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5 Motion Graphics Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your motion graphics resume must showcase your technical skills. Highlight proficiency in software like After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop. Demonstrate your creativity with a strong portfolio of varied projects. Let your work reflect your ability to tell a story visually and engage an audience.

All resume examples in this guide

Stuck on your Motion Graphic resume?

We’re here to help you out. For the next 10 minutes, we’ll lay out what it takes to make a job-winning resume for a Motion Graphics position.

But first, let’s get back to the basics.

Your job as a motion graphic artist is about presenting a story with animation, videos, and sound.

You produce a whole inspiring experience which impacts people.

You should treat your Motion Graphics resume the same way you treat your work - with the user in mind.

Hiring Managers won’t think twice if they see a vague, irrelevant resume. And will move in less than 6 seconds to the next one.

So, here are a few things to focus on when preparing your Motion Graphics resume (with examples).

Learning points from our Motion Graphics resume example guide today

  • How to avoid common mistakes when creating your resume
  • How to write a Motion Graphics resume header and summary that catch the eye
  • Skills and experience match Hiring Managers look for to find the perfect candidate
  • Real Motion Graphic resume examples to inspire you

How to write a killer motion graphics resume

You have only a few seconds to impress a recruiter with your Motion Graphic Designer resume.

Make those seconds count by providing a clear, on-point resume. Also, avoid visual clutter. Read the basics of how to write a resume, if you are not feeling confident.

Start by picking a resume format, that best suits your goals.

In this sector, experience trumps education. Lots of the good motion graphics artists out there don’t have a BA in Visual Arts, Digital Arts or Design. They are actually self-taught.

Consider what you are passionate about and tailor your resume to express that. For example: 2D or 3D motion graphics, video editing, TV or web graphics.

If you have any side projects you’re proud of, don’t hesitate to include them in your motion graphics resume with a link. They might be the thing that tips the scales in your direction.

What’s the best layout for a Motion Graphics Designer resume?

You’re a designer - the bar for your resume layout will be set high.

The typography and color scheme will have a huge impact for your Motion Graphic resume. A couple of well-placed icons won't harm you either.

Aim for a well-organized and minimalistic template that shows professionalism. On the other hand, concidering the positions demands creativity, you can take a risk and create a super creative resume. Here are some examples of the most creative resumes in 2022.

You can showcase your skills and experience via:

  • Double column layout which is modern and fits a variety of sections on one page;
  • Compact layout which gives you the freedom to add more information on the same page by reducing font size and spacing between elements.

What’s the secret behind a great Motion Graphics resume header?

Think about the resume header as the handshake at the beginning of your virtual meeting with the recruiters.

It has to be firm and last only a moment.

During this moment you should capture the attention and make them want to learn more about you.

But how to achieve that?

2 motion graphics resume header examples

Ezra Miles
Motion Designer
Seattle, WA
Ezra Miles
In-House Motion Graphics Designer for Digital Platforms
Seattle, WA

Take a look at the title in the first and second example. There’s quite a difference, isn’t it?

The second title hints that you have worked as an in-house designer for an agency.

It also explains that you have specialized in creating web-based motion graphics.

Your title here packs essential details in just a single line.

The header section is also the perfect option to brag about your Motion Graphics portfolio. As a designer, you are lost without a selection of your best work.

You can choose between several options to display your in-house or freelance projects:

  • Personal portfolio website;
  • Professional design networks such as Dribbble or Behance;
  • Dedicated social media accounts such as Instagram or Pinterest (no selfies included);

Make sure that you’ve curated the absolute best of your motion graphics. Your work tells more about you than any information written in the resume.

Other elements that can be featured in the header resume are:

  • Full name;
  • Contact details - email and/or phone number;
  • Where you’re located;

How to write a motion graphics summary that will impress headhunters

When you create your resume summary put yourself in the shoes of the recruiters.

They don’t want to read superlatives about you.

They’d rather expect on-point details about your work and achievements.

Write from the third person and include relevant information such as:

  • Years of experience in motion graphics;
  • What type of software you use: Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, etc;
  • Are you a freelancer or in-house Motion Designer;
  • Do you prefer creating motion graphics for web, television or cinema;

2 motion graphics resume summary samples

I am a senior motion graphics artist looking for a job at a creative agency. I have experience with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
Created motion graphics and video for web platforms and TV commercials for 6 years. Produced and managed numerous digital media projects with budgets exceeding $45,000.

