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8 Quality Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quality Manager positions are at a much faster than average growth rate, which is 22%. With that said, there are currently 1,847,900 jobs in the market right now. The total number of jobs is expected to increase by 409,500 to 2,257,400 in the period of 2020-30.

What’s more, the median annual wage for the Quality Manager jobs was $110,140 in May 2020. The lowest 10% earned less than $65,210, and the highest 10% more than $170,100.

Our conclusion? The Quality Manager job market is facing competition due to decreasing demand.

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Top quality manager sections that make the best resume

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers and results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

Writing a strong quality manager experience section

Checklist icon
Quality manager resume experience section: ultimate checklist
  • Use no more than 4-6 bullet points per position;
  • List relevant positions and situations that add value to your application;
  • Describe situations, tasks, actions, and results (the S-T-A-R method);
  • Remember to include numbers in whatever form you like (e.g. the number of projects you’ve finished);
  • Begin each bullet point with an action verb.

Check out the examples below when building your experience section. They will help you stand out!

Work Experience
Print Production Manager | Print Quality Manager
Cogent Data
  • Print Production Lead: Manage all print production needs for the company; Act as the main liaison between the art team, print vendors, and the purchasing team in regards to print production logistics; Manage production of general trade hardcover/paperback and mass-market labels and packaging;
  • Train internal teams on foundational print production skills and manage ongoing development;
  • Production Planning;
  • Plan the workflow in a way to reduce the job change time, reduce waste and increase printing efficiency and deliver the final product on time with the needed quality;
  • People Management - perform interviews, selection, onboarding, preparing training programs, staff evaluation, etc;
  • Improved efficiency by increasing production rates 8% and yields 6% while maintaining excellent quality;
  • Print feasibility check and evaluate design files depending on a printing technique, packaging type, and substrate;
  • Guide the Design Agency how to create a printable artwork;
  • Attend and lead Pre-Production meetings;
  • Based on the results of the PPM, guide the pre-prepress operator to build up the Repro file in a correct way. Color matching – Design agency target to the Repro ready proof with the applied color profile. Color compensation in case of limitation of usage of colors. Print attendance. Postprint analysis and making improvements;

