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10 Waitress Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your waitress resume must highlight excellent customer service skills. Show how you've consistently provided a welcoming and satisfying dining experience. Demonstrate your ability to multitask efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Detail your expertise in order management and payment processing to underscore your proficiency.

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Starting a job as a waitress is an exciting opportunity, full of different challenges and rewards. It's a role that demands not just balancing a tray, but also patience, careful attention to small details, and great organization. This job is all about interacting with people, maintaining a smile, and staying friendly, even when customers are unhappy.

To do well, you need to be good at multitasking and know the menu like the back of your hand, including any food allergies. You also need to know a lot about drinks, like different kinds of wines, and cocktails, as well as what food they go best with. Nevertheless, this is a job where you’ll never find yourself bored to death, as it always keeps you on your toes meeting new people and navigating dynamic situations.

If you're ready to tackle these challenges, let's dive into how to craft a memorable waitress resume that can land you a new job.

Find many more resume templates, each with easy-to-follow tips and good ideas. So, in this guide, you'll learn:

  • Effective strategies for customizing a waitress resume that captures attention.
  • Key resume sections for waitresses and tips on how to compose them.
  • The importance of aligning your resume with the job description for greater impact.
  • Methods to highlight your work experience that will engage recruiters.
  • The most valued hard and soft skills to feature in your resume.

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How to format a waitress resume

If you're an experienced waitress, using the reverse-chronological resume format can greatly benefit you. This layout showcases your career growth and notable achievements in various restaurants or serving positions.

For those new to waitressing, a functional resume format or a hybrid version might be more advantageous. These formats emphasize your skills and strengths, focusing less on your job history.

Besides that, choosing an attractive resume design is crucial for standing out from other candidates. Our professionally designed resume templates provide a modern and elegant appearance that captures attention immediately.

When preparing your waitress resume, consider these guidelines:

  • Convert your resume to a PDF to ensure the layout remains consistent across different devices.
  • Clearly list your contact details, including your email, phone number, and current location.
  • Maintain 1-inch margins for a clean and easy-to-read look.
  • Select resume fonts like Rubik, Volkhov, or Montserrat that keep the size between 10 and 12 points for readability and concise presentation.
  • When choosing colors for your resume, select ones that are both professional and pleasant to look at. Blue is often recommended for its association with calmness.
  • Making your resume compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) by including relevant keywords related to skills, education, and work experience is essential.

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Sometimes you’ll want to go after a job that requires more experience than you have. Instead of using a typical resume format, you can use a creative layout. Getting noticed is the most important challenge and a creative resume layout might help you get invited for an interview as most other waitresses have boring resume designs.

If you're uncertain whether your resume shows your good memory, patience, and abilities in multitasking, use our free AI resume checker to help. It offers 16 evaluations and gives personalized tips to refine your resume.

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Formatting is crucial, but now let's turn our attention to the essential sections that must be included in a waitress's resume.

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The top sections on a waitress resume

  • Summary or objective statement: This gives a quick overview of your career goals and why you're applying for a waitress job, showing your eagerness for the role.
  • Relevant experience: Highlight your past jobs related specifically to waitressing, displaying your competency and expertise in the industry.
  • Skills: Listing down specific skills such as customer service, multitasking, and food safety knowledge proves your suitability and capacity for the role.
  • Certifications: Including any food handling or alcohol service certifications shows that you meet fundamental industry requirements.
  • References: References from previous employers can give recruiters an insight into your work ethic and performance, reinforcing your credibility.

Ensure your waitress resume is structured in a way that immediately shows recruiters you're the best choice for the role.

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What recruiters want to see on your resume

  • Customer service skills: Waitresses interact directly with customers. Excellent customer service skills are vital to ensure a positive experience for guests.
  • Multi-tasking abilities: Waitresses often juggle multiple tasks at once. This skill shows that a candidate can handle the fast-paced nature of the job.
  • Knowledge about food and beverages: Comprehensive knowledge about various food and beverages indicates the waitress's ability to explain the menu to customers and make recommendations.
  • Experience in the food industry: Past experience in similar roles suggests that the candidate has a clear understanding of industry standards and procedures.
  • Physical stamina and speed: Waitressing can be physically demanding. Candidates with high physical stamina and speed can efficiently meet the demands of the role.

Attract recruiters with your waitress resume by presenting a clear work experience section that demonstrates your value to their team.

