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4 Nursing Assistant Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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One of the lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic is that healthcare workers are the basis of prosperous and thriving societies.

Certified Nursing Assistants are no exception.

Unsurprisingly, there is an enormous demand for these professionals.

However, only the high performers get positions in good workplaces.

And, of course, the competition is fierce!

To stand out, you should take the right approach.

Thankfully, we’ve mastered building a Certified Nursing Assistant resume, and we will show it to you.

Follow this guide and learn some tips and tricks on how to get the desired interview call.

Certified nursing assistant resume examples

beginner certified nursing assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • A compelling summary that lists crucial skills like patient care, advocacy and safety regulations
  • Strong experience backed up with quantitative data and actions verbs underlining organization and communication skills
  • The CNA certificate and References prove that you are a reliable candidate
  • Patience and compassion indicate positive personality traits
  • Languages show that the candidate can communicate freely in a multilingual dynamic environment

Hospital certified nursing assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • The summary sections contain important information that will prove the candidate is a reliable professional
  • Applicant’s experience lists all the duties they performed and the skills they applied
  • Vital signs, patient care and advocacy and daily schedule are crucial skills 
  • Mental health support and computer literacy are uncommon but still valuable skills for a healthcare worker
  • Industry Expertise, References and Certificates are a clear sign that the candidate can save peoples’ lives

Long term care certified nursing assistant resume example

Why This Resume Works:

  • A lot of quantitative data, high-performance metrics and actions verbs are used in the Experience and Summary sections
  • References from respected doctors show that the candidate with 10 years of experience is a real deal
  • Strengths and Industry Expertise sections indicate professionalism and a strong desire to reach goals
  • The balance between soft and hard skills shows that a candidate is a resourceful person and a go-getter

The certified nursing assistant job market

The median annual wage for certified nursing assistants was $30,850 in May 2020. The employment of these professionals is projected to grow by at least 8% in 10 years. As a result of workers who transfer to different occupations or retire, there will be around 200,000 job openings each year.

These statistics show growth, but great workplaces are not that much.

Therefore, you should take a cohesive approach to land the dream job and maintain a positive work-life balance.

How to write a CNA resume

Your Certified Nursing Assistant resume needs a strong basis of clinical skills and experience backed up with proven facts.

This information is a must!

It should exist in the main sections of your resume: Experience, Summary, Skills and Strengths!

On the other hand, the other part of your CNA resume is where you can stand out! You should mention interpersonal skills and positive personality traits. After all, good communication, empathy and responsibility are crucial for a healthcare worker.

In other words, pay serious attention to your medical and communication skills.

Also, if you have some other hidden talents, mention them! Foreign languages will help you work in a dynamic multilingual environment. Good time management and organizational skills might be an opportunity to get a promotion!

References, Certifications and additional Courses strengthen your experience.

Do you know how to manage medical records or work with EHR software?

Have you ever provided mental health support to patients?

Try to think outside the box!

Include proven facts and extraordinary skills that will help you build an admirable CNA resume!

Cna resume formats

There are 3 main resume formats:

Two factors will influence your choice of a resume format:

  • Years of experience
  • Industry experience

Reverse-chronological resumes are perfect for professionals with a couple of years in the niche.

Functional resumes are relevant for job seekers and career changers. Note that this format is not popular among recruiters.

Hybrid resumes combine the best features of the previous two formats. They are suitable for all types of professionals-entry-level and seniors.

Do not forget the style and layout! Here are some resume tips:

Also, learn how to make your resume stand out by writing exceptional Certifications and References.

top sections icon

Top resume sections:

  • The first sentence of your resume summary is vital-it might define the outcome of your application
  • The experience section should contain all your duties and skills you acquired backed up with quantitative data
  • Specific skills like patient care, vital signs and safety and privacy regulations are crucial
  • Strengths show the perfect balance between your soft and hard skills
  • References from respected individuals are a bonus
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What recruiters want to see:

  • What is your experience in healthcare? What did you take from it?
  • Can you provide evidence for positive personality traits or skills (empathy, compassion, patience)?
  • Are nurses or doctors satisfied with your performance?
  • Do you have any valuable skills like EHR software knowledge or mental health support?
  • How did good communication/organization/time management skills help you achieve objectives?

