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6 Dentist Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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What would the world be like without dentists?

Considering all the unhealthy food engineered to be extra tasty and addictive with just the right amount of crunch to creamy ratio and all of that added salt and sugar.

I don’t want to imagine it.

Also, of course, there are many of us who played soccer as children with birthday balloons on slippery tiled floors in new socks. Who hasn’t chipped an incisor here or there… right?

As a dentist, you save the day (and relieve pain). Not to mention, you restore us to full pearly white smiles.

But first, you have to land the job as a dentist to practice.

This guide will help you write a dentist resume that will land you interviews and get you one step closer to landing the role.

What you’ll learn here:

  • How to write a resume header that indicates professionalism
  • Exactly how to create a valuable dentist resume summary that captures attention
  • The difference between a basic vs. excellent experience section
  • Skills that recruiters need to see when they’re looking for new dentists
  • How to present your education, certifications & licenses in the right way

How to write a dentist resume

Your resume needs to show that you have the qualifications and the experience to do the job right.

Your role as a dentist is essential to society – and it can make or break someone’s health.

Needless to say, recruiters or hiring managers will be extra careful about choosing the right candidate.

Dentistry jobs require a detail-oriented, compassionate, and dexterous doctor to diagnose and operate on thousands of patients annually. These are soft skills that recruiters will be keeping an eye out for in your skills and experience resume sections.

Real data backing up accomplishments always look good on resumes, so consider ways to weave them in.

How many years of experience do you have?

How many patients have you worked with?

Did you increase the patient retention rate? How?

It’s always important to tailor your resume to the job description that you are planning to apply for.

Mirroring the information, experience, and qualities that they specifically request, and using keywords mentioned in the description is a great way to appeal to recruiters.

Always format your resume to be scannable and easy to read with bullet points and a legible font.

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Top dentist resume sections

  • Professional header
  • Standout summary
  • Convincing experience section
  • A mix of soft and hard skills
  • Valid education section

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What recruiters want to see on your resume

  • What type of dentistry are you experienced in, and how much experience do you have?
  • What kind of qualities and characteristics do you have that make you a good dentist?
  • What types of procedures and equipment are you comfortable engaging with?
  • Do you check all the boxes with qualifications, education, and licensing?

How to write a professional resume header

Your resume needs a header that delivers vital information right away.

2 dentist resume header examples

Percy Bloom
Portland, OR

There are a couple of mistakes in this example:

  • Just writing ‘dentist’ is too vague. You should clarify what type of dentist you are – if you’re a General Dentist, Pediatric Dentist, Dentist Assistant, etc.
  • It’s missing an opportunity to include links that will improve your credibility – like a LinkedIn URL or a page on a membership site.

Let’s look at a better example:

Percy Bloom
General Dentist
Portland, OR

Even at just a glance, recruiters can see that this candidate is a General Dentist. It also has two contact methods and a LinkedIn URL.

Much better!

Show That You’re a Skilled Dentist In Your Resume Summary

As a dentist or recent graduate with a doctorate, you need to prove you have the chops to work with patients by successfully identifying issues and taking steps to fix them.

In a few lines, include:

  • Your years of experience
  • Best achievements or career highlights
  • Top technical skills or specialty

As far as achievements go, think of points that will make you unique from other candidates. Perhaps you increased client satisfaction. Or maybe you have had successes with endodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

As a new graduate, writing an objective is the way to go. Include your DDS or DMD, and any experience you have in a dental clinic.

Don’t speak in the first person and start your summary with ‘I’. Instead, start with something along the lines of “A recent graduate of (insert college name)”, or “Extraverted general dentist with 6 years of experience…”

2 Dentist resume summary examples

Let’s begin with a recent graduate’s resume objective. Here’s an example that misses the mark:

I am a recent graduate of Portland School of Dentistry looking to put my skills to good use at Gap Tooth Dental Practice.

Nothing here jumps out. An objective like this isn’t very strong and is unlikely to give recruiters the impression that this person is the new dentist they’re looking for.

  • This has only the bare minimum of information about themselves and their objective.
  • It isn’t advisable to begin your statement with an ‘I’. Start with a strong third-person statement instead.
  • No relevant experience mentioned.

