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5 Makeup Artist Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your makeup artist resume must highlight your expertise in cosmetic techniques and color theory. It should showcase your portfolio with a variety of styles, from avant-garde to natural beauty. Make sure to list any industry-related certifications to elevate your qualifications. Detail your experience working in different settings, be it salons, theaters, or film sets, to demonstrate your versatility.

All resume examples in this guide

As a makeup artist, highlighting your diverse portfolio and hands-on experience in a one-page resume can be challenging without overwhelming prospective employers with an extensive list of projects. Our guide provides expert tips on how to concisely articulate your versatility and proficiency in makeup artistry, which will help you stand out to recruiters and secure your next creative opportunity.

Learn how to adapt your makeup artist resume to provide recruiters with a snapshot of your career:
  • Get inspired from our makeup artist resume samples with industry-leading skills, certifications, and more.
  • Show how you can impact the organization with your resume summary and experience.
  • Introducing your unique makeup artist expertise with a focus on tangible results and achievements.

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Formatting the layout of your makeup artist resume: design, length, and more

When it comes to the format of your makeup artist resume , you've plenty of opportunities to get creative. But, as a general rule of thumb, there are four simple steps you could integrate into your resume layout.

  • If you have plenty of experience, you'd like to showcase, invest in the reverse-chronological resume format . This format focuses on your latest experience items and skills you've learned during your relevant (and recent) jobs.
  • Don't go over the two-page limit, when creating your professional makeup artist resume. Curate within it mainly experience and skills that are relevant to the job.
  • Make sure your makeup artist resume header includes all of your valid contact information. You could also opt to display your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile.
  • Submit or send out your makeup artist resume as a PDF, so you won't lose its layout and design.

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List all your relevant higher education degrees within your resume in reverse chronological order (starting with the latest). There are cases when your PhD in a particular field could help you stand apart from other candidates.

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Don't forget to include these six sections on your makeup artist resume:

  • Header and summary for your contact details and to highlight your alignment with the makeup artist job you're applying for
  • Experience section to get into specific technologies you're apt at using and personal skills to deliver successful results
  • Skills section to further highlight how your profile matches the job requirements
  • Education section to provide your academic background
  • Achievements to mention any career highlights that may be impressive, or that you might have missed so far in other resume sections
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Portfolio showcasing a broad range of makeup styles and techniques.
  • Professional experience with different events or productions, such as weddings, photoshoots, film, and television.
  • Knowledge and proficiency with various makeup brands and products.
  • Skills in specialized makeup application, such as airbrush, special effects, or prosthetics.
  • Client testimonials or references to confirm skills, reliability, and professionalism.

The makeup artist resume experience section: a roadmap to your expertise

The resume experience section provides you with an opportunity to tell your professional narrative.

Recruiters, reading between the lines of your resume, use the experience section to better understand your unique skill set, accomplishments, and what unique value you bring about.

Discover five quick steps on how to write your experience section:

  • Curate only relevant experience items to the role and include the company, description, and dates; all followed by up to six bullets per experience item;
  • Each experience item should feature tangible results of your actions - if you can include a number or percent, this will further highlight your aptitude;
  • If you've received any managerial or customer feedback, use short excerpts of it as further social proof of your technical or people skills;
  • Make sure you're using the appropriate verb tense when listing your responsibilities;
  • Within the description for each role, you could summarize your most noteworthy and relevant achievements.

Now, take note of how a real-world makeup artist professional received opportunities at industry leaders with these resume experience sections:

Work Experience
Bridal & Fashion Makeup Specialist
Glamour Weddings LLC
  • Lead makeup artist for high-profile weddings, consistently delivering personalized beauty services to over 50 brides, enhancing satisfaction and resulting in numerous referrals.
  • Collaborated with fashion designers to create cohesive looks for runway shows, effectively interpreting their vision which increased the brand's media exposure by 30%.
  • Conducted makeup seminars for groups of 20+, imparting advanced beauty techniques, which drove a 25% increase in retail cosmetics sales.
Work Experience
Theatrical Senior Makeup Artist
Starlight Theatricals
  • Developed and executed the makeup design for over 200 theatrical performances, displaying proficiency in special effects makeup techniques.
  • Managed a team of 8 makeup artists for large-scale events, consistently completing work ahead of schedule with extremely high client satisfaction.
  • Spearheaded a community makeover initiative that boosted public relations image and garnered a 40% uptick in local client bookings.
Work Experience
Television & Media Makeup Artist
HD Beauty Inc.
  • Specialized in high-definition makeup application for television personalities, enhancing on-screen appearance for over 70 clients.
  • Implemented an inventory management system that reduced product wastage by 15%, directly benefiting the company's bottom line.
  • Regularly collaborated with top industry photographers to ensure clients' makeup was photo-ready, increasing client satisfaction and repeat business.
Work Experience
Master Makeup Artist & Coordinator
EcoGlam Studios
  • Created unique makeup looks for more than 500 clients, tailoring each application to individual features and preferences, boosting customer retention by 35%.
  • Coordinated with event planners and photographers to establish timelines for makeup application, allowing for 95% on-time completion rate for events.
  • Championed the use of cruelty-free and organic makeup products, leading the transition and training staff on new protocols, which received positive client feedback and increased sales by 20%.
Work Experience
Cinematic Makeup Wizard
CineMagic Makeup Pros
  • Expertly applied makeup for film stars in over 40 feature films, understanding the specific needs for on-camera aesthetics.
  • Initiated and maintained valuable relationships with film directors and production houses, which contributed to a 50% growth in industry contracts.
  • Stayed current with makeup trends and techniques, implementing them effectively on set to ensure the most modern and appropriate look for each project.
Work Experience
Celebrity Beauty Consultant
Starface Studios
  • Pioneered a digital portfolio showcasing before/after work, leading to a 60% increase in online bookings and customer engagement.
  • Tailored makeup applications for professional photo shoots, which played a significant role in winning three prestigious industry awards for clients.
  • Led hands-on makeup training workshops for junior artists, boosting team proficiency and reducing the time taken for client makeup sessions by 20%.
Work Experience
Professional Makeup Virtuoso
Flawless Faces Salon
  • Cultivated proficient skills in airbrushing and traditional makeup application, achieving an Artist of the Year award within the company.
  • Launched a successful social media campaign highlighting daily makeup transformations, resulting in a 40% increase in followers and higher engagement rates.
  • Performed detailed client consultations and skin analyses, which led to highly customized makeup services and a consistent 90%+ customer satisfaction rating.
Work Experience
Lead Makeup Artist & Trainer
AdVogue Studios
  • Delivered makeup artistry for commercial clients including print ads and marketing campaigns, supporting brand imagery and style consistency across platforms.
  • Trained 25+ new hires on product knowledge and application techniques, ensuring brand standards were met and exceeded across the board.
  • Negotiated with vendors to secure quality makeup supplies while maintaining cost efficiency, reducing budget expenditures by 10% without compromising on product quality.

Quantifying impact on your resume

  • List the number of makeup artistry clients serviced daily or weekly to demonstrate customer handling capabilities.
  • Include the percentage increase in client base due to referrals or repeat business to show client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Highlight the number of high-profile projects or clients you've worked with to exhibit experience with demanding work.
  • Specify the size of events you've provided makeup services for, such as the number of models at a fashion show, to indicate your ability to handle volume.
  • State the precise range of products you are proficient with to provide a scope of your industry knowledge and adaptability.
  • Mention the number of makeup styles or looks you have mastered to emphasize the diversity of your skills.
  • Quantify the number of training sessions or workshops you have conducted to showcase leadership and education roles.
  • Document the percentage of time saved through efficient makeup application techniques to reflect your productivity gains.

Action verbs for your makeup artist resume

Recruiters go through tens of resumes every day. You obviously need to make yours stand out if you want to get that dream job. The easiest way to do this is by using action verbs. They give depth and clarity to your resume, which won’t go unnoticed.
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Makeup Artist resume without experience: a walk-through guide

If you don't happen to have any relevant experience yet, you can substitute this with:

  • Short-term gigs and stunts - like month-long internships, that you have done during your university days
  • Contract work - be specific about the relevance and outcomes of each role you include
  • Resume format that prioritizes your skills - the functional-skill-based format or hybrid format could work
  • Research roles - feature those especially prominently if you've participated in a noteworthy project or your role was of utmost importance to the project's success.
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Always remember that your makeup artist certifications can be quantified across different resume sections, like your experience, summary, or objective. For example, you could include concise details within the expertise bullets of how the specific certificate has improved your on-the-job performance.

Featuring your hard skills and soft skills on your makeup artist resume

The skills section of your makeup artist resume needs to your various capabilities that align with the job requirements. List hard skills (or technical skills) to showcase to potential employers that you're perfectly apt at dealing with technological innovations and niche software. Meanwhile, your soft skills need to detail how you'd thrive within your new, potential environment with personal skills (e.g. resilience, negotiation, organization, etc.) Your makeup artist resume skills section needs to include both types of skills to promote how you're both technical and cultural fit. Here's how to create your bespoke makeup artist skills section to help you stand out:

  • Focus on skill requirements that are listed toward the top of the job advert.
  • Include niche skills that you've worked hard to obtain.
  • Select specific soft skills that match the company (or the department) culture.
  • Cover some of the basic job requirements by including important skills for the makeup artist role - ones you haven't been able to list through the rest of your resume.