How to write your waitress resume experience

A waitress aims to improve customer service, focusing on comfort, safety, and satisfaction. This enhances the dining experience for all guests. Highlight your own successes from past jobs, with examples of service improvements and the positive results they brought.

City Diner
Philadelphia, PA
  • Promptly served food and beverages to guests, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.
  • Collaborated effectively with the restaurant team to maintain seamless service.
  • Addressed and fulfilled guests' requests to enhance their meal enjoyment.
  • Managed transactions for meal payments accurately and efficiently.

The example isn't good because:

  • It's too broad and could fit many jobs, not just waitressing.
  • It doesn't share any special achievements or results.
  • It misses responsibilities unique to waitressing.

Now let's improve it a bit.

City Diner
Philadelphia, PA
  • Served about 100 guests each shift, keeping everyone happy with fast and friendly service.
  • Assisted with training 5 new staff members, helping them to quickly meet the restaurant's service standards.
  • 95% of customers said they were happy with the service on feedback cards.
  • Took care of around 100 payments a day without any mistakes.
  • Learned the entire menu and specials, helping sell 10% more by giving good suggestions.

The second example is better because it:

  • Demonstrates direct impact by efficiently serving a large number of guests, making achievements clear.
  • Quantifies the positive effects on customer satisfaction through feedback scores.
  • Shows leadership by training new staff well.
  • Points out careful work with many daily payments without mistakes.
  • Illustrates ease in mastering new menu offerings and enhancing sales.

Action verbs (also known as power verbs) are great for describing your achievements and responsibilities. They highlight your skills and show you’re able to take responsibility. Use these gems to make your experience section shine!

Customizing your waitress resume also includes determining its length. A one-page resume can be straightforward, while a two-page layout allows a more comprehensive description of your customer service skills. Concentrate on what showcases your abilities most effectively.

In the following section, we'll discuss how to include numbers in your resume to highlight your work as a waitress.

How to quantify impact on your resume

Based on our expert assessment, here's our advice:

  • Include the number of tables served per shift.
  • Record the number of shifts worked per week.
  • Highlight if you have trained any new staff and the number of them.
  • Indicate the number of menu items you were familiar with.
  • Document any reductions you've contributed to in terms of service complaints or errors.

For every task you list, aim to add specific numbers and measurable outcomes to back up your work. This method effectively boosts your professional image and underlines your skills as a waitress.

How do I write a waitress resume with no work experience

If you're new to waitressing and don't have much work experience, show off your people skills and ability to handle busy situations.

For instance, look for jobs at local restaurants while studying. Working in a dining hall, a nearby café, or at catering events can teach you about serving customers, working with a team, and keeping up in a fast-paced environment.

Now let's check some practical tips on how to boost your waitress resume.

  • Objective statement: Write a few sentences about why you love working with people, any experience you have talking or working with others, and what you want to accomplish in this job. Make sure it shows you fit well with what the restaurant wants in its team.
  • Skills: List the main skills you need for waitressing, like talking clearly, managing your time, and being friendly. Include skills from volunteering, classes, or other jobs that relate to helping customers.
  • Education and certifications: Share details about your high school and any college education, including your major or areas of interest, plus if you have any extra certifications like food safety that are useful for waitressing.
  • Work experience: Mention jobs you've had where you used skills that would also help in waitressing, like being part of a team, fixing problems, and dealing with customers.

How to list your hard and soft skills on your resume

When putting together your resume for a waitress position, it's crucial to highlight both your soft and practical skills. Consider your strengths and compile a list of skills that will catch the eye of hiring managers.

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Make sure your resume gets through Applicant Tracking Software by adding a section on hard skills that fits the job description and your abilities.

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Best hard skills for your waitress resume

  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Cash register operation
  • Food safety regulations
  • Wine pairing
  • Cocktail mixing techniques
  • Table setting
  • Order management systems
  • Dietary restrictions awareness
  • Event coordination
  • Beverage preparation
  • Reservation systems
  • High volume dining
  • Food running
  • Coffee brewing machinery
  • Payment processing
  • Beer and wine knowledge

When tailoring your skills section for a waitress position, carefully review the job listing and ensure your abilities match the requirements mentioned. If your memory is your strong side, put the focus on it. Showcase your ability to remember all ingredients and allergens in each dish. This skill is becoming more and more appreciated as special food diets become more commonplace.

