20+ Resume Skills for Sales Manager in 2020 [How To & Examples].

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What phrases to use in my Sales Manager resume skills

  • SaaS
  • Salesforce
  • MS Office
  • SEO
  • Word
  • Google Analytics
  • Relationship Building

Here’s how to include skills for Sales Manager resume

How to use SaaS in your sales manager resume:

Retained a portfolio of enterprise level clients, ensuring 90% Gross Retention from the Adthena SaaS platform

How to use Salesforce in your sales manager resume:

• Manage an outside sales team that consisted of 42 sales executives and 2 Divisional and 6 Regional Sales Managers
• Managed an Inside Sales team of 15 Inside Account Executive.
• Increased Monthly production from 40MM when I started to 150 Million a month for TPO and Correspondent.
• Helped launch and develop Non-Delegated for the company from Process flows to LOS coding. Increased production to 20% of TPO business after launch.
• Worked to streamline internal process flows for both TPO and Non-Delegated for Operations to help reduce cost improve efficiencies and improve client experience.
• Developed and Created a CRM that integrated with LOS, NMLS CoreLogic Data all within Salesforce.
• Decreased approved inactive client base from 71% to 40% within the first 90 days of employment.
• Within first 120 days we onboarded 210 New Broker Clients and 20 New Correspondent Relationships.
• Managed P & L for the entire Channel. Took the Channel too a profitable status in 2018 by increasing production along with reducing origination cost while overall not effecting service levels with our partners.

How to use SEO in your sales manager resume:

• Created social media postings on a weekly basis (Optimized for SEO, UX and user engagement). • Tracked orders and merchandise inventory daily. (Maintained relationships with vendors). • Managed ad campaigns on Etsy, Instagram, and Google. (A/B tested ad copy & images and optimized for ROI).

How to use Word in your sales manager resume:

Digital marketing management on social channels ( Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Adwords,Email Marketing)

How to use Google Analytics in your sales manager resume:

Performed data quality audits by comparing tracking data and conversion funnels reports from both Webtrekk and Google Analytics

How to use Product Management in your sales manager resume:

General Assembly Product Management Intensive Course

How to use Project Management in your sales manager resume:

Project management of Alto Palermo BTQ, Unicenter BTQ and Pop-Ups opening.

How to feature Sales Manager resume skills

AmadeusChannel ManagerAdministration Software: Beroni -NewTourIdealOperaVendiaOffice
Business DevelopmentLeadershipSolution SellingStrategyKey Account ManagementProducts
CRM/ Team Collaboration
Relationship BuildingCustomer Success ManagementSaaS Analytics & Marketing Client Lifecycle Management E-commerce VOD Paid acquisitionSEM/SEOSDKAPIsProject ManagementProduct ManagementHTML/CSS/Javascript
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