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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Housekeeper positions are at a 7% growth rate, which is as fast as average. With that said, there are currently 6,215,000 jobs in the market right now. The total number of jobs is expected to increase by 406,500 to 6,621,500 in the period of 2020-30.

What’s more, the median annual wage for the Housekeeper jobs was $30,010 in May 2020. The lowest 10% earned less than $21,790, and the highest 10% more than $46,100.

Our conclusion? The Housekeeper job market is wide open for candidates.

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Top housekeeper sections that make the best resume

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers and results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

How to write a housekeeper resume experience section.

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Housekeeper resume's job experience checklist:
  • Use 4-6 bullet points per job title;
  • Don’t go further than a decade behind when describing your job history, unless you’re applying for an executive position;
  • Combine job responsibilities as well as achievements with numbers in results when you describe your past work;
  • Start each sentence with a power verb and avoid overused buzzwords;
  • Use either C-A-R or S-T-A-R methodology, when describing your experience.

The work experience samples below come from real Housekeeper resumes that got people hired at top companies. You can use them as an inspiration to build your own resume:

Work Experience
Jaskolski, Waelchi and Yundt
  • Clean guestrooms based on a high standard of cleanliness.
  • Make up beds and change linens as required.
  • Organize work schedule from the room status list, arrivals and departures.
Work Experience
Cogent Data
  • Ensuring public areas and guests rooms are kept clean at all times
  • Cleaning bathrooms, hoovering guest rooms and removing rubbish
  • Complying with all Health and Safety regulations at all times
  • Cleaning and dusting of all interior surfaces, fixtures and fittings
Work Experience
Jaskolski, Waelchi and Yundt
  • Performed routine maintenance.
  • Head groundkeeper of 47 acre facility.
  • Helped in kitchen area, acting as head cook as needed.
  • Performed the task of head housekeeper.
Work Experience
Waters and Sons
  • Learning Hospitality Industry by, starting with position of room cleaner and finishing guest registering in/out in the hotel.
  • Improved my customer service skills by providing guidance for customer.
  • Developed and mastered my conflict resolution skills by solving in daily bases some conflicts in the store
Work Experience
Kozey - Bogisich
  • Continued personal development with training and reflection.
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness within the home.
  • Developing a good working relationship with housekeeping and maintenance staff.
  • Managing housekeeping stocks for day to day use.
  • Time management to make sure all day to day tasks are completed on time.
  • Tailoring my communication to the ability of others, like residents with dementia or the elderly.
  • Working under pressure in challenging or emergency situations.
Work Experience
Hotel Housekeeper
Eco Focus
  • Servicing bedrooms to the required standard, using cleaning materials / equipment.
  • Supply & replace essential toiletries and breakfast items.
  • Responsible for the housekeeping standards in the hotel, gym and spa.
  • Providing an efficient and comprehensive housekeeping service.
  • Ensuring that repairs are reported and carried out as quickly.
  • Completing daily and weekly cleaning schedules.
  • Removing any broken or damaged furniture.
  • Proactive reporting of all Health and Safety issues.
  • Economical and safe use of housekeeping supplies and equipment.
  • Informing guests of hotel facilities. Collection of food trays and returning them to the kitchen or food trolley.
Work Experience
Turner - Wisoky
  • Cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms to a high standard
  • Laundry duties
  • Working independently to complete tasks efficiently
  • Liaising with other staff members
  • Providing friendly customer service
  • Chosen to represent hotel at South West Hotels Forum
Work Experience
Zeal Wheels
  • Ensured the cleanliness of the House every day
  • Organised and cooked delicious dinners for the couple
  • Took care of the three dogs
  • Went for a daily walk in parks or in woods with the dogs
  • Assisted the couple in garden and trimmed the hedge
  • Project based on the relashionship with the couple, in this project people are not paid but have a free accommodation and living costs
Work Experience
Summer job : Housekeeper
Miller - Windler
  • Work in a professional and multinational environment
  • Gain time-management skill, teamwork skill
  • Achivement: Hotel won Travellers' Choice 2016 by TripsAdvisor.
Work Experience
Cleaner/ Housekeeper
Strosin, Nolan and Pfeffer
  • All cleaning duties including hovering, dusting and wiping down surfaces
  • Ensuring all equipment was in full working order
  • Housekeeping duties including laundry and bed making
  • Ensuring cleaning was completed to a high standard
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Providing friendly customer service
  • Dealing with any issues of complaints in a professional manner
Work Experience
Assistant Housekeeper
Altenwerth Group
  • Daily practice of English.
  • Knowledge about the working market in U.S.A.
  • Daily work in International environment
Work Experience
Bonefete Fun
  • Cleaning and other general work at the property/lodge
  • Distribute linen, towels and room supplies using wheeled carts or by hand
  • Cleaning rooms/Replace dirty linens with clean items
Work Experience
Epic Adventure Inc
  • cleaning the guestrooms, bathrooms and hallways
  • vacuuming the floor, making beds, changing linens, dusting and polishing furniture, emptying containers
  • cleaning the windows and the mirrors from fingerprints
  • replenishing bathroom supplies.
Work Experience
Aexie Swarm
  • I was cleaning private homes and my responsibilities were including:
  • emptying the washing machine and putting away clean dishes, scrubbing the kitchen appliances
  • vacuum, mop, scrub and polish bath and basin, disinfect toilets, tidy up, dust, remake beds, change sheets, empty bins and take care of any special requests.
Work Experience
Summer Conference Housekeeper/ Custodian
Hintz, Emmerich and Swaniawski
  • Gain the mindset and ability to manage tough tasks.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Pay attention to the details.
  • Team work with other coworkers.
Work Experience
Aexie Swarm
  • maintain all cleaning equipment and materials in a safe and sanitary working condition
  • monitor and report necessary domestic repairs and replacements
  • clean metal fixtures and fittings, vacuum clean carpets, rugs and draperies, sweep, scrub, mop and polish floors
Work Experience
  • Maintain all assigned areas in a clean and sanitary condition wash, dust, polish, vacuum and sweep all areas of the establishment clean sinks, tubs, showers and toilets according to prescribed sanitary standards
  • Polish fittings and fixtures
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Sort and wash laundry using machines or by hand as required iron, fold and distribute clean laundry
  • Empty and clean trash cans
  • Listen and respond to resident's queries and requests
  • Ensure adequate stock of cleaning supplies
  • Observe and report any maintenance issues
  • Assist with meal preparation, serving and clean up
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Show off real numbers that display your accomplishments in past roles. Instead of listing out your responsibilities as Housekeeper, talk about the measurable impact you made to their business. Did you boost their revenue? Increase customer retention? Mention your proudest points on your resume.