Work Experience
Assistant Quality Manager
Turner - Wisoky
  • Monitoring services availabilitiy and Service Improvement Program
  • Service Level Agreement and set KPIs'
  • Analyze requirement and system architecture for Test Management
  • Prepare Test Strategy and Plan
  • Come up with High Level Scenarios
  • Manage various Functional Testing activities
  • Conduct proof of concept for performance testing
  • Setting up the scenario and executing the scripts.
  • Developing and enhancing the performance test scripts
  • Analyzing the result and finding the performance bottlenecks
  • Providing the necessary tuning and recommendation
Work Experience
Assistant Quality Manager
Innovation Arch
  • Performed regular GMP checks
  • Performed salt and humidity level analysis for smoked fish samples
  • Assisted in daily planning of the workforce
Work Experience
Supplier Quality Manager
Obelus Concepts
  • Key responsibilities include qualifying and bring-up of new suppliers to support new programs and/or increased production capacity ,addresses all aspects of supplier process readiness and performance including driving Quality goals . Plays important role of making sure the Camera module and parts complies with the highest Quality standards
  • Play Key role in New Product Launch and supplier development Strong Problem Solving player
  • Cross functional team work
  • Senior SQM for Camera module components. SQM SME for camera module manufacturing, clean room standard and other optical components parts
Work Experience
Customer Quality Manager
Schmeler LLC
  • CQM for Europe Key Accounts including Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Controls, Carrier, DAIKIN and etc
  • Serving as the contact window for key accounts product quality complaints providing first hand investigation and leading the manufacturing factories for the problem solving and CAPA per 8D method
  • Submitting PPAP to key accounts triggered either by Change Control or new products launch and get customer approval
  • Serving as the Project Quality in the Danfoss New Product Development Project from M1 to M5
Work Experience
Quality Manager
Innovation Modular
  • Definition of strong and robust action plans to reduce the claims with the customer (use of 5w2h, Isikawa, 5whys, FTA)
  • Responsible for the customer audits with Schindler, OTIS, system audits ( ISO 9001-2015), certifications of products.
  • Teamwork in the definition of the risk analysis, PFMEA, release of new projects.
  • Prepare internal training for the blue collar workers and engaged in the change of mindset to the "quality culture".
  • Definition of the internal assurance, through set up controls, SPC's, checklist.
  • To report monthly the quality KPI's to the headquarter
  • Work in the Zero defects, reaction before the defects, support documentation. To improve the detection, to make sensible to the people about quality.
  • Work in the autocontrol, work with data and in Genba.
  • Additionally, developing corporative functions, developing tools worldwide in the rest of the factories: Poor quality cost, quality improvements, standardization , solving actions in escalation process, definition of KPI's indicators. QRQC's methodology.
  • Trained in tools such as :DOE, SPC, PPAP, MSA tools, R&R, SWOT, PFMEA, DFMEA, Calibration
Work Experience
Engineering Quality Manager & Data Analyst
Littel Group
  • Quality function Data Analyst (DTO Badge-2/Wave-2)
  • Member of the Q2025 Working Group formed by 10 talents from the Quality function: main contribution on Quality Digital Transformation
  • Lead Auditor
  • MALE RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Plateau member: created the Quality Management System and fully-functioning Quality infrastructure with the partner companies, support engineering on process definition and adherence to the company´s processes and external standards/regulations, as well as design reviews preparation
  • Responsible for the Quality topics of the Eurofighter IFF equipment: management of defect reports, waivers and supplier design reviews
  • PC21-Simulator Project Q Manager ensuring deliverables On-Quality
Work Experience
Internal Auditor and Project Quality Manager
Eco Focus
  • Internal Auditor: mainly POA-related audits (Production Org. Approval)
  • Follow-up and analysis of all internal and external audits CARs (Corrective Action Requests) from France, Germany and Spain
  • Elaboration of improvement action plans on the auditing processes
  • Responsible for the deployment of Visual Management, Lean Activities and continuous improvement of the SAP Audit Tool
Work Experience
Performance and Quality Manager
Hahn Inc
  • Raised the customer satisfaction survey index from 4 to 9.5 in one year
  • Increased the the number of managed defects with 250% (following an intense marketing of the team's capabilities and performances to the Customer Operating Countries))
  • Coordinated the first Learning delivery project in the center
Work Experience
HSE & Quality Manager, DPA and D-CSO
McClure, Leuschke and Balistreri
  • Executed key role for company startup in Brazil
  • Managed the ISM Code, ISPS Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for shorebase and three rigs in Brazil
  • Sponsored the implementation of new HSE systems and procedures amongst shorebase and rigs employees
  • Managed onshore and offshore HSE personnel, also responsible for their yearly performance evaluation
Work Experience
HSE & Quality Manager, DPA and D-CSO
  • Managed the ISM Code, ISPS Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for shorebase and eight rigs in Brazil
  • Work assignments' experience in: Brazil, USA, Singapore, Barbados and Argentina
