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5 Entry Level Software Developer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your entry level software developer resume must highlight your technical proficiency. Detail your experience with programming languages relevant to the job you're applying for. Showcase any projects or coding work, regardless of scale, to demonstrate practical application. It's important to illustrate problem-solving skills and a willingness to learn.

All resume examples in this guide

Entry-level software developers often grapple with the challenge of showcasing relevant skills and experiences on their resumes due to their limited professional work history in the field. Our guide can assist in this area by providing strategies on how to effectively highlight foundational coding knowledge, academic projects, internships, or relevant transferable skills from other industries, thus creating a compelling narrative for potential employers.

Our entry level software developer guide will help you perfect your resume by explaining you how to:

  • Alight your entry level software developer resume with the role you're applying for ensuring it will be read by the applicant tracking system.
  • Tailor your specific entry level software developer experience to get the attention of recruiters.
  • List your relevant education to impress hiring managers.
  • Discover job-winning entry level software developer professional resume examples to inspire writing yours.

Deciphering the best format for your entry level software developer resume

To craft an impactful entry level software developer resume, start by thoroughly analyzing the job description.

Your chosen resume format should seamlessly align your experience with the role's requirements.

Consider these four pivotal elements:

  • Present your experience effectively. If you boast a wealth of pertinent experience, employ the reverse-chronological resume format, listing roles by date, beginning with the most recent.
  • Maintain brevity. Limit your resume to a maximum of two pages, focusing on your most salient attributes.
  • Headers serve a purpose. A well-crafted header ensures recruiters can swiftly access your contact details and professional portfolio.
  • Opt for PDF. Typically, submit your entry level software developer resume in PDF to preserve its layout. However, always adhere to specific job application guidelines.
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Pro tip

Consider incorporating design elements like icons or charts to enhance your resume's visual appeal and readability. But remember, the key is subtlety; don't let design overshadow content.

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Essential components for your entry level software developer resume:

  • Header: Feature your name prominently. If you have a notable degree or certification, append it next to your name. Include contact details, a link to your portfolio, and a concise headline.
  • Summary or Objective: Align your professional trajectory and standout achievements with the desired role.
  • Experience: Craft concise bullet points, highlighting tangible successes and contributions.
  • Skills: Showcase them throughout your resume and consider a dedicated sidebar for emphasis.
  • Education & Certifications: Reinforce your credibility and demonstrate your commitment to the industry.
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Programming Skills: Knowledge and experience with programming languages relevant to the role, such as Python, Java, or C++.
  • Education: A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field can make a candidate stand out. Some positions may require or prefer a certain level of education.
  • Problem Solving Abilities: Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems which is a crucial aspect of software development.
  • Experience with Specific Development Tools: Familiarity with tools and environments commonly used in software development, such as Git, Docker, or IDEs like Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ.
  • Projects and Internships: Previous experience, including internships, open source contributions, or personal projects that demonstrate practical application of skills.

Optimizing the experience section of your entry level software developer resume

The experience section is pivotal—it bridges the gap between your qualifications and the job's requirements.

To craft an impactful entry level software developer experience section, consider these guidelines:

  • Review the job posting to identify key requirements and align your past roles with these needs.
  • Go beyond listing skills—demonstrate their impact through quantifiable achievements.
  • Exclude roles that don't enhance your application or showcase relevant skills.
  • While technical expertise is crucial, also highlight soft skills that add value to your role.
  • Use action verbs to articulate your accomplishments and the skills employed to achieve them.

Below, we've provided entry level software developer resume samples to inspire your experience section, ensuring it adheres to industry best practices.

