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Here it is, all the information you need to write the best nursing resume in one place.

You have trained for years.

You’ve been certified as an RN or maybe you’re a student?

You may have years of nursing experience or none at all.

The bottom line is you care about people.

But do you care about your resume?

Well we’re going to show you why you need to.

As we build a culture of health within our communities, we also want to support nurses in their leadership roles, wherever they work, and shift the culture so they see themselves as the true leaders they are.
- Susan Hassmiller, Ph.D., RN, FAAN inWhat does the future of the nursing industry look like? By Bradley University.

Here’s a nursing resume sample & how to use our resume builder

Cecilia Riley

+359 88 888 8888



London, UK
Bachelor of Science in NursingUniversity of London
2006 - 2010
London, UK
3.85 / 4.0
My time
Register Children
Patient Care
2015 - Ongoing
Strathmore, Alberta
Working overnight in a 24 emergency clinic, quick thinking, problem solving, team work and stamina are essential skills.
Helped over 40 mothers with malnourished children by giving health education
Obtain health history and current concerns, record patient vitals, and perform a brief assessment on up to 30 patients per day
NurseBorer Ltd
2011 - 2015
London, UK
Completed 6 weeks of classroom and clinical simulation training.
The Kingston Center has its origins in the first hospital healthcare institution established in 1866 in London
Nursing StudentWyman Ltd
2010 - 2011
London, UK
My Life Philosophy
Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.Andrew Hendrixson

In this guide you’ll learn how to create a nurse resume:

  • How to write a nurse resume with no experience
  • How to include nursing certifications on a resume
  • How to show your bedside manner by adding personality to your nursing resume
  • Great examples of a nursing resume summary

Try one of our FREE nurse resume templates:

  1. Nursing student resume examples

Start by creating a nursing resume outline

Just like organizing a patient plan, it helps to start your resume by mapping out what sections you’ll need.

Here’s the most common nurse resume outline:

  • Objective
  • Medical Experience
  • Education
  • Soft Skills
  • Technical skills
  • Interests
  • References

Understanding that one size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to resumes, start by figuring out where your strengths are and what information you want to get across. You might need to emphasize your technical skills for a position that is actively treating patients where you may want to focus on our soft skills if it’s more of an office environment.

Finding the best nursing resume layout for you

Just like a patient’s chart, it’s important that your nursing resume has everything where it needs to be. The layout you choose can affect how the hospital or clinic see your experience and RN certifications. Here are some great layouts for you to try:

Modern nurse resume: If you’re looking to be a nurse at a high end medical clinic or a leading hospital then you might want a modern resume that matches that nursing job. Clean lines and trendy fonts can present you as a nurse who is ready for the future of medicine.

Professional nurse resume: Planning on applying to a top university hospital or research facility? A professional nurse resume layout will make sure you’re seen as someone who is serious about routine and order which are excellent traits for any nurse.

Nurse resume with no experience: Even though you haven’t worked as a nurse yet, you’ve got more experience than you think. Your nursing education, nurse internships and volunteering at clinics or schools is all valuable experience - and this resume layout is a great way to show it.

Creative nurse resume: Applying for a nursing job in a non-traditional environment? Then you might want to stand out from the usual nursing resumes they see. A nurse resume template like this uses more colors and gives you the ability to create more sections to express your personality.

So, whether you’re looking for a job as an emergency room nurse or as a school nurse the way your resume shows your talent, skills, and experience makes a huge difference.

It’s important to think about who will be reading your nurse resume and what they’re expecting a winning resume to look like. Once you’ve thought that through you can move on to getting the right resume information for your new nursing job.

No matter what layout you choose for your nursing resume, here are some solid guidelines to follow:

  • Chose a resume layout that does not center your text. Any text that is centered interrupts the flow of the document. You want the employers to move smoothly down the sheet.
  • Choose a font and a size and stick with it. Please, no fancy fonts - teachers in general are conservative people
  • Use keywords. We did say avoid jargon, but keywords are universal signifiers that are used in your profession. Especially with teachers
  • Keep any bullet sections under two lines. Remember, you want your resume to be a single page. Do everything you can to ensure that - here we wrote aboutthat.
PRO TIPThe job posting for the nurse position you’re applying for can give you an excellent idea of what type of resume layout based on how they present themselves in the posting.

