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In sales, first impressions can be everything. Casey’s resume takes this idea and builds on it to catch the recruiter’s attention. We get to see her accolades and glimpses into her personal life as she blends professionality and personality. Her resume is the perfect example of how to be brief and effective. Check out how she accomplished this below.

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Meet Casey

Having worked in a non-profit for many years under PeacePlayers International, Casey’s move to Carlen Glass (a for-profit glass business) was certainly a change of pace. Suddenly she went from organising basketball tournaments to chasing down top clients. Her desire to make measurable changes and motivation for change ensured she didn’t miss a beat, however. The change in industry came with some anxieties, but Casey “never lost the sales-side” of herself. Her resume served as the best reintroduction into the sector that quashed any anxieties from employers hesitant to take someone on from a non-profit.

  • How Casey’s Resume Proved She Was The Right Fit

  • 1. It Tells A Story

    A great fault of many resumes is the tendency to throw down piecemeal information that has no identifiable connection. Writing down your work history with no coordination will deter the recruiter from paying attention - you want to make sure things flow. Casey tells a story by not only including her previous work experience, but also her most proud of section. We get to see the whole picture of who she is, from her courage of backpacking through Asia to increasing sales by 15%.

  • 2. It Conveys Dedication

    Describing your work history is great for providing context of the type of work you’re doing but recruiters need to know what type of person you are to work with, too. Casey’s resume conveys that she is dedicated to her craft with special mention given to her work as a basketball coach which shows she is as committed to the success of her team as she is her own success.

  • 3. It’s To The Point

    The sales market is incredibly competitive. Recruiters can go through 400 resumes per day meaning they need to see you’re connected to the position that is on offer. Your resume needs to be purposeful. Casey does this by including all of her relevant sales experience even for positions that weren’t necessarily sales-focused - securing funding for PeacePlayers International, for example.

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