  • Managed and supervised over 90 employees (onshore/ offshore)
  • Managed and supervised safety for 3 offices in Brazil, including warehouse and cargo storage yard
  • Managed the HSE&Q and Marine affairs for rigs contracts with following Customers: PETROBRAS, SHELL, STATOIL, TOTAL and CHEVRON
  • Previous work in the positions of Marine Supervisor and Marine Manager prior becoming HSE&Q Manager on December 2011
Work Experience
Assistant Quality Manager
Hahn Inc
  • Monitoring services availabilitiy and Service Improvement Program
  • Service Level Agreement and set KPIs'
  • Analyze requirement and system architecture for Test Management
  • Prepare Test Strategy and Plan
  • Come up with High Level Scenarios
  • Manage various Functional Testing activities
  • Conduct proof of concept for performance testing
  • Setting up the scenario and executing the scripts
  • Developing and enhancing the performance test scripts
  • Analyzing the result and finding the performance bottlenecks
  • Providing the necessary tuning and recommendation
Work Experience
Information Technology Quality Manager
Bode - Jones
  • Analyze requirement and system architecture for NFR activites
  • Prepare Test Strategy and Plan for Performance and Automation
  • Manage Performance Testing Activities for NFR
  • Manage and Analyze systems for Test Automation
  • Manage Service Virtualization Activities
  • Analyze requirement and system architecture for Test Management along with preparation of Test Strategy and Plan
  • Identify High Level Scenario and Manage the various testing activities
Work Experience
Plant Quality Manager
Cipher Publishing
  • Review of quality procedures, work instructions, NDT and chemical processing procedures as per customer specifications
  • Review of contractual documents and customer requirements
  • FAI launching and final documentation as per AS9102
  • Review and approval of machined, sheet metal fabricated, composites, surface treated painted components and structure assemblies
  • Handling of audits for NADCAP chemical processing and for AS 9100 Rev D certifications
  • Dealing with customer complaints and resolution of issues through root cause analysis and quality tools
  • MR activities for AS 9100 Rev D, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 systems
  • Conducting internal audits and MRM
Work Experience
Plant Quality Manager
Turner - Wisoky
  • MR for ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev D, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Quality, Environment and Safety systems
  • Dealing with customer complaints and resolution of issues through root cause analysis and quality tools
  • Approve of APQP, PPAP and global projects
  • Creating and updating Quality Manual (Level1), Quality Procedures (Level2), Work Instructions (Level 3) and Formats (Level4) in line with QMS, AS, EMS and Safety standards
Work Experience
Plant Quality Manager
Schmeler LLC
  • MR for ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001
  • Approve for Gear manufacturing processes for Forging, Machining, Hobbing, Shaving, and Heat Treatment, Shot blasting, Grinding, Honing and Assembly
  • Familiar with Gear Accuracies(As per DIN3962 and JIS standards) for Lead, Profile, Pitch error, PCD/Run out, TCE/TTCE through gear measuring machines(Osaka Seimitsu and Klingelnberg)
  • Conducting internal audits and MRM
Work Experience
Production, process and quality manager
Schmeler LLC
  • Incrise of the kiln system production;
  • Start cement production in a raw mill;
  • Increase of ground scum in the cement;
  • Cost reduction.
Work Experience
Project Quality Manager
Hessel - Ruecker
  • Issue the Project Quality Monthly Reports, including KPIs and Cost of Poor Quality, to the Segment Quality Manager and propose actions for hot tickets, if any
  • Monitoring of overall implementation of the Quality Management System at site
  • Foster quality culture on the project
  • Perform Quality walkthroughs for the project and oversee the overall project quality status
  • Ensuring that all test reports are verified to meet the contract requirements
  • Review the method statement prepared by construction department or submitted by S/Cs
  • Ensure compliance of the supplied permanent materials
  • Issue of Non-Conformance Reports (NCR's) and the necessary follow-up of Corrections and Corrective actions
  • Responsible for overseeing/ audits of Subcontractors/ suppliers Quality Management systems
Work Experience
QC civil engineer and Deputy Quality Manager
Strosin, Nolan and Pfeffer
  • Continuous surveillance over construction activities
  • Review of ITP and Procedures
  • Review and implementing project specifications and requirement
  • Reporting any Nonconformance and insuring the appropriate corrective action was implemented
  • Participating in quality audits internally and on subcontractors
  • Carrying out inspections for civil and architectural works
  • Carrying out inspections for brick lining and refractory works
  • Carrying out inspections for structural steel works.
Work Experience
Kozey - Bogisich
  • Keep accurate documentation and perform statistical analysis
  • Process establishment and Product Development with Quality Assurance
  • Handling customer Complaint and Analysis using CAPA
  • Responsible for handling in Process Quality & Development
  • Conducting Internal Audits as per schedule and closing the audit findings
  • Approve the right products or reject defectives
  • Submit detailed reports to appropriate executives
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Make sure to relate your experience to your job description, but never lie. That’s not tolerated and will show up in the face-to-face interview later on.

