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5 PwC Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your PwC resume must clearly reflect your expertise in financial services and accounting. Showcase your experience with big-ticket audits, tax services, or consultancy projects. Demonstrate your proficiency in relevant software and analytical tools used in professional services. It's crucial to highlight your ability to adapt to the fast-paced environment at PwC.

All resume examples in this guide

PricewaterhouseCoopers, or just PwC, is one of the Big 4 consultancy companies and the world's largest professional services firm by revenue.

If this sounds crazy to think of, look at this fact:

90% of employees at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP say it is a great place to work

This company has an enormous impact on our society positively.

In fact, one of its values is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

This is why PwC is extremely selective about the people who represent the brand.

Do not get worried! We got you!

Because in just a few short minutes, you will learn how to write the perfect resume so that recruiters will beg you to bring your career to the next level.

Keep reading this guide and learn how to devise the ideal application with a resume builder!

What you’ll learn here

  • How to grab the attention of potential recruiters and make your resume stand out
  • List skills and strengths that show competence
  • The most valuable sections to include in order to succeed
  • How to present your strengths and accomplishments and in the right way

So rather than me just talk from the top down, I actually want to engage from the bottom up, which is about making sure that communication and transparency is visible to all of our employees because, as I said, if I can get 39,000 people doing a little bit better each and every day, the place has unbelievable exponential potential.

Bob Moritz, CEO of PwC

Bob Moritz, the CEO of PwC, tells us what is the most valuable aim you have to accomplish with your resume.

Making a difference.


By doing **a little bit better **each day.

This is how you can prove to be the shining gem amidst other applicants.

And it is to show that you can make the most difference in proliferating the goals and values of the company.

Making a difference is one of the 5 values PwC’s company culture adopted. The others are:

  • Act with integrity
  • Care
  • Work together
  • Reimagine possible

If you have these 5 values as a starting point, you will be on the right track when building your resume. Here are some examples of how exactly you can do that:

  • Show that your presence in your prior places of employment has changed them for the better
  • Let them see that the principles and experience you bring to the table not only support the company but push it to grow
  • Describe you engage your colleagues toward progress and integrity

Push your abilities to the forefront of attention by including them in your Experience and Strength sections!

Learn to not brag about your achievements, but acknowledge them accurately and fairly.

Do not forget to include an Education and Courses section to show that you have put in the effort to acquire competence and have the motivation to grow.

Let references increase your credibility!

Keep on reading and learn how to make your other resume sections!

PwC resume formats

These are the ideal resume formats for a job at PwC:

However, do not ignore these brilliant tips:

top sections icon

Top resume sections when applying at PwC:

  • Craft an Experience section that highlights the multiple application of your skills
  • Let your Achievements speak for themselves
  • Try to illustrate your leadership capabilities in your Skills section
  • The Reference section should be used to present some social skills to your whole resume
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What PwC recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Results in positively expanding a company’s image.
  • How do you perform while working in a team, and do you reach objectives?
  • Describe a tense situation that made you go that extra mile
  • How has your presence aided in conflict resolution?
  • What do previous employers and colleagues think of you?

An associate project manager header section that meets PwC expectations

Do you think you can make a powerful first impression on the recruiters just as their eyes fall on your resume?


Well, it is an absolute possibility, and here’s how you can do it!

You are an associate project manager, and one of your main tasks is to ensure that projects will be completed with regard to quality and time frames.

To be a great leader, you have to be clear and precise in your instructions. And the best way to show that to just an initial glance is by stating your name and contacts.

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location

The name and email address should be the same as your ID card and social media accounts.

The job title should correspond to the position you are looking to attain, otherwise, it can be whatever you choose.

It is a great choice to also include a link to your LinkedIn profile!

This is exactly what puts you a step ahead of other applicants!

Now take a look at some other tips and tricks on how to craft the best Header section!

2 Associate Project Manager Resume Header Examples

Associate Project Manager
Associate Project Manager
Phoenix, AZ

PwC raining manager resume summary section that starts the spark

The Summary section has one primary function and one primary function alone.

It is to retain the attention of the recruiters at PwC and make them keep reading.

Being vague with the information you share about yourself here can mean a doomed resume.

That does sound like writing the section would be quite nerve-wracking but you shouldn’t worry.


Because you have this guide to lend you a hand!