Action verbs for your housekeeper resume

At Enhancv, we went through countless Housekeeper resumes and uncovered which are the unique words people use to spice up their resumes. Forget about buzzwords - use these power words instead to make your experience section shine.

Housekeeper Resume Skills’ Tips & Tricks to Impress Recruiters

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Resume skills section checklist:
  • Ensure your hard skills section (including technologies) are exactly matching the job description.
  • Don’t simply list your soft skills. Apply the “show, don’t tell” principle - let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resume’s skill section is important to ATS systems - so don’t skip it.
Top skills for your housekeeper resume


Physical Strength


Space Management

Facility Management

Facility Repairing



Problem solving


Team work

Critical thinking

Time management

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Don’t feel obliged to spend a separate section for your soft skills - you can weave them throughout your job experience or career summary. But, don’t just write empty words - back them with examples.

what to write in your resume header
Checklist icon
Checklist for your housekeeper resume header
  • Your name and surname in a legible and larger resume font
  • The job title you’re applying for or your current job title as a subheading to your name
  • Link to your portfolio or online profile, such as LinkedIn
  • Address (City and State for the US; just your city for rest of the world)
  • Email address
  • Headshot (required or welcomed in the EU; not required and sometimes frowned upon in the US)

Stick to popular email providers such as Gmail or Outlook. And use these professional formats to create your username:

  • first.last@gmail.com
  • last.first@gmail.com
  • firstlast@gmail.com
  • f.last@gmail.com
  • first.l@gmail.com
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Some companies, states, and countries have policies about identifying information like photos on your Housekeeper resume. Be sure to check all the relevant rules before submitting yours. If you’re in doubt, you can always try contacting the company’s HR department to ask for their policy.

