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CTO Resume Guide: How to Secure The Job Even Before The First Interview

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Last updated on 2021-04-21
Expert leadership in customer-driven technological platforms

+359 88 888 8888



Product-orientated Chief Technology Officer with more than 10 years of deep technical experience developing, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures for fast growing startups in the Talent Acquisition industry. Acted as a strategic advisor for top growing startups and their clients that generated 50% growth in revenue for their business. Scaled one of the most used HR products on the market to support users in 80+ countries and translated into 9 languages.
✔ Business Generation
Transforming struggling departments into revenue generation operations
✔ Exceeded adoption target by 90%
Cutting loading time & fixing key security issues of the largest Wolf application
✔ Founded CloudSecurity at 22
with 2 other co-founders, being the technical lead; notable exit
2016 - 2020Scottsdale, AZ
CTOAcceleron Industries
Accelerated outbound sales cycle by 330% by designing and implementing customer acquisition platform for training and managing technical sales personnel
Established and curated strategic partnerships with 6 out of 10 top state manufacturing companies which resulted in $20M additional annual revenue
Led re-architect effort of a core SaaS product to reduce the platform deployment time for clients by 2 months
Diversified the company’s technology offering from a single product to 4 different ones
Led all professional services engagements resulting in 3 million in additional revenue
2013 - 2016Scottsdale, AZ
Head of EngineeringWolf Inc
Lead a team of developers to build a proprietary CRM system for enterprise and its strategic partners, optimizing sales process and increasing sales revenue by 24%
Curated a $2M business implementation project that saves ~ $3.5M on operational inefficiencies between sales and development departments annually
Collaborated with strategic manufacturing partners to develop an effective onboarding system, reducing the sales cycle by 3 months for global enterprise clients
2002 - 2013Scottsdale, AZ
Technical Sales Engineering, ManagerReilly Group
Increased sales in manufacturing and business intelligence segments by 14% over 6 months
Integrated Tableau reporting system into BI sales workflow, which led to 23% increase in post-meeting inquiries for technical sales department
Streamlined post-sales support to increase customer retention rate among enterprise clients by 27%
2000 - 2001Tucson, AZ
Executive MBA, Engineering ManagementThe University of Arizona
1997 - 2000Rocky Mount, NC
Bachelor of Science, Computer ScienceNorth Carolina Wesleyan College
Data modeling and evaluationML libraries & algorithmsScrumAgileDevOpsData MigrationData IntegrationInfrastructureCloudJIRAJIRARubyTableauSAPJavascript
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Why crafting a Chief Technology Officer resume that lands you job interviews is so challenging?

For starters, every company out there has their own understanding of what a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) should do.

A CTO in a 9-person SaaS startup and a CTO in a two-hundred-people fintech enterprise are two completely different jobs.

But this is where your unique opportunity comes in: while everyone else is trying to create a one-size-fits-all CTO resume, you can address the pain points of a specific company, making your resume irresistible.  

In this guide we’ll teach you how to create a CTO resume that lands you job interviews without looking forced and unnatural.

To make this guide more practical we’ll be sharing a case study based on a real world example.

Lastly, we’ll provide actionable tips and CTO resume samples for specific resume formats and niches.

Let’s dive in!

What will you learn in this CTO resume guide:

  • How to craft a CTO resume that sets you apart from the very first section
  • What is the most engaging and converting format for a CTO resume
  • The difference between a good CTO resume and a great CTO resume
  • How to strike a balance between your technical and leadership skills and land maximum amount of job interviews

CTO Resume Example

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How to Write a Powerful Chief Technology Officer Resume

If you were to look at different CTO job descriptions at Indeed or Glassdoor, you’d quickly realize that every company looking for a CTO has their own set of requirements.

But crafting a job-winning Chief Technology Officer (sometimes called Chief Technical Officer) resume is not about copying job requirements into your resume and putting your own spin on it.

Behind a pile of requirements in every job description there’s always one global technological challenge that the company struggles with.

