A Business Analyst Resume that Made Olympic Dreams


Being a great business analyst requires wide ranging knowledge and experience. Oriol’s resume shows just that, telling stories about entrepreneurship, bold adventure, and success within a more typical corporate atmosphere. Taken together, these experiences are more than the sum of their parts and got Oriol a position as a business analyst consultant working on a project for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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Business Analyst Resume

Meet Oriol

Boundless curiosity and a love of learning brought Oriol to his current success. From sailing across the Atlantic to taking over and running a close campsite, his career shows the benefits of saying “yes” to all kinds of opportunities. The challenge is to effectively tell these stories and demonstrate their value to a prospective employer. Oriol shows precisely how a business consultant can do that.

  • What Makes Oriol’s Business Analyst Resume Effective?

  • 1. It tells a story

    The best minds in business didn’t learn all they know doing an MBA, they learned by doing. By explaining how he developed his analytical and business skills both in the classroom and in real world experiences, Oriol tells a story that demonstrates how he can apply his skills to solve real problems. It’s not only compelling but is more memorable for the personal story it tells.

  • 2. It demonstrates the right personality traits

    What comes across with Oriol’s experiences is not just what he’s done, but who he is as a person. He’s daring enough to embark on a ocean-crossing journey or to purchase and run a business. Then there’s the demonstration of a curiosity, working on UX design, fraud prevention, finance, and management. If you’re going to be a great business analyst, you need to be willing to engage with all parts of a business. Oriel’s resume shows that he’s got that interest in droves.

  • 3. It shows a diversity of experience

    If you’re going to be an effective business analyst, you need to have some knowledge or experience of many types of businesses and the challenges they face. Being able to share personal stories about successes and failures helps enormously in conveying vital ideas to clients. Oriol’s diverse experience as shown on his resume makes it clear that he’s lived those kinds of successes and failures.

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