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Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-04-21

Do Animators even need a resume? Isn’t animation a tight industry where everyone knows each other and a small number of people get most of the work?


You may be surprised, but the animation world is a wide global industry with tens of different niches and thousands of companies looking for their new favorite Animator.

Just search “Animator” on any headhunting website and you’ll get the idea.

Guess what all those recruiters are waiting for: an Animator resume that will finally end their headhunting quest. Your resume.

And we can help you write it.

What you’ll learn today

  1. How to choose a resume template that best captures your skills and qualifications
  2. How to make sure your resume is relevant to the position recruiters are looking to fill
  3. What you should write in your experience section and your summary section to make your resume more attractive to recruiters
  4. How to properly indicate your experience with animation software and pipelines
  5. How to land an interview 9/10 times with your resume

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