Get inspired with our makeup artist sample skill list to list some of the most prominent hard and soft skills across the field.

Top skills for your makeup artist resume:

Makeup application

Knowledge of color theory

Understanding of facial anatomy

Familiarity with makeup sanitation practices

Airbrushing techniques

Special effects makeup

Knowledge of skincare products

Hairstyling ability

Prosthetics application

Portfolio management



Attention to detail

Time management

Customer service







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Showcase any ongoing or recent educational efforts to stay updated in your field.

Maximizing your makeup artist resume: education and certification sections

To effectively showcase your industry knowledge in your makeup artist resume, it's important to properly list your education and certifications.

For the education section, ensure you include:

  • Higher education degrees pertinent to the industry or those at a postgraduate level;
  • The start and end dates of your education, along with the name of the institution you graduated from;
  • Your GPA and relevant coursework, but only if they are impressive and applicable to the role.

Additionally, create a separate certifications section to spotlight your most notable recognitions. Another excellent place to feature a leading industry certificate is in your resume header, right after your name.

Below is a list of key industry certifications that are often sought after by recruiters

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The top 5 certifications for your makeup artist resume:

  1. Makeup Artist Certification (MAC) - Makeup Artist Studios
  2. Certified Makeup Artist (CMA) - Beauty Schools of America
  3. Professional Make-up Designory Certification (MUD) - Make-up Designory
  4. International Makeup Association Certification (IMA) - International Makeup Association
  5. Beauty Therapy and Make-up Certificate (BTMC) - The International Career Institute (ICI)
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If you failed to obtain one of the certificates, as listed in the requirements, but decide to include it on your resume, make sure to include a note somewhere that you have the "relevant training, but are planning to re-take the exams". Support this statement with the actual date you're planning to be re-examined. Always be honest on your resume.

Choosing between a makeup artist resume summary or objective

Many may argue that, in recent times, the makeup artist resume summary or objective has become completely obsolete.

But the reality is different as both of these resume sections provide you with an opportunity to :

  • integrate makeup artist-vital keywords
  • showcase your accomplishments
  • answer why you're applying for this particular role.

The difference (between the summary and the objective) is that the:

We recommend you select the summary if you happen to have plenty of experience you'd like to spotlight from the very start of your makeup artist resume.

Meanwhile, the objective is ideal for those candidates who'd like to further prove their suitability for the role with their goals and soft skills.

We've featured some industry professional makeup artist resume samples to the best resume summary and objective structures:

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Resume summaries for a makeup artist job

  • With over 8 years of experience, this seasoned makeup artist has elevated the artistry in high-level fashion shoots, contributing to global campaigns for major fashion houses. Key skills in contouring, special effects makeup, and bespoke bridal looks, coupled with a crowning achievement of leading a team for a cover shoot of Vogue Magazine.
  • A former graphic designer with a keen eye for color and composition, bringing 5 years of design experience to the world of makeup artistry. Skilled in creating visual narratives, now seeking to blend traditional art with beauty techniques to create transformative makeup experiences on living canvases.
  • An innovative former hairstylist with a passion for beauty and transformation, with 10 years mastering the art of hair, now aims to conquer makeup artistry. Recognized for a unique approach to creating holistic beauty experiences, intending to translate this skill set to enhance natural features with makeup.
  • Adept in creating diverse makeup looks from natural to editorial, this professional makeup artist possesses 6 years of dedicated experience. Notable for work on multiple award-winning short films, mastering airbrush and traditional makeup techniques, with a commitment to continuous learning and creative collaboration.
  • Eager to embark on a career in makeup artistry, possessing a foundational knowledge of color theory and cosmetic application from personal study and experimentation. Motivated to apply skills in a professional setting and dedicated to mastering industry techniques to contribute to memorable client experiences.
  • Aspiring to leverage personal vlogging experience and self-taught makeup skills gained through social media platforms to transition into a professional makeup artistry career. Driven by a passion for empowering individuals through beauty, dedicated to delivering high-quality results and learning from industry leaders.

What else can you add to your makeup artist resume

What most candidates don't realize is that their makeup artist resumes should be tailored both for the job and their own skillset and personality.

To achieve this balance between professional and personal traits, you can add various other sections across your resume.

Your potential employers may be impressed by your:

Key takeaways

  • All aspects of your resume should be selected to support your bid for being the perfect candidate for the role;
  • Be intentional about listing your skill set to be balanced with both technical and people capabilities, while aligning with the job;
  • Include any experience items that are relevant to the role and ensure you feature the outcomes of your responsibilities;
  • Use the summary or objective as a screenshot of your best experience highlights;
  • Curate various resume sections to showcase personal, transferable skills.
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