Action verbs for your quality manager resume

Instead of simply mentioning your tasks, share what you have done in your previous positions by using action verbs. For example, instead of saying “Client communication”, go for “Communicated with X number of clients weekly”. Use these power words and make your application shine!

Writing a strong skills section for your quality manager resume

Checklist icon
Checklist for your quality manager skills section:
  • Include all relevant skills from the job description to pass ATS;
  • Focus on skills that show your expertise;
  • List your technical skills in a clear and concise manner;
  • Leave room for transferable skills related to teamwork, communication, negotiation, and conflict management.
Top skills for your quality manager resume






Manual Testing





Attention to Details



Time management


Ability to work on parallel streams

Written and verbal communication


Knowledge of quality standards

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Don’t feel obliged to spend a separate section for your soft skills - you can weave them throughout your job experience or career summary. But, don’t just write empty words - back them with examples.

what to write in your resume header
Checklist icon
Checklist for your quality manager resume header
  • Your name and surname in a legible and larger resume font
  • The job title you’re applying for or your current job title as a subheading to your name
  • Link to your portfolio or online profile, such as LinkedIn
  • Address (City and State for the US; just your city for rest of the world)
  • Email address
  • Headshot (required or welcomed in the EU; not required and sometimes frowned upon in the US)

Stick to popular email providers such as Gmail or Outlook. And use these professional formats to create your username:

  • first.last@gmail.com
  • last.first@gmail.com
  • firstlast@gmail.com
  • f.last@gmail.com
  • first.l@gmail.com
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Some companies, states, and countries have non-discrimination policies about what kind of information can be included on your Quality Manager resume. This might include a photo (which is often included in a resume header and might be on personal web pages you link to). You can always email the company’s HR department to ask about their policies before you apply.

The ideal summary for your quality manager resume

what to write in your resume summary
Checklist icon
Mastering the summary section: checklist
  • Mention the total years of experience you have in the field;
  • Focus on 2 to 3 of your top achievements;
  • Highlight the things that make you the best fit for the position;
  • Go for short, easy-to-read sentences to keep the recruiter’s attention.
resume Summary Formula icon
Resume summary formula:
Resume Summary Formula: [Adjective] [job title] with [number] years of experience in [industry], a proven ability to [relevant, measurable skills], and a strong background in [relevant context of your work experience] seeks a position as [the job title you’re applying for].
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When writing a resume summary or objective, avoid first-person narrative.

Things to include in your quality manager resume education section

Checklist icon
Quality manager resume education section checklist:
  • Mention your highest education degree;
  • Add the duration of your course and the institution you attended;
  • List the awards you’ve received during your studies;
  • Feature your certifications if they are relevant to the position;
  • Entry-level positions: Share more about projects and classes.
certifications icon
Top certifications for your quality manager resume
certification image
Certified Manager of Quality Training

Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Exam Preparation Course.

certification image
Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training

Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Exam Preparation Course - Supply Chain, MM, Procurement Quality Expert

certification image
Certified Manager of Quality and Process Excellence

Acquiring Core Competence in Quality Management Processes

certification image
Quality Management Systems, Tools and Strategies

The 1-stop solution for a grounded onboarding in quality management

certification image
Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence exams

Pass the ASQ CMQ-OE certification on the first attempt. 501 questions

pro tip icon

If you hold a certain major and a minor, your majors should be mentioned first.

Formatting your quality manager resume

What’s worse than a .docx resume? A resume with a poorly chosen format.

In general, there are three basic resume formats we advise you to stick with:

Choosing between them is easy when you’re aware of your applicant profile – it depends on your years of experience, the position you’re applying for, and whether you’re looking for an industry change or not.

The reverse-chronological resume format is just that – all your relevant jobs in reverse-chronological order. It’s great for applicants with lots of experience, no career gaps, and little desire for creativity.

When working with less experienced applicants, we suggest the functional skills-based resume format. It’s great for recent graduates or people with large career gaps. Functional skills-based resumes focus on your personality, the skills you have, your interests, and your education. Ultimately, the idea is to show you’re the perfect fit without putting too much emphasis on your work experience (or lack thereof).

If you’re in the middle or are generally looking to make your resume feel more modern and personal, go for the combination or hybrid resume format. It offers the best of both worlds by combining sections focused on experience and work-related skills and at the same time keeping space for projects, awards, certifications, or even creative sections like ‘my typical day’ and ‘my words to live by’.

Quality Manager Resume Formatting Checklist

To take it a step further, check out how your resume can stand out without leaning too much on the creative side.

pro tip icon

Sometimes you’ll want to go after a job which requires more experience than you have. Instead of using a typical Quality Manager resume layout, you can use a creative layout. Getting noticed is the most important challenge and a creative resume layout might help you get invited for an interview as most of other accountants have boring resume designs.

