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5 Small Business Owner Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

As you craft your small business owner resume, ensure that you highlight your comprehensive management skills. These skills are the bedrock of your ability to oversee all aspects of a business successfully. Don't forget to accentuate your problem-solving capabilities on your resume. Being able to navigate challenges effectively is a testament to your resilience and adaptability as a small business owner.

All resume examples in this guide

Small business owners often face the challenge of articulating their broad skill set, since they typically wear multiple hats in maintaining and growing their business. Our guide can assist by helping them structure their experience effectively, showcasing transferable skills, quantifiable results, and specific examples of leadership and problem-solving that potential employers find valuable.

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to write your small business owner resume:

  • Find different small business owner resume examples to serve as inspiration to your professional presentation.
  • How to use the summary or objective to highlight your career achievements.
  • How to create the experience section to tell your story.
  • Must have certificates and what to include in the education section of your resume.

Simple guide to your small business owner resume format

Successful small business owner resumes all have something in common - candidates invest in a simple resume layout . One that is easy to read, makes a good first impression, and is adapted to their professional experience.

There are three distinct resume formats , which help you focus on different aspects of your resume. Those are:

What's more, keep in mind that your resume usually goes through an ATS (Applicant Tracker System) (i.e. the software used by companies in the hiring process).

The small business owner resumes that suit the ATS:

  • incorporate exact match keywords and skills from the job description;
  • should be no longer than two pages;
  • should be submitted in a PDF format, unless specified otherwise.
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Choose a legible, professional font for your small business owner resume, such as Arial or Calibri.

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Must-have sections on a business systems analyst resume:

  • A header to list your job title and contact information
  • A resume summary or objective which highlights your top career achievements
  • A detailed experience section where you emphasize the breadth of your expertise
  • A skills box to put the spotlight on your social talents and technical strengths
  • An education and certifications section which features your qualifications
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Experience in building and scaling a business: Recruiters will be keen to know if the candidate has successfully established, grown, and managed a small business.
  • P&L management: Demonstrable experience with profit & loss, budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis is highly valued for this role.
  • Leadership skills: As a small business owner, leading teams and managing employees is a crucial part of the job. Evidence of strong leadership and team management abilities would be looked favorably upon.
  • Marketing and sales acumen: Recruiters prioritize candidates who have a proven track record in developing effective marketing and sales strategies that have directly led to business growth.
  • Problem-solving ability: Owning a small business often involves addressing and overcoming various challenges. Therefore, clear examples of problem-solving skills and resilience are a plus.

Writing your small business owner resume experience

Here are some quick tips on how to curate your small business owner professional experience:

  • Always ensure that you quantify your achievements by implementing the Situation-Task-Action-Result framework;
  • When writing each experience bullet, make sure you're using active voice;
  • Stand out by including personal skills you've grown while at the job;
  • Be specific about your professional experience - it's not enough to say you have great communication skills, but rather explain what your communication track record led to?

Wondering how other professionals in the industry are presenting their job-winning experience? Check out how these small business owner professionals put some of these best practices into action:

Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Green Thumb Garden Center
  • Managed daily operations, staff, and budget for a small retail business, resulting in a 20% increase in annual revenue.
  • Implemented innovative marketing strategies that boosted customer engagement and led to a 15% growth in customer base.
  • Negotiated favorable vendor contracts, reducing procurement costs by 10%.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
TechGadgets Direct
  • Established and grew an online e-commerce store, achieving $500,000 in annual sales within three years.
  • Developed a customer loyalty program resulting in a 30% increase in repeat purchases.
  • Optimized supply chain logistics, reducing shipping costs by 15%.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Sweet Delights Bakery
  • Launched a boutique bakery specializing in artisanal pastries, generating a loyal customer following and tripling revenue within four years.
  • Implemented cost-effective inventory management system, reducing waste by 20%.
  • Collaborated with local businesses to organize community events, resulting in a 25% increase in foot traffic.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Pampered Paws Pet Salon
  • Founded and operated a successful pet grooming salon, attracting over 500 regular clients.
  • Implemented a customer referral program resulting in a 40% increase in new client acquisition.
  • Developed partnerships with local veterinarians, leading to a 15% increase in pet care service bookings.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Fashion Forward Boutique
  • Managed a boutique fashion store, overseeing buying decisions and inventory management, resulting in a 25% growth in sales.
  • Implemented an omnichannel retail strategy, integrating online and offline sales channels, resulting in a 40% increase in overall revenue.
  • Led visual merchandising efforts, resulting in a 20% improvement in store aesthetics and customer experience.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
FitLife Fitness Studio
  • Established and managed a successful fitness studio, achieving a 90% membership capacity within two years.
  • Developed personalized training programs resulting in a 30% improvement in client fitness levels.
  • Launched corporate wellness programs, resulting in partnerships with several local companies and increasing monthly revenue by 15%.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Coffee Haven
  • Owned and operated a gourmet coffee shop, achieving consistent year-over-year revenue growth of 10%.
  • Introduced a new menu featuring specialty beverages, resulting in a 20% increase in average transaction value.
  • Established partnerships with local suppliers, ensuring high-quality ingredients and supporting the community.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Digital Impact Marketing
  • Managed a small marketing agency, overseeing client campaigns and driving a 15% increase in annual revenue.
  • Developed and executed digital marketing strategies resulting in a 30% boost in website traffic for clients.
  • Led a team of creatives and analysts, fostering a collaborative environment and improving project efficiency by 20%.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
Taste of Home Restaurant
  • Owned and operated a successful restaurant, achieving a 4-star rating on multiple review platforms.
  • Created and launched a seasonal menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, resulting in a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented cost-saving measures in operations and procurement, reducing overhead expenses by 10%.
Work Experience
Small Business Owner
TechTransform Solutions
  • Founding partner and owner of a digital transformation consultancy, providing strategic guidance to businesses for technology adoption and process optimization.
  • Led a team of consultants and project managers, delivering successful digital transformation initiatives resulting in improved operational efficiency for clients.
  • Developed and maintained strong client relationships, resulting in a 50% increase in repeat business and referrals.

Quantifying impact on your resume


  • Include revenue growth metrics to showcase your ability to increase profits, which is a crucial skill for any business role.
  • List the number of employees you have managed or hired, demonstrating leadership and people management skills.
  • Specify how much cost savings you achieved through your initiatives, as this shows your efficiency and effective use of resources.
  • Highlight the number of new customers or clients acquired under your leadership, indicating your strong sales and customer acquisition abilities.
  • Present the percentage of customer retention or satisfaction rate to illustrate your focus on maintaining quality service and relationships.
  • Describe the size of the budget you've managed, indicating your financial acumen and responsibility.
  • Include the count of projects you've successfully completed to demonstrate your project management skills and reliability.
  • Specify any improvements in operational efficiency in percentage terms, showing your ability to streamline processes and increase productivity.
  • Building a small business owner resume when experience is sparse

    If you're light on relevant experience, consider highlighting:

    • Short-term roles or internships undertaken during your academic years.
    • Contractual roles, emphasizing their relevance and the outcomes achieved.
    • Alternative resume formats, such as functional or hybrid, that spotlight your skills.
    • Research roles, especially if they involved significant projects or if your contribution was pivotal to the project's success.
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    Pro tip

    When detailing your career journey, there's no need to delve deep into early roles. Prioritize what resonates with recruiters. For senior positions, a decade-long retrospective can effectively illustrate your evolution.

    Highlighting your hard and soft skills on your small business owner resume

    The skills section of your small business owner resume should showcase your capabilities that align with job requirements.

    Your hard skills, or technical skills, demonstrate your proficiency with technological innovations and specific software. On the other hand, your soft skills illustrate how you'd excel in the workplace environment with personal attributes like resilience, negotiation, and organization.

    For a well-rounded small business owner resume, it's essential to include both. Here's how to craft a standout skills section:

    • Prioritize skills listed at the top of the job advert.
    • Highlight unique skills you've honed over time.
    • Choose soft skills that resonate with the company or department culture.
    • Address essential job requirements by listing key skills for the small business owner role that haven't been mentioned elsewhere in your resume.

