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Sep 8, 2022 3 min read

Applying for jobs can sometimes feel like a never-ending numbers game. We’re left asking ourselves, how many jobs should I apply for, and is it bad to apply for too many jobs?

Job searching and then applying is like a full-time job. Each job application has a process that takes time and dedication, so it’s important to know we’re doing things right.

After a while, we start to cast doubt and question what we’re doing wrong, but sometimes we need to identify these issues in order to progress.  If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall with job applications, why not schedule a free call with our Career Counselors to see how we can help!

How many jobs should I apply for?

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So, how many jobs should I apply for? Well, of course, the number of applications will determine your chances of receiving an interview invitation. But is it bad to apply for too many jobs?

With every job application, you need to consider the amount of time and work it takes to apply. The key to a good job application is to customize each job application to match the job description. You can’t just copy and paste then keep flinging out resumes until something sticks, recruiters will see through this and won’t take you seriously.

So again, how many jobs should I apply for? Well, the answer is balance. You should be applying for enough jobs to increase your chances, while ensuring the applications are tailored to the job description.

Though sometimes, it’s hard to find a balance between the pressure to apply and the need to write a quality job application. Below are a few tips on how to apply for a job!

How to apply for a job - tips and tricks

Be realistic!

My number one tip for applying to jobs is honesty!

We naturally like to push ourselves forward and progress in our careers, but we also need to stay realistic about what we’re capable of doing. Lying on your resume can cost you in the long run and could lead to some unfortunate situations.

The best thing is to be realistic and honest about your resume. Read through the job description and weigh up your skills with their requirements, if it’s not a good match, then just move onto the next application. There’s plenty more fish in the sea!

Consider the company

Who are you working for?

I personally love the feeling of job satisfaction, it’s what motivates me to get up in the morning!

There’s nothing worse than completing your probation period, then realizing your values don’t quite match. You could be dedicating 40+ hours a week to the company, and you need to ensure you’re dedicated, otherwise you’ll just make yourself unhappy.

Finding the right fit is a great tip for applying to jobs.

Stay relevant to the job description."

I say this tip for applying to jobs, so often, I think I say it in my sleep!

There are a number of different obstacles when applying for a job, as part of our Resume Writing service I teach you how to combat yourself to overcome these obstacles. I speak with 4 - 5 clients a day, and my biggest tip for applying to jobs is - always stay relevant to the job description.

Read through the job description and pull out some key, valuable skills which you match. Then simply consider your experiences that demonstrate these skills.

If you are struggling, head to our Find Me a Job page and see how we can help!

Takeaways: How many jobs should I apply for

Give yourself a break!

Applying for jobs is a tiring process and if you’re struggling it can slowly affect your confidence. Of course, there’s pressure to constantly be applying, but if you’re starting to feel burnt out, your job applications will take the hit!

It’s best to give yourself some time to relax. Don’t miss out on a good opportunity because you’re pushing too hard.  

Remember, we are here to help! We can take the pressure away and support you through the entire process of recruitment. From job hunting, to resume writing and even interview preparation, we are here to help!

Schedule a free call, we’d love to meet you.

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