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5 Starbucks Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your Starbucks resume must clearly highlight your customer service experience. It's essential to demonstrate your ability to make everyone feel welcome. Showcase your proficiency with a POS system on your Starbucks resume. Include any previous barista training or coffee knowledge you possess.

All resume examples in this guide

Are you a high school student trying to earn some extra money and jumpstart their career?

Or are you a seasoned specialist? Looking for an adventurous position with a large corporation.

Regardless of what motivates you to join the Starbucks family, you must show you’re a cultural fit above all.

Ever heard of the Starbucks Third place ideology?


Well, the idea is that:

  • The First Place is your home
  • The Second Place is your workplace

The company deems these the two places where you spend most of your time. The company wants Starbucks to be the Third Place.

The one where the customer will spend their remaining free time to relax. Possibly drinking some good coffee, while chatting with friends. Or reading a book.

A warm atmosphere which feels like home.

This notion is embedded in the company’s mission statement, too:

"To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time."

So, how do you show you’re cut out to be a Starbucks partner (i.e. employee)? How do you prove that you can provide an up-to-standard service?

You make a great resume.


We’re here to help with that!

Keep on reading to find out how to appeal to Starbucks recruiters.

Our comprehensive guide has all the tips you’ll need

  • What do Starbucks recruiters look for in a perfect applicant
  • Which resume layouts to use and how to format them
  • How to laser-focus your resume and show your character
  • Which resume sections are more important
  • How to highlight the right experience and skills
  • What to do after you submit your application and resume

How to create an excellent Starbucks resume and impress recruiters

The company offers a myriad of different positions. Generally, there are four employment paths you can follow:

  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Starbucks Reserve® & Princi® Production Kitchens

Whether you want to be a barista or an HR specialist, you have lots of opportunities. Remote and hybrid options, too. Depending on the position, of course.

And the good news is that you can apply to as many positions you want. As long as you fit the requirements.

So, don’t get discouraged if you see that your chosen Starbucks branch isn’t hiring. If there are other local branches in need of employees, your resume gets sent to the relevant manager.

The company likes to keep applications and resumes on file.

Speaking of applications, what are those?

The company's onboarding process starts with its own careers platform. Every available position on offer is listed there.

And each role has its own online application form. Keep in mind, there is no offline option to submit your application form offline.

Starbucks suggests that the application form is enough to get hired.


Because it resembles a resume in and of itself. But this doesn't allow you to present your experience and skills in the best possible light.

Ultimately, you're constricted by the application's layout and wording.

That's why we suggest including your resume with the application form. So, what do you need to know about building your own Starbucks resume?

Let’s start with the layout. The three most popular resume formats you can use are:

Which one is your best option depends on your work experience and abilities. If you’re an experienced professional, then the reverse-chronological format is for you.

Begin with your most recent employment. But don’t go back more than a decade and include only the most relevant positions.

If you’re changing careers or you’re a recent college grad, the hybrid resume is perfect for you. The main idea behind this layout is that you can mix and match your experience and education.

Even if you don’t have experience in the particular role you’re applying for. What you do have, instead, is life experience.

And this one is much more important because you’ll be dealing with people on a day-to-day basis.

As such, any experience you have with people management and/or customer service is a plus.

What about if you’re a high school student and don’t have any work history at all?

You have to be at least 16 years of age to be eligible to apply for a Starbucks position. As such, nobody expects you to have professional experience. Or a background in the food industry.

So the functional and hybrid resume formats are your best option.

The layouts put an emphasis on technical and social talents. And as we mentioned before, life experience is all you need.

Member of the football team? Then you know what teamwork means. Volunteered? You probably take directions well and have good communication skills.

Managed a school club? That’s time and resource management skills right there.

Remember, Starbucks can train you in the core abilities it requires for the position. That’s why the company concentrates on character and personality.

So, make sure you research and understand the company’s mission and values. And incorporate them in your resume wherever you can.

Finally, limit yourself to a single page.

With all this in mind, here is how to divide your resume:

top sections icon

Important sections to have on your Starbucks resume:

  • A header to detail your name, job title and contact details
  • Resume summary or objective to highlight how your top skills can benefit the company
  • An experience section to present work history and biggest achievements
  • A skills box to display your top hard and soft talents
  • An education and certificate part to showcase relevant academic experience
  • Other sections you can add to your resume to impress recruiters

Now that we have the format, you need to concentrate on substance. What would make you stand out among other candidates?

That’s why interview preparation is key. Starbucks hiring managers prefer behavioral-based interviewing.

