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Want to make your availability clear on your resume? Learn the best practices from this guide.
Apr 13, 2023 7 min read

Navigating the job market can often feel like solving a complex puzzle, where presenting yourself in the best light is key to landing your dream role. One crucial piece of this puzzle is effectively communicating your availability on your resume. Whether you're a seasoned professional or stepping into the job arena for the first time, articulating when you can start is crucial. Additionally, specifying your preferred working hours can significantly impact your job search. Consider this article your toolkit for listing your availability on your resume.

Here, we'll break down the strategy into digestible sections, providing clear-cut advice and insights to make your resume not just noticeable but a perfect match for employers' needs.

Excited about what opportunities might pop up? Let's discover strategies to make your job application attract more attention.

What is availability on a resume

Your availability on a resume is all about showing the times and dates you're open for work, including the day you can start. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm free to join your team starting next Monday!" or "I'll be ready to come aboard in a month." It helps the company figure out if they can wait for you or if they need someone to start sooner. It's a little detail that helps everyone plan better.

Putting this info in your resume is a smart move. It shows you're good at communicating and organizing, which are important for any job. If needed, it also gives you and the company a chance to talk about adjusting your start date. This makes things smoother for both sides. You let them know when you're available, and it shows you're keen to start. It's all about making things go smoothly from the start.

Should I put my availability on my resume

In most cases, it is not necessary to mention your availability on your resume. It’s presumed that you are available, as described in the job description. However, if your availability is not standard or if the employer has multiple options, then you can elaborate in your resume or cover letter. 

When you're wondering whether to add your availability to your resume, consider the job you're applying for. If your available start date fits with what the company needs, then yes, mentioning it could turn out to be a smart decision. It demonstrates transparency and clarity about when you can start.

Moreover, including your availability to work in the resume can help streamline the hiring process and make it easier for employers to understand your timeline and how it fits with their needs. This approach is effective if your resume shows an immediate availability to start a new job.

What resume availability information is useful

When deciding what availability information to put on your resume, consider specifics like particular times or days you're free, an immediate start date, or even your long-term plans. This detail can significantly enhance your resume's appeal to potential employers by aligning with their needs.

  • Specific times/days: Mention when you can work if the job needs someone flexible or with specific hours.
  • Immediate start: Saying you can start immediately grabs the attention of employers who need someone fast.
  • Long-term plans: Talking about being available for a long time, like extended contracts or permanent roles, shows you're serious and well-organized.

How availability affects hiring decisions

When it comes to hiring, how available you are can make or break your chances. It's not just about your skills. It's also about when you can show up and do the work. This small detail matters a lot. It helps employers pick the right people from the pile of resumes and properly organize their tasks.

This is how mentioning current availability can help the hiring process lean in your favor:

  • It focuses on your available start date to quickly align with an employer's schedule.
  • It communicates your available times, assisting employers in their workforce planning and potentially raising your profile as a candidate.
  • It embraces flexibility in your work hours or shifts, making you a standout candidate for positions with variable schedules.
  • It specifies your availability for temporary or freelance roles, ensuring employers see you as a reliable choice for the project's duration.

Advantages of putting availability information on your resume

Including availability information on your resume offers several advantages, enhancing the hiring process for both you and potential employers. Let's see some:

  • Attracts more relevant offers: Putting your start date on your resume helps you get job offers that fit your schedule better, cutting down on back-and-forth discussions.
  • Reduces miscommunication: Being honest about your start date minimizes the possibility of confusion during the hiring process.
  • Sets clear expectations: Sharing when you're available to start allows employers to schedule tasks better.
  • Simplifies the hiring process: When employers see your availability upfront, it makes their job easier to figure out if you match their schedule.
  • Ensures a good shift fit: Especially for jobs with specific shift requirements, your stated availability can highlight you as a perfect match, making you stand out.
  • Saves everyone's time: It prevents the wasted effort of going through interviews for positions whose schedules just won't work for you, keeping the process efficient for both sides.

Where to put availability on a resume

When writing about your date of availability, it's best to be brief and straightforward. You can mention it in a few lines within the summary or the header section of your resume.

The header is a good spot for your availability, right next to your contact information, making it easily seen. Make sure it's concise to keep this important section neat.

Alternatively, you can list it in the summary section and tie it to what you're good at and what you want to do, showing clearly that you're ready to begin. This approach shows your immediate availability and willingness to achieve what you aim for.

After learning how to add your availability, let's look at examples to see it in practice.

Examples of how to write availability in a resume

When updating your resume or discussing your work preferences with potential employers, it’s essential to accurately convey your working hours.

Here are a few examples of how you can present your availability in a good manner:

  • "Available for full-time work with a flexible schedule"
  • "Available to work Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm"
  • "Available to work evenings and weekends"
  • "Open to both part-time and full-time positions with a flexible schedule"

Now, let's pretend you are looking for a bartender job in LA. We'll first add two of these examples to the header section.

Alex Smith
Weekend Bartender Available
Los Angeles, CA

See another example for the header section.

Alex Smith
Flexible Full-Time Bartender
Los Angeles, CA

Next, we'll look at another two examples for the office assistant role, showing how to put your availability into the summary section.

Highly organized Office Assistant with over 3 years of experience in administrative support and office management. Proficient in scheduling, document preparation, and data management, with a strong focus on efficiency and accuracy. Known for excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Available to work Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, ready to contribute to streamlined office operations.

Let's check one more example for this section.

Reliable Office Assistant with 3 years of experience in handling office duties, assisting customers, and ensuring smooth office operations. Known for quick assistance and attention to detail. Open to part-time or full-time opportunities with a flexible schedule, ready to support the team with hard work and a positive approach.

To go into detail about your availability, the summary section is the best spot. It also lets you share your skills and work experience at the same time, giving employers a full view of what you offer.

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If you're looking for ideas on tailoring your resume for the job you want, explore our selection of resume examples for guidance.

Now we'll present some concrete tips on what to have in mind when including availability in a resume.

Tips for presenting your resume availability information

When detailing your availability on your resume, the way you present this information can significantly impact your job application's success. Here are some essential tips to ensure your availability is communicated effectively and aligns with potential employers' expectations.

  • Use bullet points: Organize your availability in a bullet-point layout for clarity.
  • Keep it concise: Be brief because your resume should be easy to scan.
  • Provide an exact start date: If possible, specify when you can start working.
  • Update regularly: Keep your availability current, especially if it changes.
  • Show flexibility: Indicate you're willing to adjust to the employer's needs.
  • Be open to negotiation: Let employers know if you're open to discussing your start date.
  • State preferred shifts: Mention if you have preferred working hours or shifts.
  • Match job requirements: If the job demands full-time hours but you're available part-time, mention this distinction clearly in your resume or cover letter. This transparency allows employers to accurately evaluate your suitability for the position.

After organizing your availability details with clarity, you're now well-prepared to create a professional-looking resume.

Remember, the key to a successful job application is not just listing your qualifications but also clearly communicating how your schedule aligns with the job requirements. Now, with these tips in hand, it's time to step into the job market with confidence.

Key takeaways

  • Availability on your resume shows employers when you can start and your preferred work hours.
  • Mentioning it helps set clear expectations and can make your job search more effective.
  • Immediate availability can be a strong selling point for jobs that need a quick start.
  • Discussing long-term work plans shows commitment and organization.
  • Clear availability reduces confusion and helps employers plan their workforce.
  • Including availability information in your resume or cover letter helps align your schedule with employer needs.

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