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Sep 8, 2022 7 min read

Quick Answer:
Including babysitting on your resume is a great way to make use of transferable skills and fill in gaps in work experience. Babysitting can show potential employers your responsibility, adaptability, and ability to work under pressure. Add it to your Work Experience and Skills sections and consider adding references. Remember to always make sure it is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Maybe you are straight out of college or university and looking to find a job in your field of study?

Or you just want to apply for more babysitting jobs and want to make yourself look more professional?

Either way, including babysitting on your resume is not an easy task.

Babysitting is a less traditional job to put on your resume, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some advantage out of it.

The skills that you gain while babysitting are often easily transferable to many other jobs you might be seeking.

To help you out, we are going to discuss the most important points about including babysitting on your resume, including:

  • Why Babysitting is Important on Your Resume?
  • When Should You Add Babysitting on Your Resume?
  • How to Add Babysitting on Your Resume?

And, of course, we are going to leave you off with some great examples of everything we have talked about.

If you are looking for an overall idea of improving your resume, we can help you Make Your Resume Stand Out.

But if you really want to perfect putting babysitting on your resume, stick around.

Why Babysitting is Important on Your Resume?

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As we mentioned, there are various skills that are easily transferable from a babysitting job to many other job positions.

However, don’t forget to explain these skills and show your potential employer why they are valuable and relative.

But that is not the only reason to include babysitting on your resume.

If you have some work history gap due to school, or any other reason, babysitting can fill it up nicely.

Furthermore, parents of the children you babysat can be the perfect people to get a reference from.

That could be an important asset for your resume, especially if you don't have much work experience.

However, make sure that you can make your babysitting experience relevant to the job you are applying for.

After all, you want your resume to present you in the best possible light.

When Should You Add Babysitting on Your Resume?

When deciding whether to include your babysitting on your resume, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

First of all, time matters.

There is a difference between babysitting regularly over the past few months, and having babysat a couple of times in the past few months.

In the first case, you should absolutely include it, as it is viable work experience, and in the other case it is best to leave it off as it presents no interest to your potential employer.

No matter your experience, it is a good idea to list any certifications or coursework related to childcare, as long as it is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Another case when you should absolutely list your babysitting on your resume is when it has become your regular job.

It doesn’t matter if you do it full-time or part-time.

But after all, the thing you need to keep an eye on the most is keeping your information relevant to the job position you are applying for.

How to Add Babysitting on Your Resume?

There are a few sections you need to list your babysitting on your resume.

Every section requires different information, so that your babysitting experience would look its best.

We will make it easy and will go through them one by one.

Work Experience Section

The first section you need to list your babysitting experience in is your Work Experience Section.

If you don't have much work experience, you would want to make your resume Functional.

That means that your resume would be focused mainly on your skills and your Work Experience Section would be under your Education Section and above your Skills Section.

When it comes to the title you give yourself, you have a few options.

If your babysitting has turned into your regular job, you might want to use the title “Nanny”.

In a more specific situation, if you are applying for a job seeking child care experience, you should use the title, named in the listing.

In any other case, you can stick to the basic “Babysitter” title.

The last part of your Work Experience Section we need to talk about is your bullet list under your babysitting experience.

That’s where you list your responsibilities and achievements.

To perfect that part, you should use the power of Action Verbs.

And once you are ready with this section, we can move on to the next.

Skills Section

The next important section you need to fill with your babysitting experience is your Skills Section.

That’s the section you need to list all the essential skills you gained while babysitting.

When it comes to the placement of this section, it should be right underneath your Work Experience Section and your Education Section.

But what to include in that section when it comes to babysitting?

Well, there are quite a few things you can mention and improve your chances with the hiring manager.

First of all, you can include any courses, and certifications you took, as there is a great chance they may be applicable to other positions as well.

Examples of such are CPR and First Aid Certifications, as well as any babysitting courses, or any course that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Another way to go is including specific situations that you were able to handle.

Even if you don’t have any certifications, you can always list working with children with specific disabilities, like autism or down syndrome.

And, of course, don’t forget about your Language Skills, as they are always relevant.

But once again, whatever you list, don’t forget to make it relevant to the position you are applying for.


The last thing you need on your resume is references.

There are two ways to go here.

The most common way to go is to make a separate references page and staple it to your resume.

But if you have some spare space on your resume, your potential employer would be happy to see that information right there on your resume.

Typically, if you create a References Section on your resume, you would want to keep it on the bottom.

It would be especially important to list your references if you are applying for another babysitting job, as your potential employer would want to hear from your references.

When it comes to the structure you need to keep, it is pretty simple.

Just list the names of your references, their relationship to you, and their phone number or/and their email address.

Example of Babysitting on resume

As we promised, we are not going to leave you off without some examples of everything we talked about.

We are going to show you how to include your babysitting on your resume in each section it is applicable.

In Your Work Experience Section

Let’s start from the top.

Here is an awesome example of how your babysitting work experience should look on your resume:


Dallas, Texas

2018 - Present

  • Care for two 5-year-old children with readiness to handle emergency situations
  • Create age-appropriate activities for mental and physical stimulation
  • Discussed progress and potential issues with parents and assisted in implementing solutions.
  • Drive children to the park three days a week

In Your Skills Section

When it comes to the Skills Section, you would want to keep the same direction as your Work Experience Section.

For example, you can list any of the following skills:

  • Licensed Driver
  • CPR Certified
  • First Aid Certification
  • Experience with children with autism

In Your References Section

Last, but not least, your references should keep a good structure.

No matter if it is on the bottom of your resume, or in a separate sheet, you need to format it like this:

Takeaways: How many bullet points per job on a resume?

We are all done.

Now you know how to list your babysitting on your resume.

You are now ready to upgrade your Work Experience Section, Skills Section and your References Section with your babysitting.

Take your time and think about all the skills that might be transferable to the job position you are applying for.

Don’t forget to list your best references if you are trying to nail another babysitting job.

Keep our examples in mind and make your resume perfect for the job you seek.

Make your move!
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