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Vba Skills: Example Usage on Resumes, Skill Set & Top Keywords in 2024

Including VBA expertise on your resume signals to recruiters your ability to automate tasks and handle complex data, showcasing your problem-solving skills. Dive into the guide below for creative ways to represent your skills on your resume and discover fresh phrasing ideas.

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VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is a programming language that's embedded in many of Microsoft’s applications, like Excel, Word, and Access. This skill allows you to create small programs called macros that can automate repetitive tasks, analyze data, and integrate Office applications. On your resume, VBA can demonstrate your ability to improve efficiency and productivity by developing custom solutions for data management and analysis.

However, listing VBA on your resume can also have drawbacks. Since VBA is not as widely used outside of Microsoft applications, it may not be as relevant if you're applying to roles that require a broader range of programming skills or the use of more modern technologies. Instead, it might be more beneficial to highlight your skills in more current programming languages or to focus on your ability to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly. Showing a diverse range of technical skills could reflect better on the modern job market’s demands.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The advantages and benefits of having VBA skills on your resume.
  • Potential drawbacks of focusing too much on VBA for a technical position.
  • Alternative skills and learning paths that could be more appealing to employers today.

Misusage of vba on resumes

Highlighting VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) proficiency in your resume is important to show potential employers your capabilities in automating tasks and building user-defined functions in Microsoft Office applications. However, care must be taken to present this skill accurately and avoid misrepresentation.

  • In the summary section: "I am considered by many as a master in VBA, capable of turning any Excel spreadsheet into a cutting-edge program." This exaggerates expertise and sets unrealistic expectations.
  • In the experience section: "Used my VBA skills to revolutionize the company's data management system." This lacks specifics about what was done and the impact it had.
  • In the achievements section: "Honored as the 'VBA Wizard' for my work at my last job, completely overhauling every spreadsheet in the office." This claim is vague, potentially non-verifiable, and can come off as unprofessional.

How to demonstrate vba skills on your resume

  • List specific VBA projects you've completed, detailing the problems solved and the value added to the business or process.
  • Quantify your VBA achievements with figures demonstrating time saved, revenue increased, or error rates reduced through your automation efforts.
  • Highlight any advanced VBA skills, such as developing user forms, working with APIs, or creating complex macros that perform critical tasks.
  • Mention any recognition or accolades received from employers or clients for VBA solutions you have delivered, which can serve as a testament to your expertise.
  • Include any certifications or continued education courses you've taken related to VBA to show your commitment to staying proficient in your skillset.

Example 1: Demonstrate vba in the experience section

Financial Analyst
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
New York, NY
  • Automated data consolidation from multiple sources using VBA, reducing report generation time by 30%.
  • Designed complex financial models in Excel to project company earnings, directing focus to areas with the highest growth potential.
  • Streamlined budgeting process by creating a user-friendly VBA tool, leading to a 40% reduction in manual entry errors.
Business Analyst
Mountain View, CA
  • Introduced a VBA-enabled dashboard to track KPIs, which enhanced decision-making efficiency across marketing teams.
  • Played a pivotal role in cross-functional projects, using VBA scripts to manipulate and analyze large datasets for product development strategies.
  • Led a VBA training workshop for colleagues, fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowering the team to develop their own tools.
Data Analyst
Seattle, WA
  • Deployed VBA scripts to optimize inventory tracking systems, resulting in a 20% improvement in supply chain efficiency.
  • Formulated a set of predictive analytics tools using Excel VBA which supported a 15% increase in sales forecasting accuracy.
  • Orchestrated the automation of repetitive data processes with VBA, freeing up approximately 10 hours per week for the analytics team.
  • This resume showcases specific use of VBA to improve efficiency and accuracy within well-known enterprises.
  • Quantifiable results, such as reducing report generation time and error reduction percentages, provide a clear indication of the applicant's impact.
  • By portraying the implementation of custom tools and processes, the experience section reflects on the candidate's capability to handle complex tasks.
  • Descriptive bullet points highlight the breadth of the candidate's expertise, from creating financial models to enhancing decision-making processes.
  • The incorporation of teaching and leadership, as demonstrated by leading a workshop, adds depth to the applicant's skill set and character.