Being a training manager has a lot to do with managing people.

But you manage people in order to accomplish a certain goal.

That is why in this section you had better mention your potential for contributing to such firm goals and support those statements with quantitative data from experiences.

We have prepared a couple of pieces of advice on how you can build the perfect training manager resume summary:

  • Don’t leave out years of experience
  • Use said quantitative data to prove your worth
  • Include the skills and talents that you have already mastered
  • Let the recruiters know your future expectations of the position in accordance with you

Take a look at the following two examples before you make your own!

2 training manager resume summary examples

Goal-oriented Training Manager with 5 years of experience in this position. Excelled in project management, leadership, and client relationships. Looking for a job that will help me take my career to a new level.
Goal-oriented Training Manager with 5 years of experience in training team members on delivering high-quality solutions. Excelled in project management, business development and strategy, and market analysis. Utilized successful agile methodology that increased profitability by 12% for 2019. Seeking to join PwC and become 1% better every new day at this position.

PwC business consultant resume experience

The way experiences are usually mentioned on a resume is by just listing the places of your previous employment.

Is that wrong?

No. Looking at it plainly, this is what this section is. But being a business consultant is not something people who look plainly at things choose to do.

Nor is PwC company culture tolerating mediocrity.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just that.

What should you be doing then?

This is the guide that will teach you just that! You have to prove to the recruiters that your words are not just words, but are facts that speak to results.

Present them with these exact results. Don’t let your Experience section be plain facts. Let it be the instrument that puts your true potential through to them.

Describe the measurable progress you have caused in your previous jobs to prove your quantitative worth. The worth you now bring to this position.

To accomplish this desired effect with your Experience section, follow these three tips:

  • Use clear statements of facts combined with power and action verbs
  • Use numbers correctly
  • Show how you have not only managed but been a leader with prior teams

Now, please, have a look at the following two examples.

Business consultant resume experience examples.

Business Consultant
Las Vegas, NV
  • Coordinated design reviews and wrote many test plans
  • Created tons of strategies and business plans
  • Met with customers to perform an in-depth design review
  • Supported sales teams by delivering marketing presentations and software GAP analysis

Do not list irrelevant information that provides no value.

The candidate above obviously does not take the job offer seriously, as they do nothing to stand out.

On the other hand, the second applicant shows an Experience section that is 10 out of 10.

And they are highly likely to be recognized for their attention to detail in listing such bullet points.

Business Consultant
Las Vegas, NV
  • Coordinated 100+ design reviews and wrote 20+ test plans
  • Created 10+ strategies, authored 2 business plans, and consistently exceeded client expectations and objectives
  • Met with 200+ customers to perform an in-depth design review to analyze and implement business requirements
  • Supported 3 sales teams by delivering marketing presentations and software GAP analysis weekly

Program analyst resume experience examples

Program Analyst
Miami, FL
  • Applied quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess the business operations
  • Identified routine problems that, after being solved, reduced expenses
  • Developed and conducted program analysis concerning operating programs
  • Prepared memos, transmittal letters, and management reports

When duties and responsibilities are written professionally, they speak volumes.

When they are not, well, increases the number of no-interview applications.

While the first applicant is vague, the second one impresses with coherent statements backed up with quantitative data.

Program Analyst
Miami, FL
  • Applied quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess the business operations of 20+ companies
  • Identified 3 routine problems that, after being solved, reduced expenses by 9%
  • Developed and conducted program analysis concerning 10+ operating programs
  • Prepared 100+ memos, 50+ transmittal letters and 40+ management reports
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Try to include statements that convey the feeling of authenticity. You might not be a high performer, but one is more than zero. Therefore, if you created just one business plan, describe your efforts that brought it to life.

The skills that are a must on a PwC resume

As we have already said in this guide, your job at PwC might require you to be a leader at one point.

But there are some skills that you have to mention before you can show recruiters that quality.

Your Skills section not only describes you in a few words, but also shows something else quite important.

And that is your ability to proliferate the company’s values while in this role through these skills.

Therefore, try to prove in other sections of your resume that you are indeed a team worker, empathetic individual, or whatever you listed as a soft skill.

Otherwise, you will lose credibility, and the recruiter is less likely to believe in you and your intentions.

Recruiters often use software to scan preliminarily over your resume for these hard skillsjust to let you through the door.

