Top Business Intelligence Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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How to describe your Business Intelligence resume skills

  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • R
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • Oracle

Here’s how to include skills for Business Intelligence resume

How to use SQL in your business intelligence resume:

Currently responsible for the Analysis and Development of the Home Equity Systems in the Loan Modification Functional Areas. The Development was done on the Exadata Oracle (11G) Platform to provide Home Equity data for LOB Users. Lead the Analysis, Design and Development effort for the project with a team of developers spread across different time zones. In the Project Oracle PL/SQL, Packages, stored Procedures and Oracle Golden Gate Replication was utilized. The Project was delivered on time with quality and provides value to the Home Loan Business. Implemented value added process for MDX and thereby provided data provisioning layers for upstream/downstream systems. Agile methodology/Scaled Agile Framework was followed to implement features in MDX. Utilized Rally tool to maintain Features, User Stories, Tasks and Portfolio items using Portfolio Kanban. Delivered feature additions to MDX using SAFE (Scaled Agile Framework) Methodology.

How to use Tableau in your business intelligence resume:

Managed report migration project and convert more than five undred reports from SSRS to Tableau

How to use Python in your business intelligence resume:

Calculated the historical value of current social media influencers, resellers and reseller product listings and take one step further to predict LTV of influencers, resellers and new product listings using machine learning and python programming language

How to use R in your business intelligence resume:

Designed and Developed ETL Process for Creating a Centralized Reporting Repository for Wholesale and Refinance Loan Process. The ETL Process was developed Using SSIS and SQL Server 2008 tools. The Reports were designed using Microsoft Reporting Services 2008; this provided the underwriters, Business Analysts, Loan Coordinators accurate information on the current status of all the loans in the system. Built a framework for extracting information from Desktop Underwriting files which were in XML format. The resultant data was used to build a model using data mining software called Clementine (developed by SPSS) which would predict the outcome of a loan application from desktop underwriting. This helped the business to focus on loans which would get funded and closed for the customers.

How to use Power BI in your business intelligence resume:

Accountable and Responsible of translating business needs /
requirements into IT solutions for the Power BI and One Note products

How to use SAS in your business intelligence resume:

Desarrollo de algoritmos que se adaptan para optimizar los recursos y agregar valor al negocio. Desarrollo de modelos de negocios para transporte de valores, administración de la flota de vehículos de un ingenio. Planificación de compras inteligentes que mantienen la operación con el menor costo de inventario, estrategias de compra distintas que permiten a las empresas incrementar su rentabilidad.

How to use Oracle in your business intelligence resume:

Supporting the design, development and rollout of Phase 2, which incorporated Oracle CRM into the overall solution to include all customer-facing work.

How to feature Business Intelligence resume skills

Database Platform
SQL ServerOracleMySQLMariaDBMongoDBNeo4JSQLiteHadoopRedis
Development Stack & Platform
CRM/ Team Collaboration
Data Scientist
RPythonSparkMachine LearningTableauSPSSMinitabMatlabPeople analytics
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