So most of the questions will focus on questions similar to the ones in the table below:

top sections icon

Questions you can expect during a Starbucks interview:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself? What is your biggest life accomplishment?
  • Have you ever worked in a team? If yes, do you prefer to work individually or in a team?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where another employee has angered you? How did you deal with it?
  • Can you tell us a time when you made a mistake? How did you fix it? What did you learn from it?
  • Everyone’s work is evaluated according to company standards. How do you take criticism?
  • What is your greatest weakness? What about strengths?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • Did you ever have a chance to help a customer? How did it go?
  • How do you deal with angry customers?
  • How did you turn a negative situation into a positive one?
  • If we ran out of a product or ingredient, how would you tell the customer?
  • Why do you want to work for Starbucks? What does becoming a Partner mean to you?
  • What will you bring to the Starbucks family, if we decide to hire you?

Even if you can’t address some of the questions in your resume, don’t forget to think of examples. These will come in handy once you get to the interview stage.

Once you’ve completed your resume, submit it along with your application. Then, wait a few days and do a follow-up with the branch hiring manager.

You can ask about the status of your application in a few different ways:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Phone
  • In person

If you live nearby the branch you’re applying for, you can drop by and ask for the manager.

Remember, if you’re trying out for several different roles, you’ll have to do multiple follow-ups. With each branch manager.

pro tip icon
Pro tip

Decided you want to meet the hiring managers in person? Usually, the coffee house store managers are the ones recruiting. So, avoid meetings during rush hours. After all, you want the hiring manager’s undivided attention.

Perfecting the header section of your Starbucks resume

Usually, a very underestimated section. Yet, it is the first thing recruiters see when they open your resume.

And it is the first deciding factor for whether recruiters will continue reading. The second one is your resume summary.

So, what is so special about the resume header?

It shows if you have the necessary attention to detail. And if you’re not careful enough, you might miss interview opportunities due to a typo.

That’s why, when filling out the header section, don’t forget to include:

  • Your name
  • Your full job title
  • Your address
  • A link to a portfolio (if applicable)
  • A link to a relevant social media account, such as LinkedIn

Don’t worry if you lack experience. If you haven’t had the chance to work as a Barista or Store Manager. Instead of listing your current role, add the one you’re applying for.

And if you’re referencing portfolios and social media accounts, check the links. Make sure every link you list works.

2 Starbucks resume header examples

Have a look at the following sample. See anything out of place?

Keyarra B.
Property Manager

Actually, it’s filled with mistakes. The candidate has:

  • Abbreviated their name. Even if you’re an established industry professional, don’t abbreviate your name.
  • Not included an email address. Granted, you may have listed it on the application form. But sometimes documents get mixed. Add it to your resume, too.
  • Not stated their exact location. Remember what we said about your resume being sent out to a different branch. Managers need to know where you’re based.

What would make this resume header better?

Check it out:

Keyarra Bryant
Senior Property Manager
Sacramento, CA

It doesn’t look as sloppy, does it? This is what we meant by paying attention to the details.

The Starbucks resume summary: the make it or break it section

Recruiters spend no more than 6 seconds to review your resume. That’s why both the resume header and the summary are so important.

Done well, and your resume summary or object can propel your Starbucks career.

But what is the difference between the two?

They share the same purpose: to feature your top skills and successes. It all comes down to who’s talking. If you’re:

  • Switching careers or a student, compose a resume objective. Reference any achievements or transferable skills you have to offer.
  • Tenured specialist, write a resume summary. Make sure you explain how your professional path aligns with Starbucks’ mission.

But don’t get too technical in your explanations. This section should be no longer than 5-6 sentences. So, make a list with your biggest achievements and describe them.

The best way to illustrate this is with some samples.

4 Starbucks Resume Summary Examples

Consider the following resume summary:

Accomplished barista, seeking to learn and develop my coffee making skills further. Proficient in creating drinks for individuals with dietary restrictions. Good at taking directions and а great multitasker.

It’s not convincing at all. And you can’t tell who the author is.

Is the applicant a student, trying to fake experience? Or is this truly an expert who doesn’t know how to write a summary?

Although the applicant does accent some of their key skills, it’s not enough. The summary is too centered around their persona. And no accomplishments have been listed.

As such, even a student’s resume objective with no experience will beat this summary. Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the sample below:

Personable and motivated barista, seeking to bring good customer service practices and problem-solving skills to any of the Starbucks Sacramento coffee houses. Knowledgeable about dietary restrictions and food allergens. Bilingual - English and Spanish.

Yes, there are no significant work accomplishments here. But remember, this is a student resume objective. The student can’t talk about the work experience they don’t have.

