resume that helps you stand out from other candidates
  • The right skill set you need to be considered for the role
  • The best way to showcase your experience and education to land the role you want
  • How to back up your claims with real-life data
  • What to avoid when writing your account manager resume

Account Manager resume example

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How to write an account manager resume that gets you hired

Top Account Manager resume sections

  • Account manager resume header that checks all the boxes
  • Summary or objective that describes your expertise
  • Work experience section with real-life achievements
  • Skills section that shows the perfect mix of technical and soft skills
  • Education section with information the recruiter’s looking for

Most valuable points in Account Manager resume (as told by recruiters)

  • Quantitative data that backs up your claims
  • Specific and up-to-date knowledge in your industry
  • Strong interpersonal skills that keep clients and customers happy
  • Relevant educational background and/or related experience
  • Enthusiasm for the specific role and company you’re applying to

How to write an account manager resume header that checks all the boxes

Your resume header is the first section that recruiters will read on your resume. It’s essential that you start off on the right foot.

That means including all of the information that recruiters want to see, and more.

An account manager resume should include:

  • Your name
  • Your job title - be specific about this! Since there are so many different types of account managers, including your industry will go a long way.
  • Phone number and email address - having multiple ways to contact you will let the recruiter choose their preferred method.
  • Your location - this is standard procedure for all resumes.
  • Special links - adding your LinkedIn URL, or any other portfolio site where recruiters can get more context about you will help you make a good impression

2 Account Manager resume header examples

John Smith
Account Manager


San Diego, CA
John Smith
Sales Account Manager

+359 88 888 8888



San Diego, CA

The first (wrong) example is missing important information, like what kind of account manager they are, their phone number, and their LinkedIn profile URL.

The second example ticks all the boxes and is perfect for your resume.

How to describe your expertise in your account manager resume summary

The summary section of your account manager resume is the “elevator pitch” about what makes you perfect for the role. It’s the place where you can highlight your top accomplishments, experience level and your career objectives.

An excellent resume summary will inspire the hiring manager to keep reading your resume and learn more about you, eventually leading to an interview.

Let’s look at two examples of account manager resume summaries to inspire your own.

2 Account Manager resume summary examples

Experienced account manager who provides excellent customer service.
National Account Manager with over 10 years of experience in the commercial insurance industry managing client relationships and closing new accounts. Achieved a 98% client satisfaction score, negotiated contracts worth over $8 million and managed a team of sales staff. Seeking a Sr. National Account Manager position at Crystal Insurance where I can make a positive impact on growth and revenue.

This sample is inspiring! It includes specific information about industry experience, highlights impressive achievements in former roles, and it displays enthusiasm for the role the applicant is applying to.

How to impress hiring managers with your work experience

You will be going head to head with qualified candidates, and the hiring manager is looking for the best of the best to interview. You have the knowledge, education and expertise to do the job well, but you need to prove that you do in your account manager CV.

To lift your resume experience section from average to great, you should include specific details that support your claims, including real-life data and accomplishments.

Let’s compare a boring resume experience sample with a strong one, so you can write your own outstanding resume too.

Account Manager resume experience examples

Key Account ManagerTreeline Events ServicesProviding corporate event production in all of North America.
Managed the relationships with our corporate clients
Worked as a team to deliver great events
Stayed up to date on industry knowledge
Reported findings to COO and CEO

Simply listing your responsibilities won’t make you stand out. Your resume will be put straight into the “do not call back” pile. Let’s step it up!

Key Account ManagerTreeline Events ServicesProviding corporate event production all of North America.
Managed 15+ corporate client accounts, maintaining a client satisfaction score of 98%
Successfully closed $3 million of client contracts, boosting sales performance by 80% in five years
Collaborated with a team of event managers, suppliers and executives to ensure all projects were completed on-time and to the highest degree of quality.
Used tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce, Asana, and G Suite to manage projects with clients and source out leads.

Now this resume deserves an interview! It lists specific, data-focused accomplishments and mentions software by name. The hiring manager will be confident that you’re the one for the job if you send them a resume like this one.

How to stand out from other candidates with the right mix of skills

For account manager resumes, you will want to display your perfect mix of technical and soft skills. It’s a role that requires strong communication and client relationship building skills, while also staying up to date on the latest industry knowledge.

On top of that, every account manager position varies in what they’re looking for in the right candidate. Your best bet is to carefully read over the job description to see what they’re asking for, and then reflect those same skills in your resume.

That level of personalization proves that you are interested in that specific position, and that you match their standards for the role.

Here’s a breakdown of the technical and soft skills you can include in your account manager resume.

How to list tech skills on your resume

Up-to-date knowledge on best marketing practices including SEO, paid advertising, content, and more.
CRM systems, including Salesforce and Hubspot
Discovering and closing leads on Linkedin Sales Navigator

This skills section sample is excellent for two reasons:

  1. It will pass applicant tracking systems that scan for target keywords, such as the names of software or industry terms (“SEO”)
  2. Each skill includes more context and detail to support the information, instead of a basic description
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