Work Experience
Junior Software Engineer
Tech Solutions Inc.
  • Developed and maintained web applications using Java, resulting in improved user experience and increased efficiency.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design and implement new features, leading to a 20% reduction in customer complaints.
  • Utilized Agile methodologies to deliver software projects on time and within budget.
  • Performed code reviews and implemented best practices to ensure high-quality codebase.
  • Optimized database queries, reducing query execution time by 30%.
  • Created automated test scripts, resulting in a 50% decrease in manual testing efforts.
Work Experience
Mobile App Developer
Innovative Mobile Solutions
  • Designed and developed mobile applications using Swift, resulting in over 100,000 downloads.
  • Worked closely with UX/UI designers to create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Implemented push notifications and in-app messaging, improving user engagement by 25%.
  • Collaborated with backend developers to integrate APIs and enhance app functionality.
  • Conducted performance testing and optimization, resulting in a 40% reduction in app response time.
  • Resolved critical bugs and implemented crash analytics, decreasing app crashes by 60%.
Work Experience
Software Engineer
Advanced Software Solutions
  • Developed and maintained enterprise-level software systems using C# and .NET framework.
  • Collaborated with clients to gather requirements and translate them into technical specifications.
  • Implemented data encryption and security measures, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Optimized application performance, resulting in a 30% reduction in response time.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable architecture for handling large volumes of data.
  • Led a team of developers in the successful delivery of a complex software project.
Work Experience
Front-End Web Developer
Digital Solutions Agency
  • Developed front-end interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, resulting in improved website usability.
  • Collaborated with UI designers to create visually appealing and responsive web pages.
  • Implemented client-side validation and error handling, reducing form submission errors by 20%.
  • Optimized website performance through code refactoring and image optimization techniques.
  • Integrated third-party APIs and services, enhancing website functionality and user experience.
  • Conducted cross-browser compatibility testing and resolved compatibility issues.
Work Experience
Backend Developer
Innovative Tech Solutions
  • Developed and maintained backend systems using Python and Django framework.
  • Implemented RESTful APIs for seamless integration with mobile and web applications.
  • Optimized database queries and indexing, resulting in a 40% improvement in overall system performance.
  • Collaborated with the frontend team to design and implement scalable and efficient data models.
  • Implemented user authentication and authorization mechanisms, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Performed code reviews and conducted unit testing to ensure code quality and reliability.
Work Experience
Mobile App Engineer
Tech Innovators LLC
  • Developed and maintained cross-platform mobile applications using React Native, resulting in a 30% increase in user engagement.
  • Collaborated with product managers to define project requirements and deliverables.
  • Implemented Redux for state management and optimized app performance through code profiling.
  • Integrated third-party APIs and services, such as payment gateways and social media platforms.
  • Implemented automated testing and continuous integration processes, reducing the number of production bugs by 25%.
  • Participated in code reviews and provided constructive feedback to improve code quality.
Work Experience
Web Application Developer
Agile Web Solutions
  • Developed scalable web applications using Ruby on Rails framework, resulting in improved performance and scalability.
  • Collaborated with UI/UX designers to implement responsive and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization mechanisms, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Optimized database queries and caching strategies, resulting in reduced response time by 40%.
  • Utilized Git for version control and collaborated with a distributed development team.
  • Conducted code refactoring and implemented design patterns for maintainability and code readability.
Work Experience
PHP Web Developer
Online Commerce Solutions
  • Developed and maintained e-commerce websites using PHP and MySQL, resulting in increased sales revenue.
  • Collaborated with UI designers to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Implemented secure payment gateways and integrated shipping APIs, improving the checkout process.
  • Optimized website performance through caching techniques and code optimization strategies.
  • Conducted A/B testing and analyzed user behavior data to drive conversion rate optimization.
  • Resolved critical bugs and provided timely support to ensure uninterrupted website operation.
Work Experience
Desktop App Developer
Software Solutions Corp.
  • Developed cross-platform desktop applications using Electron framework, resulting in improved productivity for users.
  • Collaborated with UX/UI designers to create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Implemented local and remote data synchronization mechanisms for seamless data access and collaboration.
  • Optimized application performance and memory usage through profiling and code optimization techniques.
  • Integrated automated testing processes, reducing the number of production defects by 30%.
  • Provided technical support and troubleshooting for end-users to ensure a smooth software experience.
Work Experience
Software Developer
Tech Solutions Co.
  • Developing and maintaining enterprise-level software systems using Java and Spring framework.
  • Participating in the full software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, and deployment.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions.
  • Designing and implementing RESTful APIs for seamless integration with other systems.
  • Utilizing CI/CD tools and practices to ensure continuous delivery and deployment.
  • Contributing to code reviews and providing constructive feedback to maintain code quality.

Quantifying impact on your resume


  • Include the number of coding languages and technologies you are proficient in to demonstrate your versatility and adaptability.
  • Mention the size of the project teams you've worked with to highlight your ability to collaborate effectively.
  • Quantify the improvement in efficiency or performance of software you have developed or debugged, as it shows your direct contribution to business outcomes.
  • Specify the number of projects you've completed or contributed to, showcasing your experience and reliability.
  • List the number of software development methodologies you're familiar with to show your understanding of various work styles.
  • State the amount of time you've reduced in processes through automation or optimization, demonstrating your problem-solving skills.
  • Indicate the number of bugs you've identified and rectified during software testing to emphasize your attention to detail.
  • Enumerate any significant increases in user engagement or customer satisfaction due to your contributions, providing evidence of user-centred design.
  • Tips for entry level software developer newcomers launching their careers

    Lacking extensive experience for that entry level software developer role? No worries.

    Sometimes, hiring managers go for the unexpected candidate when they see potential.

    Here's how to convince them you're the right fit:

    • Opt for the functional skill-based or hybrid formats to highlight your unique professional value.
    • Always tailor your entry level software developer resume to emphasize the most critical requirements, usually listed at the top of the job ad.
    • Compensate for limited experience with other relevant sections like achievements, projects, and research.
    • In your entry level software developer resume objective, pinpoint both your achievements and how you envision your role in the position.
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    Pro tip

    Use the SOAR (Situation - Action - Results) method for each of your entry level software developer experience bullets. Reflect on specific challenges you've addressed, the actions you took, and the outcomes. This approach also preps you for potential interview questions.

    Creating your entry level software developer resume skills section: balancing hard skills and soft skills

    Recruiters hiring for entry level software developer roles are always keen on hiring candidates with relevant technical and people talents.

    Hard skills or technical ones are quite beneficial for the industry - as they refer to your competency with particular software and technologies.