Housekeeper resume summary best practices

what to write in your resume summary
Checklist icon
Checklist: What to include in your Housekeeper resume summary:
  • Years of experience;
  • Highlight top 3 skills and proficiencies;
  • One big professional accomplishment you’re most proud of, that you can tie with the aforementioned skills;
  • Use short, direct sentences - but no more than three - to keep the HRs interested.
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resume summary formula:
Resume Summary Formula: [Adjective] [job title] with [number] years of experience in [industry], a proven ability to [relevant, measurable skills], and a strong background in [relevant context of your work experience] seeks a position as [the job title you’re applying for].
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Your summary should act as an elevator speech, briefly promoting how you will benefit the employer if hired. Pitch your strengths in the summary and expand on them in your Housekeeper experience section. Give examples like how your work benefited each employer.

Listing your education, certifications and courses

Checklist icon
Resume Education Section Checklist:
  • Ensure your hard skills section (including technologies) are exactly matching the job description.
  • Don’t simply list your soft skills. Apply the “show, don’t tell” principle - let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resume’s skill section is important to ATS systems - so don’t skip it.
certifications icon
Top certifications for your housekeeper resume
certification image
Skills and 8 attribute for professional hotel housekeeping

Learn what skills will make you a professional housekeeping supervisor for resorts and learn hotel management operations

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There are dozens of certifications that you can claim as a Housekeeper. But, some are more effective than others. That’s why you mustn’t include every certificate other applicants might have. Try instead to earn and list a few of the difficult ones.

How to write a housekeeper resume.

There are three basic resume formats you can choose from:

The most optimal format for your particular case will depend on your years of experience, as well as whether you’re switching industries or not.

Reverse chronological resumes are best suited for experienced individuals who are sticking to their industry. The experience section takes a central place, and its bullets contain your responsibilities and achievements, coupled with numbers and results.

Functional resumes are used by less experienced jobseekers or career changers. Note that it’s not a format that recruiters prefer, as most are used to the classic chronological alignment. Instead of a list of job titles, functional resumes focus on your skills, and through what experiences you gained them.

Hybrid resumes are great for both experienced and entry-level candidates, as well as career changers. They combine the best of both worlds - most often in a double column format, where one side of the content is focused on your experience, whereas the other - on your skills, strengths, and proudest moments.

Here are more resume tips regarding your layout and style:

To take it a step further, check out how your resume can stand out without leaning too much on the creative side.

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Test your draft Housekeeper resume by sending it out to peers and mentors in your circles. Ask them to review it as if they are hiring you for a project and implement the feedback afterwards.

Other sections to include in your resume

Depending on the type of company (corporation or start-up; innovative or traditional), job seniority level and your location, you may want to include more sections to your Housekeeper resume:

Housekeeper resume: how to make yours more creative & stand out

When you send your resume to a potential employer, chances are it's the fiftieth one they've seen that day. That's why you need to make your Housekeeper resume stand out for the right reasons. That means showing your personality, not just your professional experience. Employers are far more likely to remember a candidate who seems like a genuine person and not a robot. Do this by including your passions (which is also a great place to demonstrate skills on a resume), share your favorite books, or even what your usual day looks like.

day of my life on resume   Enhancv resume section

What makes a great housekeeper resume: key takeaways

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message across and fits your current career situation;
  • Create a resume header that shows your desired job title, and easy to find contact numbers;
  • Be specific about your experience, accomplishments and future goals in your summary;
  • Feature detailed metrics and specific examples that show the impact you made in your previous roles when describing your experience;
  • List soft skills backed by examples;
  • Add all of your technical skills and certifications that you have and match the job description;
  • Show off a dash of personality in your resume that will demonstrate your culture fit and the right mix of hard and soft skills.

Housekeeper resume examples

Explore additional housekeeper resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Hotel Housekeeping

The role of Hotel Housekeeping has its roots deep in the service industry. Keeping up with service industry dynamics is essential for a successful job application.

Prioritize highlighting your experience in varied cleaning methods and proper use of cleaning products. Many hotels employ chemical cleaning solutions; solid knowledge in this regard boosts your profile. Showcase competency in handling laundry operations as these are integral to hotel housekeeping. Apart from technical skills, don't forget to emphasize your time management abilities and attention to detail. However, don’t just list these skills. Provide examples of how your exceptional attention to detail improved customer feedback, or how your timely service increased efficiency. Stick to the ‘skill-action-result’ mantra.

View Hotel Housekeeping Resume

Hospital Housekeeping

The Hospital Housekeeping role originates from healthcare settings. Knowledge of healthcare industry regulations highly impacts effectiveness in this role.