Additional sections for your quality manager resume

In some cases, especially when it comes to entry-level positions, adding more sections beyond the usual ‘experience’, ‘skills’, and ‘education’ works well in your favor. Such additional sections will help you paint a fuller picture of who you are in the recruiter’s head.

Here’s a list of fun yet informative additional sections for your resume:

Making your quality manager resume creative

We know too well that recruiters go through tons of resumes every day. The worse part is, they often need to hire people for different positions and teams. So how do you make yourself stand out in such cases?

By adding a dash of creativity to your Quality Manager resume. It can be in the form of a colorful layout, a section describing your typical day, or even a picture of your favorite book – you decide!

Just make sure that the levels of creativity match the industry, company, and position you’re applying for.

day of my life on resume   Enhancv resume section

What makes a great quality manager resume: key takeaways

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message across and fits your current career situation;
  • Create a resume header that shows your desired job title, and easy to find contact numbers;
  • Be specific about your experience, accomplishments and future goals in your summary;
  • Feature detailed metrics and specific examples that show the impact you made in your previous roles when describing your experience;
  • List soft skills backed by examples;
  • Add all of your technical skills and certifications that you have and match the job description;
  • Show off a dash of personality in your resume that will demonstrate your culture fit and the right mix of hard and soft skills.

Quality Manager resume examples

Explore additional quality manager resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Quality Consultant

The quality consultant role is strongly linked to the manufacturing industry and, because of this, the most recent manufacturing standards tend to dictate the qualities hiring managers look for. Concrete understanding of ISO 9001 would be valuable. Highlight your experience leading Quality Management System audits. You possess the ability to devise effective solutions and recommendations based on deficiency findings. Do not list your technical skills simply, showcase how they contributed to cost-saving, efficiencies or overall improvements in the quality system. For instance, you can mention: 'deployed Lean Six Sigma strategies that contributed to a 20% decrease in production defects.'
View Quality Consultant Resume

Quality Engineer

A background in engineering is crucial for a Quality Engineer. Show your knowledge of and experience in statistical concepts such as Process Capability, SPC, Gauge R&R and DOE. Detail all Six Sigma or Lean training and project experiences you may have. Your skills should always lead to quantifiable achievements, like 'increased product reliability by 15% using FMEA techniques'. Ensure to include any software expertise, particularly for any quality or statistical analysis tools.
View Quality Engineer Resume

Quality Inspector

As a Quality Inspector, hands-on experience and skills in inspection procedures and equipment are important. Highlight your familiarity with various testing methods and standards, as well as your usage of specific inspection tools. Showcase the results of your meticulous work such as ‘increased product quality by identifying and rectifying X number of defects’.
View Quality Inspector Resume

Quality Specialist

When applying as a Quality Specialist, emphasize your solid foundation in principles like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Highlight your ability to analyze data, recommend improvements and implement changes. Your resume should reflect how these skills led to improvement results, e.g., ‘increased process efficiency via Lean principles leading to time savings of X%'
View Quality Specialist Resume

Quality Supervisor

Quality Supervisors need to have not just technical expertise, but also leadership skills. Highlight your abilities in managing teams, meeting objectives and implementing continuous improvement initiatives. Results could include ‘led team to reduce product faults by X%’ or ‘maintained 100% adherence to quality standards across the span of X projects’.
View Quality Supervisor Resume

Quality Technician

Quality Technicians need strong skills in operating and maintaining testing equipment. Outline proficiency in specific tools or methodologies such as statistical process control. Showcase the results achieved using those methodologies, like ‘increased production accuracy by X% through SPC implementation’.
View Quality Technician Resume

Supplier Quality Manager

Supplier Quality Managers need to showcase abilities in vendor management and sourcing. Include proficiency in auditing suppliers, negotiating contracts and addressing potential supplier quality concerns. Tangible results could include ‘improved supplier reliability by X%’ or ‘attained cost-savings of X amount through renegotiation of supplier contracts’.
View Supplier Quality Manager Resume
quality manager resume example

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