Professional Waiter Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

Professional Waiter Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Professional Waiter Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Your ability to take and serve orders while delivering excellent customer service is exemplary - so how do you convince a recruiter that it is? Simple: with a Waiter resume done just right.

Let’s get to it, then. First things first: know what your future boss wants.

Meredith Baldwin
Tbilisi, Georgia
Waiter and pizza baker
Crist2016 - Ongoing
Tbilisi, Georgia
Crist is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The corporation is headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In February 2018, the chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide in terms of sales.
Calculated daily income of the restaurant for 31 days.
Consistently achieved above 20% charge tip percentage
Waited on 8-10 tables simultaneously on a nightly basis
Cleaned more than 40 tables a day after customers finished dining
Boyle Ltd2014 - 2016
Tbilisi, Georgia
Boyle Ltd is a modern and popular cafe-bar which approaches all kind of ages.
CNN described the restaurant where I currently work to be among the 20 best in the restaurants in the World.
Acquired Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), expiring 2023.
Wolf Inc2010 - 2014
Tbilisi, Georgia
Wolf Inc is a resto/bakery concept that gained over the years the admiration of different ages.
Maintained 100% accuracy on all orders placed during a 2 year period
STCW 4+1"Nikola Vaptsarov" Naval Academy
Certificate for Pool and Waterpark LifeguardWater Life Saving Service of Bulgarian Red Cross
DIPLOMA IN HOTEL MANAGEMENTLincoln university college Malaysia
2007 - Ongoing
2.77 / 4
Higher School CertificateKatoomba High School
2004 - 2007
Chineese MandarinIntermediate
Industry Expertise

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Here’s what a recruiter is looking for in a Waiter resume

  • Your experience or training in a wide range of functions related to providing dining experiences, such as table setting and bussing, making food pairing recommendations, and delivering excellent customer service to various types of customers
  • Any specialization/s, such as French cuisine, fine dining, artisanal or craft beers, food and wine pairing, Mediterranean cuisine, or Japanese cuisine
  • Technical skills, which include your ability to handle credit card terminals or cash registers, computer skills, and critical thinking skills
  • Certifications and licenses in food service and handling, such as the ServSafe Food Safety & Food Handler Certification, Alcohol Seller and Server Certification, etc
  • Membership in related trade organizations, such as the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals, the American Culinary Federation, Inc, etc

PRO TIPTo convince a recruiter that you are the right person for the job, stack your Experience section with the most impressive dining gigs that you have done, as well as any other specializations that will set you apart from the competition.

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Waiter resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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