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5 Diversity And Inclusion Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your diversity and inclusion manager resume must showcase your ability to lead and develop comprehensive strategies. Highlight your experience in building diverse teams that foster inclusivity. Demonstrate your history of implementing successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. Quantify the impact of your efforts with metrics and examples.

All resume examples in this guide

We live in the 21st century, and still, minorities in some parts of the world are discriminated against.

This unpleasant fact is why some organizations are heading towards having a more diverse workforce.

The role of the diversity and inclusion manager has become crucial for almost every modern brand.

Unfortunately, only the best candidates get positions in these companies.

But you are lucky, and you still don't know it!


Because this guide will skyrocket your career in a couple of minutes.

Continue reading, study the examples, and use the resume builder to create a top-notch diversity and inclusion manager resume!

What you’ll learn here:

  • List human-centered experience that encourages diversity and inclusion
  • How to create an engaging summary
  • How to make your resume stand out through soft and hard skills
  • What other resume sections concentrate on clear values and maintaining a positive company culture

How to write a diversity and inclusion manager resume

There is one specific goal you should accomplish with your resume:

Change the status quo!

Bringing diversity and inclusion to a company 20 years ago was a mission impossible.

However, things changed because of people who aim to help others and reveal their true potential.

You should prove you can bring your vision and the company profit from it.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to accomplish it:

  • Give examples of how hiring LGBTQ+, black and disabled people makes the company culture more inclusive
  • Show how diversity increased productivity; provide facts and statements backed up with active verbs
  • Describe how you drive employees' engagement

Emphasize skills you can support in the Experience and Strength sections.

Actually, the whole resume should be human-centered.

Your words should correspond to your actions; otherwise, they are nonsense.

Include My Philosophy section to present what you believe in and how you would implement it in the future position.

References from colleagues give more credibility as well.

Don't forget to prove that you have the ambition to learn new skills by mentioning courses taken.

Continue reading the resume and find out how to build other resume sections.

Diversity and inclusion manager resume formats

The following resume formats are perfect for a blockchain developer:

  • Reverse-chronological resume describes your most recent job first and then previous positions. If you are relatively new in the industry, pick it!
  • Functional resumes are meant for career changers and underline transferable skills and expertise.
  • Hybrid resume is suitable for all professionals.

Also, have in mind these resume tips:

Never underestimate the power of the My Philosophy and Courses section: they can make your resume stand out!

top sections icon

Top resume sections:

  • Build result-oriented Experience sections that impress recruiters
  • A summary of your accomplishments so far
  • Skills that underline your human-centered approach
  • My Philosophy section that describes what you believe in
  • Strengths and courses to support your professionalism with examples
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What recruiters want to see:

  • What is your experience in human resources?
  • Do you have a proven record of applying diversity and inclusion in a company? Do you support minorities, and why?
  • Have you mastered talent acquisition and employee training?
  • How do you engage employees? Do you think diversity can increase the productivity and results of a company? Why?
  • What do your previous employers think of you as a human and professional? What’s the feedback from employees?

A coherent header section leads to a good impression

Will you believe that you could make a positive impression on recruiters from the first glance of the resume?

Yes, it's true, but how?

You are a diversity and inclusion manager, so your mission is to support others.

Therefore, you can include a link that contains a portfolio of all the employees you've helped with their genuine feedback.

Thus, you will have an advantage over other applicants!

Moreover, it is crucial to write down contacts: 

  • Phone number
  • Business email
  • Current location

Your names should correspond to your ID card and social media profiles.

The job title is customizable: write whatever you want as long as it's tailored to the job offer.

Take a look at the following examples and create a coherent resume header section.

2 Diversity and Inclusion Manager Resume Header Examples

New York, NY
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
New York, NY

Inclusion and diversity manager summary that adds value

The summary section has one specific function: to engage recruiters and motivate them to continue reading.

That's why vague information is the fast train to failure!

It should bring value: show how your professional expertise could help recruiters' business.

For example, if you mention diversity and inclusion strategies or program mastery, support it with quantitative data!

Here are some tips for creating a game-changing diversity and inclusion manager resume summary:

  • Add your position, years, and industry of experience
  • Mention skills you've excelled
  • Support every statement with quantitative data and actions verbs
  • Write down what you are expecting from the future position

Focus on those two examples and take notes before building yours!

2 Diversity and Inclusion Manager Resume Summary Examples

Devoted Diversity & Inclusion Manager with 7 years of experience. Excelled diversity strategies and employee training. Improved the GrowthToGo's ethnic diversity. Seeking a position as a DI Manager in a consulting company.
Devoted Diversity & Inclusion Manager with 7 years of human resources expertise. Excelled diversity strategies and employee training while maintaining good company culture. Improved the GrowthToGo's ethnic diversity by 30%. Seeking a position as a DI Manager in a consulting company that helps startups grow.
pro tip icon
Pro tip

If you don't have any experience to offer to the summary, suggest something unusual. It could be a skill or a particular achievement. Furthermore, you can always include what you want/expect from the position. As a result, the recruiter will understand that you have SMART goals and are motivated to succeed.

Diversity and inclusion manager resume experience: Show your impact

If you have clear evidence that your statements are correct, you will succeed in whatever you do.

Sometimes candidates boast of bogus facts about their achievements.

Unfortunately, if recruiters catch you lying, you will be black-listed.

So, to achieve reliability, you should add accurate statements that describe measurable results.

How many people representing different minorities have you hired?

Did recruiting people of color affect company policies? How?