CNA Resume Summary-The Golden Ticket to an Interview Call

When building your Certified Nursing Assistant summary, mind that the people's health is in your hands:

How would you describe an individual that has such responsibility!?

Our advice is to focus entirely on how your work facilitated patients' time at the medical facility.

Of course, you should emphasize medical skills like: 

  • Vital signs
  • Infection control 
  • Medical records

However, assume your work includes constant communication with people.

Therefore, you can mention positive personality traits such as empathy and compassion.

Here are some tips for writing your CNA resume summary:

  • List essential skills that underlie your expertise
  • Include action verbs, quantitative data and be short and specific
  • Add certifications, licensures, or references that will prove your experience
  • Mention soft skills such as empathy and communication, focusing on your personality

Things you should avoid in your CNA resume:

  • General information that contains no information about your duties/expertise
  • Lack of crucial details such as years of experience and acquired skills
  • Misinformation, figurative language, or complex and scattered sentences

Check out these examples and then build an admirable CNA summary that will lead to an interview call.

Compassionate Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant with 4 years of experience in healthcare. Adept at providing ADL care services and leading recreational activities for disabled patients. Managed medical records, always meeting patients’ privacy regulations.
Energetic go-getter with 6 months of experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Provided personal care to elderly and disabled people, checked vital signs and ensured hygiene and room cleanliness. Good interpersonal and time management skills.
Resourceful Certified Nursing Assistant with 8 years of experience in providing patient care and managing other staff members and medical records. Extensive expertise in checking vital signs, interpreting EKGs and preparing meal plans. Looking for a position that will leverage my management and organizational skills.
Reliable CNA with 5 years of experience in healthcare. Adept at meeting patients’ daily needs and checking vital signs. Maintained rooms’ cleanliness and met all safety and privacy regulations. CPR certified. Eager to take patient advocacy to the next level in my new position.
Service-oriented Certified Nursing Assistant with 2 years of experience in a dynamic hospital environment. Passionate about providing exceptional patient care, daily needs and managing medical records. Performed CPR, interpreted EKGs and met all safety regulations.

As seen above, it’s not rocket science to write an intriguing CNA resume summary.

Just follow the mentioned steps and be honest with yourself.

pro tip icon
Pro tip

It is preferable to mention what you are looking for in your future position. Thus, recruiters will have a clear idea of how to match your expertise with their plans. Therefore, there is a smaller chance to remain disappointed and lose time.

Certified nursing assistant experience recruiters want to see

Like it or not, your experience will define the quality of your work environment.

Obviously, practitioners with 5+ years in this position will be one step ahead of others.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean you cannot land your dream job as a CNA!

Even if you have little to no experience, there is a huge chance to find yourself in a great workplace.

Remember that your experience includes:

  • Certifications
  • Projects you were involved in
  • Volunteering

Recruiters value the skills you acquired and how you helped patients feel better.

Therefore, you need a cohesive plan when building your Certified Nursing Assistant resume experience:

  • Action verbs, quantitative data and high-performance metrics 
  • Clinical skills that you acquired/excelled
  • Interpersonal skills that helped you create a bond with patients and your team
  • Day-to-day duties and extraordinary achievements that deserve respect

Every bullet point that lacks the 4 tips above will decrease your chances!

When tailoring your resume to the job description, remember to focus on medical and communication skills.

How did your clinical experience and positive personality traits affect patients' time at the hospital?

How did empathy and communication make patients trust you?

What were your highest personal achievements in your previous position?

Did you like working in a team with other healthcare professionals?

Ask yourself similar questions when writing a CNA resume experience that stands out!

certified nursing assistant resume experience examples

Company Name
Company Description
  • Provided personal care for patients
  • Ensured hygiene and room cleanliness
  • Gave CPR instructions to other staff members
  • Led the recreational activities

This candidate took into account just one of the advice bullet points above.

Unfortunately, it’s still not enough to impress recruiters and stand out.

It’s mediocre, unspecific and vague.

Do not expect positive outcomes if your resume is similar to this one.

Company Name
Company Description
  • Provided personal care for 100+ patients weekly
  • Readied 50+ patients’ rooms for admissions by cleaning and setting personal use items weekly
  • Gave CPR instructions twice a week and took charge in a CPR emergency at least once a month
  • Led recreational activities like visiting museums and theaters of 50+ patients

The following candidate is a go-getter who knows how to follow instructions.