An experience with healthcare cleaning protocols is crucial. Highlighting this will set you apart from other applicants. Showcase any specific trainings or certifications you have, such as infection control training or biohazard cleanup. Your resume must underline your proficiency in waste handling procedures and management of healthcare waste streams.

Aside from the technical, highlight skills such as diligence, attention to detail, and respect for patient confidentiality. Give examples on your resume of how these skills resulted in better patient experiences or improved the hospital’s hygiene rating. Follow the 'skill-action-result' format.

View Hospital Housekeeping Resume

Nursing Home Housekeeping

Nursing Home Housekeeping includes understanding elderly residents' unique needs and coordinating with other staff for best patient care. To better apply for such jobs, emphasize your experience, especially around medical sanitation standards and strict cleaning protocols. Make sure to highlight any health and safety regulations certifications. It's important to indicate your teamwork skills from past jobs, and how you improved a patient's condition through cleanliness. Also, demonstrate your significant contributions, like improving infection-control standards or increasing residents' comfort. Always connect your tasks with their outcomes.

Housekeeping Supervisor

The Housekeeping Supervisor job role has evolved, and certain factors greatly enhance one's application for this position:

  • Emphasize your ability to manage and supervise a team effectively. Promote incidents where you've achieved high turnovers and maintained an efficient cleaning schedule, reducing waste, maximizing staff schedules, or improving guest satisfaction.
  • Highlight your expertise in relevant cleaning techniques and equipment. Don't just mention them, demonstrate the results they've produced, for instance..'Implemented new cleaning technique improving the room turnover time by x%'.
  • Disclose a crucial understanding of safety and hygiene protocols. Provide details about your certifications or trainings about hazard management, emergency handling or quality control.
  • The soft skills like problem-solving and attention to detail are invaluable for this role. Illustrate with examples where you've used these skills to improve the services or resolve an issue. This will ensure that your application will stand out to prospective employers.

View Housekeeping Supervisor Resume

Private Housekeeper

A Private Housekeeper's role involves cleaning, organizing, and sometimes cooking to ensure a pleasant and efficient home atmosphere. If you've previously worked in private or domestic housekeeping, highlight this experience, especially if you stayed long-term in past roles, proving your trustworthiness and stability. Don't limit your skills to just cleaning and arranging; mention if you've handled meal planning, cooking, or managing other house staff. It's essential to convey your interpersonal skills, such as the ability to keep secrets, careful tact and tactfulness, particularly if you've worked for well-known families. When explaining your tasks, specify how your work brought about positive changes, like enhancing the home's feel or increasing your employer's happiness. This will follow a 'task-contribution-result' pattern.

Executive Housekeeper

Applying for the Executive Housekeeper job requires highlighting your supervisory experience in hospitality, especially housekeeping. Showcase your leadership qualities and ability in managing a team successfully. Demonstrate your skills in financial and resource management with examples of cost-cutting and proper resource distribution from your previous roles. Instead of just listing your duties, state your achievements and their impact such as increased efficiency or improved guest satisfaction.

Self Employed Housekeeper

As a Self Employed Housekeeper, you might handle everything from cleaning and organizing to managing schedules and budgets. When applying for new positions, it's crucial to emphasize your entrepreneurial mindset and housekeeping skills. Showcase how your initiative led to the successful management of a housekeeping business. Your ability to manage various client needs while ensuring high quality is equally important, so relay instances of this. Don't forget to highlight your customer service and relationship management skills, which are key in this role. Share experiences of maintaining long-term client relationships. Rather than just listing your skills, tell how they improved client satisfaction or kept them loyal. Use phrases like 'increased client loyalty by...', 'improved referrals through...' to effectively show your 'skill-function-benefit' strategy.

Residential Housekeeper

As a Residential Housekeeper, your aim should not just be to clean but to improve the quality of life in the household. Show that you can handle multiple tasks at the same time and keep the household running smoothly. Highlight your reliable and adaptable nature, as well how respectful you are in your interactions with others. Get previous employers to confirm that they trust you and find you easy to get along with. If you have experience with kids or pets, mention this as it can make you seem more appealing. Rather than just saying what housekeeping tasks you did, show the positive impact you had on the household, such as making the home a better place to live or making the family's schedule easier to manage. Always remember to use the 'task-action-result' approach.

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