Example 2: Demonstrate vba in the summary section

With over 5 years of experience in software development, specializing in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), I have a proven track record in automating Excel tasks which enhanced business efficiency. Passionate about streamlining data management processes, my significant achievement includes creating an advanced Excel reporting tool that reduced report generation time by 30%. Proficient in Excel functions and a keen problem-solver, I thrive in challenging environments and am eager to bring my technical expertise to a forward-thinking team.
  • Includes specific examples of past work, like the advanced Excel reporting tool, which demonstrate real-world application of VBA skills.
  • Communicates years of experience (over 5 years), establishing credibility and showing a solid background in software development.
  • Emphasizes problem-solving abilities, an essential skill for any role involving Excel and VBA.
  • Clarifies proficiency with Excel functions, essential for tasks such as data analysis and report generation.
  • Focuses on measurable achievements (e.g., "reduced report generation time by 30%"), which quantifies the applicant's potential contribution to future projects.
  • Conveys enthusiasm for working within a team, suggesting compatibility with collaborative work environments.
  • Avoids overused jargon and buzzwords, proving that the applicant can communicate effectively without relying on them.

Example 3: Demonstrate vba in the achievements section

Increased Sales by 20%
Led a team of five to boost regional sales by 20% within one year through strategic partnerships and improved customer relations.
Cut Operational Costs
Implemented a new inventory management system that reduced operational costs by 15% while maintaining product availability.
Streamlined Project Flow
Created a streamlined workflow for project submissions, reducing turnaround time by 30% and increasing team efficiency.
  • Avoids overused jargon while clearly showcasing abilities.
  • Uses specific numbers to provide concrete evidence of accomplishments.
  • Titles are concise and to the point, ensuring the main message is immediately clear.
  • Descriptions are long enough to give context but short enough to maintain interest.
  • Reflects actual work situations, giving potential employers insight into real-world application of skills.
  • Focuses on results, directly linking actions to outcomes.
  • Maintains simplicity for broad accessibility.

What are the relevant certifications for VBA skills on resume

Explore certifications to demonstrate your expertise in Excel and Visual Basic for Applications:

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The top 5 certifications for gaining vba skills expertise:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate (Excel and Excel 2019) - MOS
    Offered by Microsoft, this certification validates your proficiency in using Excel's essential features, including VBA for automating tasks.
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019) - MOS Expert
    Also from Microsoft, this advanced certification proves you have expert-level skills in Excel, which covers more complex VBA operations and macro creation.
  • Professional Certificate in Advanced Excel for Business - PCE
    Provided by NYU, this certificate helps you master Excel for business contexts, with a strong focus on VBA for enhancing data analysis and automation.
  • Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization - EMB
    Coursera, in collaboration with Duke University, offers this specialization course that includes modules on VBA, helping you to integrate Excel with more advanced database tools.
  • Certified Professional in Excel and VBA - CPEV
    The International Association of Professions Career College offers this certification, demonstrating your ability to create macros and automate processes in Excel using VBA.
  • Top skills people add together with vba skill on resume:



    Data Analysis

    Macro Development

    Financial Modeling

    Microsoft Access



    Business Intelligence

    Database Management


    Problem Solving

    Attention to Detail

    Analytical Thinking

    Time Management






    Learning Agility

    Critical Thinking

    Most relevant jobs for VBA skills

    VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is a programming language used to build user-defined functions, automate tasks, and manage data in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Access, and Word. Professionals with VBA skills can streamline processes, create interactive tools, and perform complex calculations. Here are job titles where such skills are commonly valued:

    Key takeaways

    • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) skills can enhance your resume by showcasing your ability to automate tasks and manage data in programs like Excel.
    • Avoid misusing VBA skills by not overcomplicating simple tasks or using VBA when a simpler solution is available.
    • Showcase your VBA proficiency on your resume by listing specific projects or tasks you've automated and the benefits they provided to past employers.
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