Instead, the candidate has chosen a different approach:

  • The focus is on the company rather than on the applicant. Also, the individual has hinted at having applied to several specific positions.
  • Despite having no professional success stories, the objective suggests the candidate is results-oriented
  • The applicant references some crucial core skills for the position. Plus, being bilingual is a big bonus for customer service roles.

But jobs at Starbucks are not limited to baristas and bakers alone. Some of the most popular available positions include:

  • Store managers
  • Property and real estate managers

So, here are sample templates you can use to tailor your resume summary:

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 7 years of property management and leasing experience. Skilled in residential and commercial leasing, as well as accounting, budgeting, and contract administration. Looking to bring knowledge, expertise and best practices to the Starbucks Sacramento coffee house.
Results-oriented and experienced store manager, specializing in building and mentoring customer service teams from scratch. Launched 5 new locations for Pizza Hut and 3 for Wendy’s. Proficient in customer and sales analysis, visual merchandising and event organization. Certified Manager and Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist.

How to impress Starbucks recruiters even with no professional experience

Ah, the dreaded experience section…

A lot of applicants leave filling this part of their resume for last. Whether it is due to not having work history or lacking the right experience, it scares many.

But, don’t worry! All you need is a few writing and formatting tips.

Let’s break down this section into a few components:

  • Frame
  • Purpose
  • Focus

Typically, each entry begins with your title and the name of your past employer. Next you have the employment period and company description. Finally, you describe your experience.

Divide your experience into several bullet points. But don’t go too overboard. Between 3 and 5 bullet points should be enough.

Moving on to focus. Having researched Starbucks, you should be familiar with their mission. Think of personal accomplishments which align with the company’s values.

Finally, focus.

Ideally, experience entries should show clear career progression. However, if you have no experience, talk about your academic life.

Tie each of your experiences to measurable outcomes. Whether it’s a school project or a professional success, it doesn’t matter. Results do.

3 Starbucks Resume Experience Examples

Check out the following sample. Do you see anything wrong with it?

Keyarra Bryant
The Happy Palm Tree Coffee House
Sacramento, CA
  • Greeted customers in a happy and friendly manner
  • Prepared orders with 1% error margin
  • Adhere to all safety regulation and industry standards

We see many mistakes:

  • The company description and website are missing. Only the business’ name suggests that it’s a coffee house.
  • The focus is on the wrong results. Nobody will bat an eye at one percent of something. But say you have a 99% satisfaction rate, and you’ll wow recruiters.
  • Despite listing many job description keywords, the applicant hasn’t used them correctly. They aren’t linked to any measurable results.

Here is how you can improve this experience section:

Keyarra Bryant
Barista & Coffee Enthusiast
The Happy Palm Tree Coffee House
Sacramento, CA
Beach-themed coffee house, anchored at one of the most picturesque bays of the American River.
  • Maintained customer satisfaction rates at 99% by always being friendly and remembering the orders of the coffee house regulars.
  • Expanded the menu to include child-friendly versions of our most popular drinks, which resulted in attracting 70% more families to The Happy Palm Tree.
  • Awarded Employee of the Month 6 times in a row for adhering to industry standards and mentoring 10 newly-onboarded baristas.

Why does this work?

It gives hiring managers all the right signs for the perfect candidate. Keyarra mentions creating new drinks which attract families as customers.

This ties directly to Starbucks’ idea of the Third Place. People want to spend time with their loved ones. Being able to facilitate this is crucial.

This entry shows creativity, resourcefulness and proactivity.

Customer service is also an important part of the Starbucks mission. Keyarra has addressed this masterfully. And to put the cherry on top - she’s an exemplary employee.

If you need another example, take a look at the store manager entry below:

Keyarra Bryant
Store Manager and Shift Supervisor
The Happy Palm Tree Coffee House
Sacramento, CA
Beach-themed coffee house, anchored at one of the most picturesque bays of the American River.
  • Grew client base by 240% by introducing new incentives for local businesses and professionals.
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage by 37% by implementing new storage and inventory management procedures.
  • Achieved 130% staff turnover reduction after conducting a series of one-on-one and staff which resolved ongoing conflicts.

Which skills stand out to Starbucks hiring managers?

If you review most of the job descriptions on the company’s platform, you’ll see a common theme. There aren’t any requirements for core skills.

Why is that?

Most available roles are low-level positions. Almost anyone can apply for them, regardless of their background. The company prefers to train its partners.

And given that Starbucks favors behavioral interviews, soft skills are in high demand.