It’s a matter of time for them to get the desired job!

How to describe the duties of a certified nursing assistant on a resume

Have in mind the following Certified Nursing Assistant responsibilities when writing your resume:

  • Assist nurses by regularly checking vital signs
  • Provide ADL care for patients with special needs
  • Assist with diets, activities of daily living, toileting and other duties
  • Assist with providing hygiene, bathing, grooming, ambulation and others
  • Perform EKGs, check vital signs, obtain urine and other fluids for medical examination
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and ensure patient safety
  • Follow infection control procedures and maintain HIPAA regulations
  • Schedule appointments via EHR software and manage medical records
  • Work in a team of other nursing assistants and nurses
  • Prepare meal plans for patients with special needs

If you wonder how to strengthen your resume entry-level CNA resume, here are the answers:

  • Compelling Certificates/Courses
  • References

They will make you look like a reliable professional.

To fill up the gaps in the resume, you could:

  • Include certifications/licensures/training programs that helped you gain clinical experience
  • Mention achievements that support your medical or communication skills
  • Add a Volunteering section that also involves the use of interpersonal skills
  • Include Languages to prove that you can work with international teams and foreign patients

Desirable certified nursing assistant skills

A nursing assistant is a position that requires specific clinical skills. 

And they cannot be neglected!

After all, your duty is to provide care for people!

Recruiters cannot know by default that you are a skilled candidate!

Therefore, it is a must to include them in the CNA resume.

Moreover, you should provide examples of positive personality traits.

Empathy, communication and patience are obligatory for a healthcare worker.

Remember that the balance between hard and soft skills is crucial.

Every nurse was drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, or to help.

Christina Feist-Heilmeier, RN

top sections icon

6 medical skills to add to your resume:

  • Patient Care
  • CPR
  • Vital Signs
  • Safety Regulations
  • Recreational and Daily Activities
  • Meal Plans
top sections icon

6 soft skills for your CNA resume:

Key takeaways

  • Emphasize medical and communication skills
  • Use action words, quantitative data and high-performance metrics
  • Focus on presenting skills like mental health support, organization and empathy
  • Don’t forget to include information on your Certifications, Licensures and References
  • Consider adding Languages and Courses

Nursing Assistant resume examples

Explore additional nursing assistant resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Assistant Nurse

Assistant Nurse roles have evolved from the broader nursing field, highly influenced by advancements in healthcare practices and technologies.

While applying for Assistant Nurse positions, include your experience with modern nursing techniques and protocols, such as patient safety and infection control procedures. Highlight your abilities in assisting with the administration of medication and documenting patient history. Showcase your interpersonal skills and your ability to establish rapport with patients, their families, and medical professionals.

Remember, don't just list your skills, but show how they enhanced patient care, for instance, 'improved patient recovery rates by doing..' Insert any relevant nursing certifications you hold, as this is a significant selection criterion.

View Assistant Nurse Resume

Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide’s focus is primarily on patient care, making experience with hands-on caregiving skills crucial.

List your proficiency in basic patient care tasks including bathing, feeding, and transporting patients. Emphasize your capabilities in health monitoring, such as checking vital signs and observing changes in a patient's condition.

It’s essential to share how these skills had a direct impact on patient well-being, for instance, 'increased patient comfort by providing...'. Demonstrate your soft skills such as communication, empathy, and patience, and specify if you have any specialty, such as geriatric or pediatric caregiving.

Certification is key for a Certified Nurse Aide, ensuring it is prominently highlighted.

View Certified Nurse Aide Resume

Nurse Extern

Nurse Extern is often a stepping-stone role for nursing students, making it critical to display a healthy mix of academic and practical engagement.

Detail your experience with hands-on practice through clinical rotation or externship, conducting patient assessments, and administering basic care under supervision. Emphasize your collaborative work with healthcare teams, and involvement in patient education.

Contextualize your skills by illustrating how they contributed positively to patient care, say, 'enhanced patient understanding and adherence by implementing...'. Highlight any academic achievements or nursing-related study projects you've been part of.

Finally, as a student, your educational details and expected graduation date should be clearly stated on your resume.

View Nurse Extern Resume
nursing assistant resume example

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