It is your goal to identify this challenge and use your resume to demonstrate that you are the perfect solution.

Use this framework to get shortlisted for a CTO position:

  1. Analyse job requirements and company profile
  2. Identify the global technological pain within the company
  3. Think what kind of CTO the company would need to address the challenge
  4. Think of what kind of CTO would exceed company’s expectation
  5. Use the insights to tailor sections of your resume

We went ahead and analysed hundreds of CTO job descriptions. Here are just some of the companies and their challenges we identified:

Company #1: a solar energy platform provider

Main challenge: staying innovative in a rapidly evolving industry

Good CTO: ensures the company’s technology is not in the way of innovation

Great CTO: facilitates an innovative technology-driven environment and culture

Company #2: government property tax department

Main challenge: ensure the reliability and accessibility of IT infrastructure

Good CTO: ensures everything is running round the clock

Great CTO: all of the above plus enhances infrastructure's security, data quality, and service.

Company #3: national software and consultancy company

Main challenge: expanding market share

Good CTO: makes sure the platform works great and customers are happy

Great CTO: establishes customer-centric environment where technology drives customer acquisition

You’ll notice that as soon as you identify a global technological challenge within a company, the rest of the resume easily falls in.

But you still have to make sure that every section of your CTO resume is engaging and concise.

Below we’ll share tips on how you do that for every section.

Let’s talk about what sections a captivating CTO resume should include.

CTO Resume Header Section: Don’t Leave The First Impression To a Chance

The header is the very first section on top of your resume, and naturally most recruiters will start analyzing your resume with it.

The section features your name, address, and contact details. Easy stuff.

The majority of candidates will provide these details and move to the next sections.

But there are two great opportunities within header that you can use to engage and impress recruiters:

The headline is a short and brief sentence that describes you, your work, or pretty much anything related to the position you’re applying for.

The main goal of your headline is to grab recruiter’s attention and demonstrate the relevance of your experience to their company.

For example, you won’t be using the headline “Driving innovation in agile startups since 2008” when applying for a tax department job (company #1).

In the same manner you won’t be using “Expert in managing and facilitating reliable network systems” when applying for a company #2 that is driven by innovation.

For our example, a national software and consultancy business (company #3), we’ll be using the following headline: “Expert leadership in customer-driven technological platforms”

Next question is: what profile will you be linking to, LinkedIn or Github?

If your target CTO role is highly-technical and you have to actively participate in the development of your product, prioritise linking to your Github profile.

If the role is strategic with C-level executive meetings, global technology leadership, and so on, feature your developed LinkedIn profile to hint at your soft and networking skills.

In our example we’ll link to both, as the CTO job we’re applying for involves both active participation in platform development and developed sales mindset.

We’ll put Linkedin first because the company #3 expects its CTO to leverage technology excellence to expand the customer database and actively build partnerships.

Below are two chief technology resume samples of a header section:

Martha Wesley
Chief Technology Officer

+359 88 888 8888



Scottsdale, AZ
Martha Wesley
Expert leadership in customer-driven technological platforms

+359 88 888 8888


www.linkedin.com/in/marthawesley, github.com/mwesley

Scottsdale, AZ
PRO TIPIf you want to add a job title in your header, you can use Enhancv CTO template and easily edit the Header block without compromising the resume’s layout.

CTO Resume Experience Section: Looking Beyond The Job Requirements

Right after the Header section we start working on our Experience section.

We’ve already prepped recruiters with our strong and relevant headline, but they will spend extra time analysing if your experience is on par with your message.

How do you do that?

Don’t simply adjust job requirements to your CTO work experience section. 

It will look bad. It will look bland. It will look needy.