Let’s try again:

Doctor of Dental Surgery graduate at Portland School of Dentistry, with a 3.9 GPA. Engaged in and completed 12 months of the clinical practice of dentistry, covering all of the disciplines within oral and maxillofacial surgery, anesthesia, and internal medicine during a General Practice Dental Residency at Portland Smiles Private Practice. Oregon license.

This example is great because:

  • It shows off educational achievements.
  • Highlights specific areas of learning and experience.
  • Mentions the license type.

Even though the candidate is entry-level, it paints a picture of someone who is committed and passionate about dentistry.

How should you describe your dentistry experience?

Emphasize on achievements and skills when recounting your experience in dentistry.

Recruiters reading about how you successfully handled procedures and other dentist duties are going to get a much better impression of you, your abilities and your character.

Bonus points if you can show off quantitative data, such as:

  • Did you increase patient retention? By how much?
  • Did you manage or train dental assistants? How many?
  • Did you grow revenue at the clinic? By how much and how did you do it?

Your goal here is to convince the recruiter that you’re a dentist who goes above and beyond – someone who will make an excellent asset to the practice.

If you haven’t yet been in a general dentist position, include relevant achievements and experience from relevant roles, like as a dental hygienist, or medical jobs, or any related extracurriculars.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Dentist resume experience examples.

First, we’ll look into a dentist experience section that's lacking:

Percy Bloom
Dental Assistant
Gap Tooth Dental Practice
  • Conducted oral assessments
  • Took X-rays and performed operations on patients
  • Dealt with patients pre and post procedure
  • Maintained patient profiles

This experience section makes the applicant appear inexperienced or lazy.

It’s hard to make a strong impression without any specifics about what exactly was achieved or implemented during their time of employment.

Let’s try again.

Percy Bloom
General Dentist
Gap Tooth Dental Practice
Portland, OR
  • Treated 300+ patients annually with a year-over-year patient retention rate of 97%
  • Conducted oral and maxillofacial radiology to reveal damage and illnesses. Conducted Bitewing, Panorex, and Periapical X-rays when needed.
  • Engaged in extensive dental treatments including root canal, resin bonding, crowns, fillings, whitening (KOR) and prosthodontic procedures
  • Provided valuable hygienic and damage prevention advice to patients post-checkups and operation.

This example is much more revealing. They boosted patient retention rate, showcased their expertise in specific dental procedures, and showed off their soft skills in patient care.

What are the top skills that every dentist should have?

Before anyone is going to allow you to operate on a patient, you need to prove your understanding and experience of vital dental skills and qualities.

Both soft skills and hard skills are needed to be an excellent dentist.

Hard skills are the technical knowledge you learned in dental school, like how to do fillings, fitting crowns, operating an X-Ray machine, removing teeth, etc.

Personality attributes like the ability to deliver friendly, compassionate communication when dealing with patients, and attention to detail are the types of soft skills that are essential as a dentist.

How to list hard skills on your resume

The recruiter will be looking at the hard skills first.

Check out the job description to see what skills they’re specifically looking for, and mirror your resume to reflect those skills (if you have them).

Here's some examples of hard skills:

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13 hard / technical skills list

  • Removing deposits from teeth
  • Applying fluoride treatments
  • Taking X-Rays
  • Applying anesthetic
  • Dental drills
  • Restorative procedures
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Whitening
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Dental assessments
  • Resin bonding

How to describe soft skills on your resume

Soft skills are still important.

Other than possessing excellent hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, dentists need to be excellent communicators and have a great rapport with patients. A lot of people fear going to the dentist – a good dentist eases that fear and makes the experience emotionally comfortable.

It’s your job to make people feel heard and understood and that they are in safe hands.

Here are some soft skills that every dentist should have:

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10 soft skills list

  • Friendly communicator
  • Excellent spacial awareness
  • Strong hand-eye coordination
  • Detail oriented
  • Problem solver
  • Compassionate
  • Manually dexterous
  • Organized
  • Excellent time management
  • Comforting bedside manner

How to present your dentist resume education section

So you’ve completed your four years of in-class, pre clinical, and clinical instruction and earned your Doctorate in dental medicine or dental surgery.

Before this, you likely got your Bachelor’s degree in either biochemistry, physics, chemistry, biology, math, or another field.