But as with many things in life, there needs to be a balance. You have to display your full range of capabilities.


Let’s look at each type individually.

How to feature the right technical talents on your resume

When we talk about hard skills, many think of math and science. And while this is true, there are other vital core abilities.

Did you know that baristas and bakers must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds?

Adding “lifting” as a technical talent may sound funny. But if you’re doing sports at school and want to be a barista, why not?

So, think of everything you have to offer in terms of core abilities and write them down. Check which ones are relevant, and think of examples for each skill.

If you’re finding it hard to come up with ideas, have a look at the tables below. We’ve gathered the trending hard skills for the top 3 most popular positions.

top sections icon

Key technical skills for Starbucks baristas and bakers:

  • OSHA regulations
  • HACCP guidelines
  • Adherence to safety procedures and quality standards
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • Taking directions
  • Reading comprehension
  • Basic math
  • Coordination, dexterity and balance
  • Ability to safely handle restaurant equipment
  • Inventory management
  • Knowledge of kitchen layout, supplies and services ordering
  • Safe use of cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Knowledge of temperature requirements and food safety
  • Ability to work in a hazardous environment
  • Ability to operate POS systems and cash registers
  • Good understanding of food allergens and accompanying dietary restrictions
top sections icon

Top core skills abilities for Starbucks property managers:

top sections icon

Essential hard skills for Starbucks store manager:

  • Covid procedures
  • Safety procedures and protocols
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales events
  • Sales promotion and tracking
  • Shrinkage and inventory management
  • In-store logistics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Retail management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Performance evaluation
  • Event organization
  • Auditing
  • Quality control
  • Data entry
  • Freight deliveries
  • Pricing and math skills
  • POS systems
  • MS Office
  • CRM software

How to align your social abilities to the Starbucks mission

It’s difficult to translate soft skills on a resume. These are usually best assessed in an interview environment.

But before you get to the interview stage, you have to convince recruiters of your social talents.

The best way to do this is by incorporating them in your experience examples. As well as the skills section.

That’s why balancing out your hard and soft skills is important. Even for very technical roles, such as software engineer or manufacturer.

Show them you’re proactive, willing to learn and highly-motivated.

You may not have a big passion for coffee, but this doesn’t matter. As long as you want to help the company with achieving its goals.

Don’t know how? Check out the examples in the table below:

Taking directions
Successfully provided catering services to the LA Fashion Week staff and models to 98% satisfaction rate.
Problem-solving skills
Reduced the amount of customer complaints by 52% by analyzing product return practices and addressing ongoing issues.
Attention to Detail
Increased customer pool by 67% after analyzing data trends and implementing new features to the company’s most popular product.

All you need to do now is repeat the same exercise you did with your technical talents.

We’ve prepared a list with trending soft skills to kick-start your brainstorming.

top sections icon

Must-have social skills for Starbucks partners:

Do you need to list your education on a Starbucks resume?


Don’t worry if you’re still a student. Starbucks isn’t really interested in your education, unless it’s relevant to the position.

That’s why many of the job descriptions don’t have a diploma as a requirement.

Still, if you have a degree, it’s always a good idea to include it. You never know where your resume will be transferred and what hiring managers have in mind.

You may be suitable for another position and not even know it!

Do Starbucks recruiters require certificates?

The same goes for certificates. You don’t need them, but if your certificate is relevant - add it.

Just make sure that your documents are still valid before listing them.

Here are some of the trending certificates for store managers and property manages:

top sections icon

Top store manager certificates for your resume:

  • Retail Management Certificate
  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  • Certified Sales Development Representative (CSDR)
  • Certified Master Sales Professional
  • Certified Manager Certification
  • Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor (ABA)
  • International Accredited Business Accountant (IABA)
  • Certified Professional Sales Person Certification (CPSP)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Series 63
  • Series 7 License
  • Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist
  • Certified Sales Executive (CSE)
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL)
  • Notary Public
  • Inbound Sales Certification
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR)

Psst, we have more tips on how to format the certificate box on your resume.

What else can you add to your Starbucks resume?

Extra sections on a resume can help you show your character. Don’t underestimate other aspects of your personal life.

If you feel you have too much blank space, try including any of these boxes:

Key takeaways: how to become a Starbucks partner

  • Research the company’s mission statement, values and culture
  • Think of how you can make your personality show through your resume
  • Use the resume format which is suitable for your circumstances
  • Compose a strong resume objective or a summary
  • Lead your experience entries with data and tie them to Starbucks' goals
  • Balance out your social and technical skills
  • Follow up with hiring managers for each location you’ve applied to
starbucks resume example

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