For example, here are some of the requirements from our target CTO job description:

  • Develop the team to be well-positioned to establish technical credibility in sales cycles, so that they can stand toe to toe with any and all CTOs, CIOs, Chief Architects, Senior Developers, etc.
  • Working with the Partner team, identifies ISVs and SIs that are the key players in the domains, and helps prioritize which systems are important targets
  • Responsible for ensuring that the broader technical community understands both the use cases and technology involved in the select domains.
  • Responsible for platform integration and adoption by customers and partners
  • Develops plans for thought leadership in each domain, and manages the team regularly speaking at industry events, conferences, symposiums, etc.

Copying the requirements into your resume will get you something like this:

  • Facilitated platform adoption among customers
  • Identified key partnerships
  • Regularly spoke at events and conferences

Instead, look beyond requirements. We’ve already identified the main challenge of our target company: customer acquisition and strategic partnerships.

What’s in your previous experience that makes you uniquely equipped to excel at this goal?

After you analyze your strong qualities, amplify the effect with this framework:

Accomplished [this] as measured in [that] by doing [X]

It’s your goal now to create a narrative where you have all the experience to provide the solution.

Here’s generic, ineffective and unmemorable chief technology resume sample of an Experience section:

Chief Technology OfficerAcceleron Industries
02/2016 - 11/2020
Scottsdale, AZ
Company Description
Facilitated platform adoption among customers
Identified key partnerships
Regularly spoke at events and conferences

A typical CTO role will include many responsibilities: from project management and IT leadership to development strategy and staff training.

Put first the ones you think we’ll be the most impactful for your target job.

Here’s an engaging example for Experience section of a CTO resume:

Chief Technology OfficerAcceleron Industries
06/2016 - 02/2020
Scottsdale, AZ
Company Description
Accelerated outbound sales cycle by 330% by designing and implementing customer acquisition platform for training and managing technical sales personnel
Established and curated strategic partnerships with 6 out of 10 top state manufacturing companies which resulted in $20M additional annual revenue
Led re-architect effort of a core SaaS product to reduce the platform deployment time for clients by 2 months

Chief Technology Officer Resume Skills Section: A Two-Step Process To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

The way you format your skills section will highly depend on the position you’re applying for.

Some companies will want you to turn up your sleeves and actively contribute to building MVP or scale existing API infrastructure.

Others will need your leadership skills to recruit and retain top-level IT talent, execute global IT strategy, and scale operations.

Almost every CTO comes from a technical background, so competing over who has more tech skills is meaningless - every candidate will have a great section.

But soft skills are another thing” it’s hard to come by a candidate with both excellent technical background and developed soft skills.

But simply listing soft skills no your resume won’t make recruiters believe that you have them.

Here are two tips to make you soft skills section stand out and engage recruiters:

  1. Present soft skills in a real-world context
  2. Alter the name of your soft skills section

Presenting soft skills in a real world context allows you to kill two birds with one stone: demonstrate your soft skills and emphasize your achievements once again.

Once again, we analyze the job description and see that part of the job is to present a platform to partners and clients through events and conferences.

We’re using our past experience and show our presentation skills in an engaging context:

“2020 Guest Speaker at Global 2020 Innovative Tech In Customer Management Workflows

Team-building something”

If we were applying for a tech startup, we could demonstrate our problem solving skills in the context of developing MVP or agile team management.

Second tip to make your soft skills section stand out is to frame it in a fresh original way.

For that we’ll be adding the “Achievements” section to our CTO template, and add our soft skills examples there.

Here are some of the most demanded soft skills to feature on your chief technology officer resume:

14 Eye-Catching Soft Skills to Put on Your CTO Resume

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Staff coaching and mentorship
  • Applied Innovation
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration with vendors
  • Presentation skills
  • Risk management
  • Business development and/or business strategy
  • Business process management
  • Product development
  • Strategic planning

As for the technical skills, the most important thing is to keep this section balanced.

Here are few tips that will help you make your CTO technical skills section punchy and powerful:

  • Don’t list too all the skills you have -- you’ll seem like a system administrator and not CTO
  • Don’t feature basic skills like “Ms Office” and “Windows”, it will make you seem entry-level
  • Find ways to group skills together, e.g. MVP development, BI management, CRM administration
  • Pass ATS filters: use keywords from resume descriptions to pass automatic resume filters

For some CTO positions you will need to manage the development team and technical teams, so being familiar with the company's tech stack will be a major plus.