Here’s how to present your education on your dentist resume.

  • On your resume Include your doctorate whether it’s a DDS or DMD above the institution where you studied.
  • For your bachelor’s degree, first list the degree, followed by the college or university and then a list of relevant coursework.
  • Always include your years of study.
  • If you’re a recent graduate, highlight some educational achievements (like a high GPA).

Dentistry Certificates & Licenses

List your certifications and licenses in their own section. Always start with the ones they’re asking for specifically on the job description.

Underneath the title, include the license number and years active.

Here are some common dentistry certificates:

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Top 5 dentistry certificates for your resume

  • General Dentistry Certified, American Board of General Dentistry
  • Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR)
  • Advanced Education General Dentistry (AEGD) Certification
  • Dental License (per state/province)

Key takeaways for your dentist resume

  • Read the job description to see what skills, experience and qualifications they’re looking for in the ideal dentist. Reflect that information in your resume by weaving the exact words they use into your summary, experience and skills sections.
  • Highlight career achievements using real data. For example, did you increase patient retention? By how much?
  • Include a mix of technical and soft skills – a friendly bedside manner is important, and so is extensive knowledge in dentistry.

Dentist resume examples

Explore additional dentist resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Associate Dentist

The Associate Dentist position often originates from the academic field of dentistry. Current trends in dentistry significantly impact the requirements and performance of associate dentists.

When applying for Associate Dentist roles, adhere to these tips:

  • Demonstrate your experience with different dental procedures and treatments. This agnostic skills-set proves your ability to adapt to patients' needs.
  • Highlight any experience or training with advanced dental technology or digital dentistry. This not only displays your technical skills but also your commitment to efficiency and patient comfort.
  • Additionally, emphasize any specialized training or certifications. Do not simply list these qualifications, demonstrate how they improved patient outcomes or clinic performance. Follow the 'skill-action-results' pattern in your explanations.
View Associate Dentist Resume

Pediatric Dentist

A Pediatric Dentist's profession extends from pediatrics, thus, grasping child psychology and behavior management tactics comes handy. In your resume, highlight your experiences in handling pediatric oral healthcare cases. Be specific and indicate how you dealt with challenging patients or managed to provide care under tough circumstances. Your expertise in techniques specifically designed for children should be front and center. Show aptitude for communication and compassion to handle young, scared patients. Don't just enumerate your skills, explain how they enhanced the overall patient experience perhaps by making visits more comfortable, or decreasing fear and anxiety related to dental visits.
View Pediatric Dentist Resume

General Dentist

For General Dentist position, previous general practice experience is of paramount importance. Emphasis on notable cases handled in diverse areas like root canal treatments, extractions, dental crown fittings etc. Your ability to manage emergencies and handle diverse patient demographics are extremely important. Indicate your confidence in examining, diagnosing, and treating dental maladies. Use action-driven language to explain how your expertise and knowledge resulted in successful treatments or improved patient turnover. Highlight how your skills resulted in noteworthy achievements, say 'increased patient satisfaction by...' or 'led to improved dental care among...'
View General Dentist Resume

Recent Graduate Dentist

As a Recent Graduate Dentist, it's important to highlight your abilities for a better chance at your dream job. Show a strong grasp of key dental procedures like restorative work, prosthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Concentrate on those procedures you've often performed or mastered during your internship. Make sure your resume prominently displays this experience. Prioritize your education and clinical training in relevant fields like biology, chemistry, and health sciences. Make it clear how your academic background and training have equipped you. Don't leave out any special training or continuing education courses you've undertaken. Rather than just listing your techniques, explain their positive impact on patients' oral health. Use the model of 'method-action-results' to structure your resume and make your abilities stand out.

Associate Dentist

Applying for an Associate Dentist position requires not just clinical practice but also updated knowledge on recent dental trends like CEREC, laser dentistry, 3D printing, and digital x-rays. Your resume should also feature any continuous education or certifications you've obtained, such as an Invisalign certification. Experience with dental practice management software like Dentrix or Eaglesoft is another bonus. Instead of only listing skills or achievements, illustrate how these contributed to improving a practice, like enhancing appointment scheduling or increasing patient satisfaction.

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