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Best soft skills for your waitress resume

After discussing the skills needed for excellent service as a waitress, let's dive into the education that supports these skills. This section will cover relevant degrees and certifications.

How to list your education and certifications on your resume

A high school diploma is sufficient for a waitress position. The key is to position it correctly on your resume. Here's an example:

High School Diploma
Fullerton High School
Fullerton, USA

If you're an active university student, you might want to broaden the education section of your resume in the following way:

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
State University
Los Angeles, CA
GPA: 3.5
High School Diploma
Fullerton High School
Fullerton, CA

On your waitress resume, mention when you expect to graduate and your GPA if it's over 3.5. This shows off your academic achievements.

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If you hold a certain major and a minor, your majors should be mentioned first.

Adding extra certifications to your resume, like those in food safety or customer service, shows you're keen on learning more and getting better at your job as a waitress. Here are five good certifications for waitressing.

Making every section of your resume clear is important, especially for waitresses, where a strong summary can grab the attention of hiring managers.

How to write your waitress resume summary or objective

Writing a good resume summary or objective for a waitress job means briefly showing your skills, experience, and what you bring to the job. Whether you use a summary or objective depends on your work history and goals. Here's how to approach each choice.

Resume summary

A resume summary works best for waitresses with plenty of experience. It should highlight your key achievements, crucial skills, and how you can meet the restaurant's needs.

Dedicated waitress with 4 years of experience in fast-paced dining environments. Demonstrated expertise in serving up to 100 guests per shift and boosting repeat customer rates by 10% through personalized service. Proficient in multitasking across various tables and transactions, seeking a position at City Diner.

Resume objective

A resume objective is a good fit for those new to waitressing. It focuses on your ambitions, key skills, and how you aim to grow and help the restaurant succeed.

Energetic aspiring waitress with solid knowledge in customer service, including experience from hospitality courses and volunteer work in food service. Ready to use my skills in a real restaurant setting and learn from the experienced staff at City Diner. Aim to make guests happy and ensure they enjoy their meals.

Tips for writing your summary or objective:

  • Be Concise: Keep it to a short 3-4 sentences that clearly outline your work history or career objectives.
  • Customize: Tailor your summary or objective to the waitress position and restaurant you're applying to, showing how your skills and experience are a perfect match for their needs.
  • Highlight achievements: Use specific examples and numbers to show your success in previous roles (e.g., "served up to 100 guests per shift with high customer satisfaction").
  • Focus on relevant skills: Emphasize skills that are key to waitressing, such as customer service, multitasking, and knowledge of food safety, especially if they're listed in the job description.

Taking the time to create a tailored and precise summary or objective can significantly boost your resume's impact, making a great first impression.

Additional sections for a waitress resume

To make your waitress resume stand out, choose one or two additional sections to help recruiters get a fuller picture of who you are, both as a person and as a professional:

  • Passions: Share your hobbies and interests, like participating in culinary workshops or community service, to show a well-rounded personality.
  • Language Skills: Mention any additional languages you speak and demonstrate your ability to communicate with a diverse clientele.
  • References: Add people from previous jobs, teachers, or community figures who can speak to your skill set, diligence, and character.
  • Volunteer work: If applicable, talk about your volunteer work, especially if it involves serving food or working with people.

Key takeaways

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message across and fits your current career situation.
  • Be specific about your experience, accomplishments, and future goals in your summary or objective.
  • Feature detailed metrics and specific examples that show the impact you made in your previous roles when describing your experience.
  • Add all of the certifications that you have and match the job description.
  • Show off a dash of personality in your resume that will demonstrate your culture fit and the right mix of hard and soft skills.

Waitress resume examples

Explore additional waitress resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Waitress No Experience

The Waitress No Experience role is a starter job in the hospitality industry. It's good to show transferable skills from other parts of your life or previous jobs. Remember, soft skills like communication, active listening, and problem-solving are highly valuable in this position. Show instances where you used these skills. Show your enthusiasm and readiness to gain new abilities. Point out your productivity, teamwork ability, and time management skills. Don't just say your skills, illustrate how you used them effectively in real situations, like a school project or past job. Use the 'skill-action-result' model.