Looking for a resumes similar to nursing? Here’s some great samples:

Dental Assistant Resume

Medical Assistant Resume

Let your nurse resume header make a great first impression

Remember, competition for nursing jobs is really high. You don’t want your name, address and contact info to be the reason you’re not in the running, right?

A lot of nurses don’t realize what’s expected to be in their resume header, so let’s talk about what you need.

A great resume header should include:

  • Resume Title - include your top nursing experience, with your nursing career goals and add something unique about yourself and your care for patients.
  • Picture - a professional nursing photo (not a facebook picture!) goes a long way to give the HR department a good impression of you. You should always check your local rules about including photos on resumes as in some regions and with some employers it isn’t allowed.
  • Email - while you don’t need to put any social profiles for a nurse resume header, you should always include your email. Hospital HR departments regularly reach out via email for interview details.
  • Certifications - You spent a long time getting your nursing certifications and they’re important factors for separating yourself from the competition. So, if you’re a Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN), Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) be sure to get those initials after your name!
Dennis Lieberman OCN
Oncology Certified Nurse with over 8 years of managing teams and leading patient care solutions

+359 88 888 8888


Tampa, FL
Molly Leckie
A nurse that cares.

+359 88 888 8888


Beaverton, OR

The resume header is the first impression your resume makes, so don’t leave them wanting more!

Make sure your email address is professional and respectable and isn’t something like “partyanimal79@” or “56Dennis555@”. It is well worth the time to secure a professional looking email address as it can say a lot about you before they even get to know you.

PRO TIPUnless you have a social media feed that is devoted to your profession or field of work it isn’t a good idea to include social media on a nursing resume as it has no relevance to the position.

Writing a nursing resume objective or resume summary for a nursing job

Most nursing resumes will include a summary or objective. The idea behind these sections is to give the reader a quick idea about who you are and what your goal is.

This adds valuable context to the entire resume. Including a summary generally means adding a short paragraph in the body of your resume which explains these things.

This section should be succinct and focused.

On the other hand, an objective can be as short as a few words and can be placed just below your name in the resume header.

Here’s one bad and two good nursing resume objectives:

A nurse who has always worked hard and been relied upon

Starting your resume with something so vague isn’t giving them much to learn about you and comes across as average.

Bringing interning experience, care, and extensive knowledge to help improve the lives of patients.

Ok, this one is a bit better. It puts a little more practical experience in and provides some emotion. This is a good start, especially if you’re a nurse with no experience.

Compassionate and hard-working nurse experienced with working in high-stress situations in the emergency room and other areas of caregiving.

Alright! This gets right to the point of the matter and clearly gives an idea of the experience they have and the work environments they excel in. It also hints at other areas of caregiving work experience that will intrigue them to look down at your experience section.

Mission accomplished!

Here’s what your nursing resume objective should include:

  • Action words like “proactive”, “caring”, “leader” and more
  • Vision for your nursing career and how you’d like to progress through the medical field
  • How you value patient care
  • Why you wanted to become a nurse (if it can be fit)

The right way to include experience on a nurse resume

Start by carefully reading the job description and writing down everything it asks for in a candidate.

Go through it like a nurse would go through a patient’s chart and you’ll be amazed at how much guidance you can glean from it!

Your resume should try to match those things outlined in the job description as closely as possible.

Here’s how great nursing experience looks on a resume:

Registered NurseSt. Mike’s Hospital
2016 - Ongoing
Boulder, Colorado
Specialize in the emergency room, responding to critical situations in a fast-paced environment
Coordinate efficient care management systems to move patients through the ER as quickly as possible
Provide prompt and efficient assessments of incoming patients to best prioritize care

Notice how keywords are used throughout the experience that will resonate with the hiring manager.

Registered NurseSt. Mike’s Hospital
2016 - Ongoing
Boulder, Colorado
Managed patients during emergency room visits
Worked to get all tasks done by the end of each shift and filed on time
Worked on a team of 8 nurses who managed emergency room care 5 days a week.

Vague generalities will simply glaze over the HR departments eyes as they’re looking for someone sharp who will the best nurse they’ve hired all year. Also avoid writing completing tasks as laborious but rather try to make them feel like they were taken on with excitement and desire to complete them.