    Check out our sample skill list for small business owner to get ideas on the most sought-after hard and soft skills in the industry.

    Top skills for your small business owner resume

    Financial Management

    Marketing Strategy

    Sales Forecasting

    Customer Relationship Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Business Planning

    Knowledge of Relevant Laws and Regulations

    Human Resource Management

    Operational Efficiency

    Risk Management








    Time Management



    Emotional Intelligence

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    Pro tip

    When detailing your skills, align them with the job's requirements. Emphasize unique technical proficiencies and provide examples of your soft skills in action.

    Optimizing the education and certification sections of your small business owner resume

    Your education and certification sections can be game-changers on your small business owner resume, showcasing your commitment to professional growth.

    For the education section:

    • Highlight advanced education, noting the institution and duration.
    • If you're currently studying, mention your expected graduation date.
    • Exclude degrees that don't align with the job's requirements.
    • If relevant, delve into your academic journey, spotlighting significant achievements.

    When listing degrees and certifications:

    • Feature those directly relevant to the role.
    • Highlight recent and significant knowledge or certifications at the top of your resume.
    • Provide essential details like the issuing institution and dates for credibility.
    • Avoid listing irrelevant degrees or certifications, such as your high school diploma or unrelated specializations.

    Remember, even if you're tempted to omit your education or certifications, they can offer a competitive edge, signaling a long-term commitment to the industry.

    top sections icon

    Best certifications to list on your resume

    1. Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS): Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD)
    2. International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
    3. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA): Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
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    Pro tip

    The reputation of the institution or organization granting your certification or degree can bolster your credibility. Prioritize recognized and respected credentials.

    Crafting the small business owner resume summary or objective: a blend of achievements, aspirations, and uniqueness

    Whether you opt for a resume summary or objective depends on your career trajectory.

    • If you have a rich tapestry of relevant achievements, a resume summary can spotlight these accomplishments.
    • If you're relatively new or transitioning, a resume objective can articulate your aspirations and how they align with the role.

    Regardless of your choice, this section should encapsulate your unique value proposition, blending your technical and interpersonal strengths.

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    Resume summary and objective examples for a small business owner resume

    With a robust 15 years steering a successful IT enterprise, this seasoned professional brings remarkable technical acumen in cloud computing and network security. Defined by a high-impact achievement of increasing annual revenue by 30% via strategic partnerships and novel technology implementation.

    A charismatic leader with a decade's groundwork in the food service industry now pivots towards small business ownership. Armed with invaluable customer relations skills, demonstrated by raising guest satisfaction rates by 25% at previous establishments, and a profound understanding of supply chain management.

    A results-driven marketing titan boasting a track record of enhancing brand visibility by 40% desires to helm a small business. Armed with over 12 years of experience, a strong proficiency in digital marketing tools, and an MBA degree from a top-tier business school.

    An accomplished educator with a 20-year tenure now seeks transition into small business ownership. Carries a comprehensive grasp of scheduling and budgeting, evidenced by successfully managing a $500K annual budget and coordinating schedules for 100+ staff members.

    As an ambitious recent graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in entrepreneurship, I want to apply my theoretical knowledge in growing a small-scale venture. My goal is to implement cutting-edge strategies learned during my capstone project that boosted a faux startup's profitability by 15%.

    Keen on transitioning my extensive volunteering experience into meaningful commercial success as a small business owner. My objective is to leverage my honed organizational and leadership skills to build a local-centric business that prioritizes sustainability and engages authentically with its community.

    Extra sections to boost your small business owner resume

    Add more sections to show off your unique skills and personality.

    • Projects - Include any impressive ones you've done outside of work.
    • Awards - Show off any industry recognition.
    • Volunteering - Share causes you care about and skills you've gained.
    • Personality - Hobbies or favorite books can give a glimpse into who you are.

    Key takeaways

    • A clear resume layout helps present your info well.
    • Use all main resume sections to show how you fit the job.
    • Detail specific skills or tasks and their impact.
    • Show your personality through interests or hobbies.
    • List certifications to back up your technical skills.
    small business owner resume example

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