So definitely be sure to mention the ones listed below if you are the project coordinator or project director.

top sections icon

PwC project coordinator resume's technical skills:

top sections icon

PwC project director resume's technical skills:

This is how you mention your strengths without bragging

This section is very easy to lose a handle on and make it sound like bragging.

But you shouldn’t!

This is not the point of the section!

What you should be doing is describing as best you can your personal and professional self positively. Mostly, write about where those two selves overlap.

For example, if you mention leadership, you should let them know how exactly you have worked with a team of people to achieve a goal.

Have you gotten the hang of it?

If you need a bit more support, be sure to check out the two examples below.

Analytical Skills
Exceptional at gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data, which helps me reach business objectives fast and efficiently.
Extremely observant of detail because they cost me time, money, and energy.
Time Management
Time is the most valuable asset that we as humans have, and I decided to take the most out of every moment to be a better person, husband, and father.

Achievements are the groundwork for success in life and in a resume

As a professional with years of experience in the field, you have doubtlessly received many recognitions and acknowledgments in the industry.

But do you think that actually tells recruiters something?


Your goal here is to show them how exactly you have been exemplary.

Imagine the following entry in your achievement section: \

“Recognized by the CPR of ERM as the top %1 company talent because of the programs I deliver to 7+ teams.”

This simple sentence has got the eyes of the recruiters now glued to your resume!

Naturally, don’t stray too far from the intended job offering for the particular position.

Built the best-performing marketing strategy team at the company
My team increased marketing campaigns' performance by 105% in only 3 months.
Completed 10, 000 hours of work for EMR
Recognized by the EMR's CPO as one of the most valuable assets of the company.

Training / courses section displays your ambition towards growth

Allow us to explain what we mean by asking you a simple question.

Would you rather have a doctor that has earned a medical degree and has practiced successfully ever since, or would you rather have the same doctor that has decided to learn even further and grow beyond medical school?

The answer is obvious, of course!

And this is exactly what you want to PwC!

You are not just someone who got their degrees and left their interest towards the profession there.

You are the applicant that decided to take further courses and take part in more training.

What does that show?

Commitment? Yes!

And it also shows the desire you have to not stagnate, but instead, evolve.

See exactly how you can show them that evolution through the examples below!

Training / Courses
Strategic Sales Management
Learned how to create more value by applying concepts, models, and frameworks to support sales planning.
Microsoft Excel Mastery
Excel for Business
Learned how to create powerful business intelligence reports.

Education is the starting point of a PwC principal consultant resume

What the Education section does on a fundamental level is to show recruiters some foundational things required for the position of principal consultant.

What the Education section cannot contribute to your resume are:

  • the skills you possess in communicating with people
  • the leadership potential
  • stability you have, necessary to make a project successful

But does it have to?

Of course not.

You have all your other sections for that.

Education serves as the shoes that your resume needs to leave the house.

And that is exactly how you should craft it. Simple, clear, and unimpeachable.

What certifications to add to your resume

Certificates are exactly what prove that ambition and desire to grow in the Trainings/Courses section of the guide.

You may think that this section is an unnecessary bother.

Don’t! This is a key part of the whole resume.

Because the whole idea of certifications is that you have not only shown the desire to grow, but have also achieved a stellar result in that particular endeavor!

Trust us, PwC recruiters will value that you went the extra mile to earn a certification.

These are some examples of resume certificates that would be useful for an auditor.

Be sure not to skip them over!

top sections icon

Top PwC auditor certificates for your resume:

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA)
  • Certificate in International Auditing (Cert IA)

Languages highlight your communication ability

The Languages section is to support your competence in regard to communication.

If you are only proficient in a single language, you probably shouldn’t include this section. But if you can speak freely in a second one, it is a definite must.

And if you know more than two, no matter how poorly, include those too.

This displays your capacity for knowledge and the motivation to proactively seek it out.

Learning a language takes more than just sitting at a desk and reading a textbook.

It represents interactive skills that you have demonstrated through learning said language.

And that is definitely a step further toward your aim of getting hired!

Key takeaways

  • A concise and powerful summary is the thing that grabs the attention
  • Well-listed experiences can take you a long way in the world of context
  • There are different types of skills, and you have to find the ones that suit your application best
  • Education is not everything, but it is a start
  • Use the potency of the courses and certificates section to demonstrate your motivation
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