Professional Skills for Teaching Assistant Resume - All-in-one Guide

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How to describe your Teaching Assistant resume skills

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Excel
  • Git
  • C++
  • Microsoft Office

Here’s how to include skills for Teaching Assistant resume

How to use Python in your teaching assistant resume:

Populated the staging database with critical customer and company data for analysis by incorporating data collection techniques with Python.

How to use SQL in your teaching assistant resume:

Taught database systems and programming using MySQL and Haskel

How to use Java in your teaching assistant resume:

Taught object-oriented programming in Java

How to use Excel in your teaching assistant resume:

Build scope statement and project deliverables using Excel and Microsoft Project

How to use Git in your teaching assistant resume:

My work was based on the development of digital marketing strategies. As well as the development of E-commerce content regarding product portfolio, sales, SoMe, website development and media production.

How to use C++ in your teaching assistant resume:

Created algorithms for shape similarity detection and surface recognition led to three concurrent proprietary pending patents. (C++)

How to use Microsoft Office in your teaching assistant resume:

Successfully prepared and provided various presentations and architectural drawings (AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other 3D visualisation softwares)

How to feature Teaching Assistant resume skills

Tibco SpotfireSQLJavaAndroidPythonCSSHTML5PHPRJavaScriptCGephi
• Market analysisE-commerce developmentOnline strategy Marketing campaignsProject managementSustainability & CSRBrand communication management
Supply Chain
Llamasoft ILOGWorldShipShipManagerShipStationStarshipMAS90WooCommerceLightspeedFreightview
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