Here are some of the technical skills to put on your CTO resume:

16 Hard Skills to Put on Your CTO Resume

  • Technical sales
  • MVP development
  • Agile development and Agile methodologies
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • BI
  • Tableau
  • Programming languages
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Business and software development tools
  • SQL
  • Cybersecurity
  • Java
  • UNIX
  • Data center management

CTO Resume Education & Certification Sections: Industry Standards Overview

The majority of CTO positions will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or closely related field.

But here’s what you need to know: ideally the recruiter should make their mind to interview you before they even get to the Education section.

Same goes for certificates: those are not required, but can strengthen your overall profile, especially if you have certifications in areas where the company is struggling.

Examples are: security and network certifications (CISSP), IT management (CGEIT, CAPM), Sif Sigma, COBIT, etc.

Bonus Section: Tips For Specific CTO Resume Formats (With Examples and Templates)

Startup Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample

Startups are ultra growth-driven companies, and their success depends on technology that rapidly scales and adapts to their current needs.

Below are the tips that will helps you get an interview as a Startups Chief Technology Officer:

  • Prioritize your experience with startups and projects. Use yourresume headline to grab employee’s attention and demonstrate relevant experience, e.g. “Scaled IT infrastructure of a 5-people project into a 100+ enterprise”. If you worked in an enterprise environment, use acustom resume section “My projects” and describe enterprise projects as independent startups.
  • Solve their main problem. Startups usually have a very pressing goal: technology inhibiting growth, piles of technical debt, chaotic IT budget management, slow prototyping, poor QA control, compliance issues. If you really want to get a job at a specific startup, learn more about their problems through their blog or founders’ social media and frame your Experience, Skills, and Summary sections accordingly.

Executive Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample

Executive Chief Technology Officers manage large IT departments. Their efficiency depends on both CTO’s experience within enterprise environments and within specific industry.

Make sure your Executive CTO resume reflects expertise in both.

Here are the tips for creating effective executive CTO resume:

  • Prioritise experience within a specific niche. If you have a positive experience within a specific niche that you’re applying for (e.g. e-commerce, software development, hardware, financial services, etc.), make sure your Summary, Experience and Achievements sections reflect that. More on that in ourTargeted resume guide.
  • Make your resume stand out. Although every executive chief technology director is a unique professional with years of experience, all executive resumes tend to look more or less the same when piled together. Make sure yourresume stands out using custom sections, smart color formatting, and original layout.

One page Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample

One-page resumes are becoming the de-facto standard in the HR industry. However, that doesn’t mean that your CTO resume should necessarily fit into one page, especially if you have decades of experience.

Nevertheless, no one likes to read walls of text, so here are some tips that will help you make you resume short and concise:

  • Make it to the point. Recruiters on average spend six seconds when scanning resumes, and lots of text is an immediate turn-off for many of them. Make sure that every word you use is necessary to show your value and cut out the rest.
  • List only 15 years of experience. IT technology develops quickly, and listing expertise with outdated systems and frameworks may sometimes work against you. Make sure to list only the most recent experience and skills, and disregard the rest.
  • Use clever formatting. With clever formatting you can fit more data and achievements in your resume. Check out ourguide on resume layouts to learn more.

Summary: A Strategic Approach To Landing Interviews With Your CTO Resume

  • Identify global challenges within a company, understand how technology can address them, and build your resume accordingly
  • Grab recruiters’ attention with customized and highly-relevant resume headline
  • Link to your professional profiles to hint at your developed soft and technical skills
  • Present your experience as a series of strategic IT achievements rather than a list of technical workflows
  • Make sure you pass ATS filters by using keywords and buzzwords form the original job posting
  • Keep the balance between soft and technical skills on your CTO resume to not seem overly technical or underqualified for the target position.

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