The first resume example doesn’t really say a lot about you. It lacks character and info about the depths of your skills.

On the other hand, the second example provides a scale of your work and completed projects. The recruiters get the feeling that you’ve been at a senior motion graphics position without actually writing it.

Use this section to mention your most cherished achievements:

  • Notable projects
  • Famous clients
  • Design awards
  • Your biggest career highlight

What should you include in a motion graphics resume experience section?

Usually, this is the section where most people get into details and often list every task they were responsible for.

But remember this is not a job description. This is your Motion Graphics Designer resume.

Recruiters will expect to see the following things here:

  • What kind of Motion Graphics software you can work with;
  • Are you also familiar with any additional plug-ins;
  • What type of projects you have completed;
  • Are you specialized in a specific field of motion graphics such as 2D or 3D graphics;
  • Do you have the ability to prioritize tasks and collaborate with other team members such as editors and producers;
  • What’s your value proposition for the company, explained with quantifiable achievements?

Motion graphics resume experience samples.

Motion Graphics Designer
Visual Agency
Seattle, WA
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Created video and motion graphics for TV and web ads
  • Team collaboration with various art departments
Motion Graphics Designer
Visual Agency
Seattle, WA
  • Implemented motion graphics for the marketing and ads team at ESPN network’s commissioned programs using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X
  • Created video and motion graphics for TV and web ads which aired nation-wide and received honors from Forbes, TIME Magazine and other reputable sources
  • Collaborated with Arts director & Production designer to co-create a short-picture animation film SOFIES award winner

These two motion graphic resume experience sections present the same info.

But the second one definitely catches the eye by including more specific details.

When listing your achievements try to mention all relevant software you are familiar with. This shows that you are constantly developing your skills and learning new techniques.

Always strive to bring perspective to your work by pointing out results and recognition.

How to make use of skills on motion graphics resume

Being a rock star in Adobe Creative Suite is not always enough to get hired by recruiters.

They often look for a specific set of skills which include the ability to collaborate with other team members, excellent time and project management, and so on.

However, anyone can tailor their resume to show they are good at problem-solving and prioritization.

Only a few go the extra mile and explain how they use their skills.

Here’s how to adjust your Motion Graphics Designer resume and create a skills section with accordance to the skills mentioned in a job offer.

And avoid cluttering it at the same time.

Personal Strengths
Team Collaboration
Together with the Visual Arts Director & the Production Designer of Sandwich Video we’ve created three variations of video ad for a Productivity app, which resulted in over 300 000$ in revenue.
As a martial artist since 1991, I took part in different national and international competition.Through training and dedication, I won 3 Qwan Ki Do world championship, in 2007 and in 2 disciplines in 2015. I'm currently Italian Technique Team captain and I prepare my fellow teammates for international competitions.

You can go through the list below and include all that apply to you.

top sections icon

Top 13 Motion Graphics Resume Soft Skills Wanted by Employers

How to list hard skills on your resume?

When it comes to hard skills, you can simply list the technologies you’re proficient in.

Don’t underestimate this section - big companies work with ATS (applicant tracking software) that scans resumes for certain keywords and skills.

So make sure to double-read the job description and adjust your hard skill section accordingly.

top sections icon

Top 11 motion graphics resume hard skills

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Cinema 4D
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Adobe SpeedGrade
  • Elastic Reality
  • Trapcode Particular
  • Element 3D

Can certificates help my motion graphics resume stand out?

There are numerous sources of motion graphics knowledge online. But there aren’t any industry-recognized courses which Hiring Managers specifically look for in a resume.

If you have obtained a certificate in motion graphics, do include it in your resume. Here is how to include certificates in resumes.

It can only show that you are curious and want to have evidence to back up your skills.

As I mentioned above, your experience is more important than education when it comes to becoming a good motion Graphic designer.

Key takeaways

  • Prepare your portfolio and make sure to include a link to it in the header.
  • Stick to a resume with a clean and minimalistic template.
  • List all motion graphics software you are proficient in.
  • Describe your most important projects and what results you achieved with them.
  • Mention any side projects you might have and don’t forget to put a link.
motion graphics resume example

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