    Meanwhile, your soft (or people) skills are quite crucial to yours and the company's professional growth as they detail how you'd cooperate and interact in your potential environment.

    Here's how to describe your hard and soft skill set in your entry level software developer resume:

    • Consider what the key job requirements are and list those towards the top of your skills section.
    • Think of individual, specific skills that help you stand out amongst competitors, and detail how they've helped you succeed in the past.
    • Look to the future of the industry and list all software/ technologies which are forward-facing.
    • Create a separate, technical skills section to supplement your experience and further align with the entry level software developer job advert.
    • Find the perfect balance between your resume hard and soft skills with our two lists.

    Top skills for your entry level software developer resume

    Proficiency in a programming language (e.g., Python, Java, C++)

    Understanding of data structures and algorithms

    Basic knowledge of databases (SQL or NoSQL)

    Knowledge of web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

    Experience with version control systems (e.g., Git)

    Familiarity with software development methodologies (e.g., Agile)

    Problem-solving skills with debugging and error handling

    Experience with testing frameworks and methods (Unit Testing)

    Ability to work with APIs and libraries

    Knowledge of operating systems (Linux, Windows)


    Communication skills

    Teamwork and collaboration

    Problem-solving abilities

    Attention to detail

    Ability to learn new technologies quickly

    Time management skills

    Critical thinking abilities

    Adaptability to changing environments

    Resilience and stress management


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    Pro tip

    Double-check the spelling of all skills and tools on your resume. Remember, software like the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) scans for these details.

    The importance of your certifications and education on your entry level software developer resume

    Pay attention to the resume education section . It can offer clues about your skills and experiences that align with the job.

    • List only tertiary education details, including the institution and dates.
    • Mention your expected graduation date if you're currently studying.
    • Exclude degrees unrelated to the job or field.
    • Describe your education if it allows you to highlight your achievements further.

    Your professional qualifications: certificates and education play a crucial role in your entry level software developer application.

    They showcase your dedication to gaining the best expertise and know-how in the field.

    Include any diplomas and certificates that are:

    • Listed within the job requirements or could make your application stand out
    • Niche to your industry and require plenty of effort to obtain
    • Helping you prepare for professional growth with forward-facing know-how
    • Relevant to the entry level software developer job - make sure to include the name of the certificate, institution you've obtained it at, and dates

    Both your certificates and education section need to add further value to your application.

    That's why we've dedicated this next list just for you - check out some of the most popular entry level software developer certificates to include on your resume:

    pro tip icon
    Pro tip

    If you have basic certificates, place them in the skills or experience section. This saves space for high-demand industry certificates.

    Choosing between a resume summary or objective

    Many entry level software developer candidates ponder whether to include a resume summary or objective.

    Here's a breakdown:

    • A Resume objective outlines your career aspirations. It tells recruiters why you're applying and the value you can bring.
    • A Resume summary offers a snapshot of your significant achievements, giving a quick overview of your expertise.

    New professionals might lean towards an objective, while seasoned experts might prefer a summary. Whichever you choose, ensure it's tailored to the role.

    For inspiration, review examples from established entry level software developer professionals.

    top sections icon

    Resume summary and objective examples for a entry level software developer resume

  • Driven Software Developer possessing a Computer Science degree and 2 years of experience developing high-quality applications. Proven ability to provide exceptional user experience using JavaScript, Python, and Java. Led a team that won the university's app development competition.
  • Detail-oriented software professional with 3 years' experience in the tech industry. Skilled in full-stack development, particularly utilizing PHP and MySQL, resulting in a 30% efficiency increase for previous employer. Strong problem-solving capabilities with a passion for driving technology solutions.
  • Pursuing an exciting career transition into software development, with a strong background in financial analysis armed with a new certification in Python. Excels in data-driven environments having managed $1M+ portfolios, seeks to apply analytical skills in a coding context.
  • Career changer from healthcare seeking to leverage newly acquired skills in C++ and React. Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and work effectively in fast-paced settings, as evidenced by successfully managing emergency medical situations in a busy ER department.
  • Eager to launch a rewarding career in software development, focusing on back-end systems. Recent bootcamp graduate with solid foundation in Java, Python, and SQL. Committed to contributing positively to a dynamic team and creating efficient solutions.
  • Aspiring software developer, recently completed a Coding Bootcamp with emphasis on JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. Passionate about problem-solving and optimizing processes. Looking forward to applying teaching experience to help create intuitive, user-friendly software.
  • Additional entry level software developer resume sections for a personalized touch

    To further personalize your entry level software developer resume, consider adding sections that reflect your unique qualities and achievements.

    Popular choices include:

    Key takeaways

    • Your resume should be a curated narrative, highlighting your alignment with the role's requirements.
    • Strategically position your skills, balancing both technical and interpersonal strengths.
    • Be selective in detailing experiences, focusing on relevance and impact.
    • Utilize the summary or objective to offer a snapshot of your professional essence.
    • Across all sections, prioritize authenticity and clarity, ensuring your resume resonates with the entry level software developer role you're eyeing.
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