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Professional Senior Financial Analyst Resume Examples & Guide for 2021

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How to Craft a Powerful Senior Financial Analyst Resume

You’re one resume away from landing the job of your dreams.

The demand for financial senior analysts is at its peak in today’s economy.

Senior financial analysts are them most expensive dictionaries in the 21’st century.

They're experts at what they do.

And the whole nature of their job is based on translating plain text and tables into valuable insights.

You’re the key to increasing profits and cutting losses.

You help CEOs make well-informed decisions about the priorities of the company.

You ease the work for managers from different departments so they can keep track of business metrics and achieved results.

Most importantly, you allow stakeholders to have a clearer vision for the future. You help them gain insight into what to expect from their investments and the next steps they should take.

So how can you show all that in your resume and get hired?

Your senior financial analyst resume has to prove that you’re able to:

  • Diagnose losses and profitability — and translate the data into a comprehensible financial report
  • Guide the company into making well-informed decisions after analyzing the data
  • Accurately forecast the future performance of the company
Senior financial analysts should not only be able to conduct planning and budgeting activities but fully understand what the data is telling them.
- Bob Paladino, CPA, Bob Paladino & Associates

This Senior Financial Analyst Resume Will Teach You

  • The most important sections a senior financial analyst must have and how to write them
  • How to highlight your accounting and finance skills in your senior financial analyst
  • How to make the recruiter confident in hiring you by featuring your seniority and showing your experience in finance
  • 22 must-have skills for senior financial analysts to thrive in this role
  • How to let your certifications and achievements speak for your expertise

Senior Financial Analyst Resume Samples

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How to Write a Senior Financial Analyst Resume

Aside from hiring managers, your resume is likely to be reviewed by a CFO or a senior financial analyst.

And since they’ve already been where you are in the journey, they know what it feels like to fill your role.

They've spent years analyzing financial documents and translating the findings into action plans.

Somehow, they’re doing ratio analysis by reviewing hundreds of resumes. They hope to identify the best senior financial analyst to hire.

Companies need senior financial analysts to examine financial records and produce detailed reports.

And that's how they forecast important financial metrics to track the company’s performance and predict its future in the market.

Therefore, you need to have advanced analytical skills. You need to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of corporate finance models to excel in this role.

Also, due to your seniority, you’re expected to tutor entry-level financial analysts.

The company wants you to assist them with financial guidance.

You'll do that by supervising their work and providing feedback to ensure that proper accounting procedures have been followed.

Here’s what a recruiter will look for in your resume:

  • Can you examine financial data and provide detailed error-free balance sheets and income statements?
  • Do you have experience forecasting quarterly and annual reports?
  • Does your work experience allow you to mentor and supervise new employees to ensure data accuracy?
  • Can you advise the company regarding decisions about capital budgeting, expenditure planning, investments, etc?

The Most Important Sections of a Business Intelligence Resume:

  • Resume header to establish seniority as a financial analyst
  • Resume summary
  • Resume experience
  • Resume skills
  • Best Certifications to showcase in your senior financial analyst resume

How to Write a Senior Financial Analyst Resume Header

The header is the smallest section in a senior financial analyst’s resume.

And it’s true that it isn't the most important section in it.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect it.

Check this out:

Erik Wyman
Senior Financial Analyst

+359 88 888 8888

Pesotum, IL

Since you’re a senior, there’s a better way to write your title and make it stand out.

You can highlight your years of experience and the company you worked for if it’s well known in your industry.

Also, try to put yourself in your recruiter’s positions.

What if they decide to hire you and want to learn more about you?

Do you believe they have the time to do further research and look for your profiles on social media?

Now look at this:

Erik Wyman
Senior Financial Analyst with +5 years experience at SupplyCore

+359 88 888 8888



Pesotum, IL

You can feel the difference by staring at the two examples.

This header doesn’t force the hiring manager to raise your hopes by reaching out again.

They don't need to ask for your LinkedIn profile and end up not hiring you.

Also, it highlights your seniority and puts you ahead of your competition by just adding a few words.

The Right Way to Write a Powerful Senior Financial Analyst Summary

There are a million ways you can fail when writing your senior financial analyst resume.

But there’s only one way you can win the job:

Make the recruiter confident about hiring you.

The hiring manager is still trying to learn more about your financial expertise. They want to know why you’re the best senior financial analyst they can hire.

Your main focus should be to highlight your relevant financial experience. Then, you can back that up with some details about the numbers you achieved.

3 Senior Financial Analyst Resume Samples - Summary

Does your summary look like this?

Senior financial analyst with extensive experience in financial analysis and accounting. Looking for a new position focusing on business analysis and forecasting.

If your answer is yes — then we have to be honest with you:

It’s still far from perfect.

This won’t get you the job you want.

Why? you ask

Here’s the deal:

The recruiter wants to know why you believe that you deserve the job.

What is it that makes you better than everyone else?

And they want to know that quickly so they can decide if they should read the rest of your resume.

You can address the doubt in their heads by answering these questions in your summary:

  • What finance-related responsibilities did you handle in your previous job?
  • How did your forecasting and analysis skills help your former employer increase profits and cut losses?
  • Do your career goals as a senior financial analyst align with what the hiring company is looking for?
Senior financial analyst with 8 experience in financial analysis and accounting. Helped my former employer grow by analyzing data and recommending action plans. Currently looking for a new position focusing on business analysis and forecasting.

This summary makes more sense.

But it still lacks specificity.

You need to give more details about every information mentioned there.

It’s not that they don’t believe you.

But they deal with thousands of resumes throughout their careers.

They know a mediocre resume summary when they see one.

Now, here’s a version that solves all those problems:

A senior-level financial analyst with 8 years of experience in finance and accounting. Worked at SupplyCore for 5 years where I identified trends, related various documents, and recommended action plans accordingly. Looking for a new position at PopSockets.

This sells both your best skills and senior-level experience as shortly as possible.

It shares details about your work history and the duties you were responsible for.

Also, it highlights your future plans and where you’re heading in your career.

That’s why it works.

PRO TIPStruggling to write your job summary? Feature your soft and technical skills. Then use precise numbers to show how they helped you achieve your most notable accomplishments at your previous job.

How to Highlight Your Senior Financial Analyst Experience to Get a Better Job

Showing you’re an experienced senior financial analyst isn’t about saying that you are. Or simply stating every finance job you had in the past.

It’s about responsibilities and results.

You need to show that you:

  • Have a sophisticated understanding of the financial health of companies.
  • Can calculate different financial ratios such as leverage and profitability.

Your ability to study hundreds of documents and extract essential financial metrics in a short period is also a must.

Because you’ll need that to present investment opinions and action plans to stakeholders and company executives.

2 Senior Financial Analyst Resume Experience Samples

Your experience section may look something like this:

Senior Financial AnalystSupplyCore
09/2012 - 07/2017
Rockford, IL
Management and technology services
Responsible for quarterly and annual forecasting
Increased profits by developing new financial models and forecasting tools
Applied complex concepts to analyze results and identify trends

Would you hire yourself if you were in the hiring manager’s position?

It may be hard for you to tell.

But we know for sure that we wouldn’t hire you. And it’s not about you not being capable of landing this job.

This lacks details about your duties and how the brought profits.

Everyone applying for the position can handle forecasting and financial analysis.

The job title shows that from the beginning.

Also, there’s nothing that hints to the recruiter that you’re a senior as these duties can also be performed by junior level financial analysts.

Senior Financial Analyst