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Investment Banking Analyst Resume Samples and Writing Guide for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-04-21

How to Build a Job-Winning Investment Banking Analyst Resume

When companies “go public” and start selling stock, investment banks make it happen.

Investment banks specialize in handling complex financial transactions. Investment banking analyst is the entry-level position into this lucrative career path.

These are the workhorses of the industry who put in long hours of grunt work doing research and preparing reports.

You are the workhorse they want.

You can work endless hours, get a few hours of sleep, drink some coffee and head back into the office for more.

You also have the right education and knowledge to write pitch books that make closing deals a cinch.

You are the next Nathanial Rothschild ready to talk your way into the best deals.

Your investment banking analyst must back that up if you want an interview. Investment banks depend on their analysts to research whether investments are worthwhile.

Your resume must show that you’re a financial whiz. It should also say how you have outstanding people skills and can master the art of the deal.

After all, investment banking analyst is an entry-level position. Recruiters want candidates with the hunger to climb that corporate ladder after a few years.

You want the chance to move up to a position like vice president, director or managing director.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Is your resume ready?

Don’t sweat it. We’re here to show you how to write a winning investment banking analyst resume.

The one common element among our analysts is that they’re passionate, bordering on obsessive, about the sectors they cover.

This Investment Banking Analyst resume guide will show you:

  • 8 investment banking analyst resume examples and samples that prove how you research the deal
  • How you balance your financial knowledge with people skills
  • How to show you have the right industry know-how
  • What education is expected and how to list it on your resume
  • How to include keywords from the job description
  • How to land the interview that turns you into an investment banking analyst

Investment Banking Analyst resume examples