Did you contribute to creating a more tolerant company culture?

To build a one-of-a-kind diversity and inclusion resume experience, follow these 3 simple tips:

  • Support every statement with facts, action verbs, power words and numbers on resume
  • List extraordinary achievements that build trust and respect
  • Mention and support skills you mastered

Now, have a look at those two samples:

Diversity and inclusion manager resume experience examples.

Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Austin, TX
  • Received praise from the CEO of Xtatic and positive feedback from colleagues and employees
  • Trained teams in essential soft skills: communication, company etiquette, and negotiation
  • Recommended improvements that led to an increase in overall productivity and ethnic diversity
  • My diversity strategy led to hiring many LGBTQ+ people

Don’t get us wrong: the first candidate has done it well.

However, the competition in the HR industry is fierce.

If you want to gain momentum and stand out, you should follow the advice above.

Quantitative data builds trust in recruiters and makes your resume more believable.

Just take a look at the second candidate and consider your choice of Experience section carefully!

Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Austin, TX
  • Received praise from the CEO of Xtatic and 96% positive feedback from colleagues and employees
  • Trained 3 teams of 10+ people in essential soft skills: communication, company etiquette, and negotiation
  • Recommended improvements that led to a 16% increase in overall productivity and 32% in ethnic diversity
  • My diversity strategy led to hiring 10+ LGBTQ+ people and 3 employees from the poorest parts of Africa

Diversity and inclusion manager skills: the critical factors

Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.

Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts Limited

In the case of diversity and inclusion management, you should prove to recruiters that you are the voice of minorities.

The idea is that you represent a brand headed towards 21st-century values of diversity and inclusion.

Therefore it's critical to show you are capable of communicating those values.


Add soft skills such as communication, empathy, and adaptability.

However, you should not forget the management part of your position.

Moreover, recruiters use ATS systems to inspect for hard skills on your resume:

  • Diversity Program & Strategy
  • Company Culture & Policies
  • Employee Training

Make sure you mention them all and the others listed below:

top sections icon

7 Hard Skills for Your Resume:

The strengths section will assist you in explaining your abilities in greater detail.

We recommend you include talents that present your personal and professional self.

For example, if you list empathy as a strength, you should show evidence of how it helped other employees.

Do you get it?

Examine the samples below and write a show-stopping diversity and inclusion manager Talent section:

Strong Work Ethic
7 years of expertise as a DI Manager and face-to-face conversations with 1,000 employees helped me establish a strong work ethic.
Creating 10+ diversity and engagement programs and managing two teams of 20+ employees is why I consider myself a great leader.
Active Listening
My 7-year-long expertise taught me to listen to people first to solve serious issues and reach unexpectedly good results.

List achievements that indicate change towards diversity

If you are a professional with deep expertise, you must have many awards and recognitions.

However, they cannot create a vivid picture of your contribution in the recruiter's mind.

On the other hand, if you mention something like:

"Increased the diversity and inclusion of the company's workforce by hiring 10 black and 3 disabled people."

This statement speaks volumes, right?

Try to stick to the job offering and mention recognitions that could make an impact on human resources.

Made a Difference
Provided 30% more possibilities for black and LGBTQ+ people;e in its marketing department of GrowthAI, which resulted in a major shift in company policies towards minorities.

Education on a resume: you’d better add it

A bachelor’s degree in human resources can guarantee that you are capable of:

  • Creating programs and training
  • Reviewing the organizations' workplace, policies, and procedures
  • Maintaining relationships with diversity-related businesses to improve your company's brand

However, it's unlikely to teach you:

  • how to establish the right approach toward candidates
  • how to build trust and affirm company values
  • strategies of how to diversify the workforce

You are the person who should research, learn and apply all the points above.

However, you can only win if you include the resume Education section the right way.

  • Examine the following suggestions to understand how to impress recruiters with your actions and knowledge:
  • List soft and hard skills acquired from college using quantitative data
  • Demonstrate positive personality traits: explain what values you built while working on team projects
  • Highlight exceptional achievements that demonstrate self-motivation: volunteering, prizes, and awards
  • Underline your inner drive to participate in social work, no matter academical or practical one

Diversity and inclusion manager training/courses resume section

Daily communication with people is not for everyone.

As a DI Manager, you should be prepared to stick to problems and find ways to solve them.

To do so, you should be 1% better every day!

You might ask:

"How can I achieve it?"

The answer is knowledge.

You should occasionally take new courses and training to excel at your work.

Leadership, management, and communication are fields that have no limits!

You can take advantage of such opportunities to grow at a rapid pace.

Maybe you need to learn project management tools such as Clickup or Asana for productivity?

Carefully read the job offering and try to meet the employer's expectations in your diversity and inclusion resume.

Quotes on resume: beliefs predict future performance

My Life Philosophy
Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.
Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

Do you know what unites people in groups and communities?

Yes, their beliefs!

The same is the situation with company culture.

When you mention your fundamental values in the resume, you have a greater chance of getting hired.


Because recruiters are humans as well.

And if you share your innate belief with somebody, you become instantly closer.

Don’t hesitate and write down your life philosophy in your diversity and inclusion manager resume!

Key takeaways

  • Take the human-centered approach and show recruiters how you’ve helped minorities with clear examples and numbers
  • Every section of the resume should add value and be logically connected to others
  • Explain how your actions boosted diversity and inclusion in your company
  • Include the My Philosophy section to show what you stand for
  • Find the balance between hard and soft skills and support it with strengths to prove professionalism
diversity and inclusion manager resume example

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