By Role


The Busser role has evolved significantly within the hospitality industry. Here are some tips to enhance your resume for this job:

  • Highlight your knowledge of cleanliness standards and practices. These standards govern the entire restaurant, and showcasing your familiarity with them is crucial.
  • Emphasize your physical capabilities, such as strength and endurance. In this position, the ability to move quickly and lift heavy items is essential.
  • Indicate your customer service skills. Do not just list them. Implement the “skill-action-results” pattern to illustrate how your skills enhanced the dining experience for patrons.
View Busser Resume

Waitress Cashier

The Waitress Cashier role melds serving with cashiering tasks. To apply for this role:

  • Highlight your hands-on experience with POS systems and cash handling. Demonstrate how your efficiency contributed to smoother operations.
  • Show your ability to multitask and provide excellent customer service under pressure.
  • Remember to convey your mathematical skills and attention to precision. These are vital for accurate transactions and balancing cash drawers.
View Waitress Cashier Resume



As a Waiter, being a critical touchpoint for the customers is essential. When crafting your resume:

  • Showcase your extensive menu knowledge. Discuss how you used this knowledge to upsell menu items and enhance the overall dining experience.
  • Talk about your interpersonal skills. Detail how your skills have led to exceptional customer service experiences.
  • Place an emphasis on your ability to handle high-pressure environments and constant customer interaction. Show how your patience and professionalism in dealing with difficult situations boosted the restaurant's reputation.
View Waiter Resume

Bartender Waitress

As a Bartender Waitress, having a background in hospitality and customer service is essential. Your application should emphasize skills such as cocktail mixing, bar cleanliness, drink serving, and handling money to showcase your competency. It's beneficial to highlight relevant certifications like Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) credentials or Bartending Certificate courses. Additionally, underline your personal characteristics that improve the customer's experience like strong communication skills and a friendly demeanor. Rather than simply listing your responsibilities, articulate how your skills have positively impacted your previous workplaces with solid examples such as raising tips or boosting customer return rates. It's beneficial to use the ‘skill-action-result’ method to clearly communicate your achievements.

Cocktail Waitress

As a Cocktail Waitress, your bartending expertise, knowledge of cocktails, and top-notch customer service are crucial. When applying, focus on your relevant experience in making cocktails, your understanding of drink combinations, and the subtle differences between various beverages. Highlight your excellent memory and customer service ability, particularly situations where you've remembered complex orders or made customers' experiences enjoyable. Chances are you're adept at handling a fast-paced environment and stress, so don't forget to mention that. Cite instances where your service has positively impacted your workplace, such as increasing bar popularity or boosting tips. Remember, describing your 'skill-action-result' is an effective approach.

Hostess Waitress

The Hostess Waitress role combines greater responsibilities. For a successful application:

  • Show your experience and excellence in customer service, especially in greeting and seating guests.
  • Highlight your organizational skills. Detail how these skills contributed to managing the waiting list and seating arrangement.
  • Discuss your cleanliness and sanitation practices that you've executed for the waiting area and tables.

    Bottle Service Waitress

    Just as the product manager role originated from software engineering, the Bottle Service Waitress job evolved from the hospitality industry. Here are a few tips to enhance your application for a Bottle Service Waitress position:

    • Firstly, highlight your experiences in similar roles - restaurants, clubs or bars. Understanding different types of alcohol, knowing how to serve champagne, and having knowledge of bar equipment can all be beneficial.
    • Feature your customer service skills prominently. If you've increased customer satisfaction or been commended for your service at previous roles, mention it in your resume.
    • Don't just list your skills - explain how they have impacted your work. For example, instead of merely mentioning that you are detail-oriented, state how your attention to details ensured a high level of service.
    • Lastly, highlight your multi-tasking and communication skills. Show how you managed multiple tables efficiently or how your communication skills helped resolve customer complaints. Follow the "SKILL - ACTION - RESULTS" pattern.

    Head Waitress

    Despite not being as tech-centered as product management, the role of a Head Waitress can be similarly nuanced. The following tips should help increase your odds when applying for a Head Waitress position:

    Understanding hospitality practices is crucial. Different restaurants subscribe to various service styles - fine dining, fast casual, pop-up, etc. You are likely to be asked about your experience dealing with different styles.

    Highlight your leadership experience. As a Head Waitress, you will be expected to lead a team of servers. Emphasize any past leadership roles and how they have enabled you to successfully manage a team.

    Prioritize service-centric experiences. Restaurants are businesses of service, and you must have provided exceptional service to thrive in this role. Highlight your achievements, such as “improved customer satisfaction through…” or “decreased customer complaints by…” in your applications.

    Most importantly, don’t just say what you did— demonstrate how your actions led to positive outcomes.

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