Professional Broker Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

Professional Broker Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Professional Broker Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Landing a job as a broker begins by writing a stand-out broker resume. No matter your industry of choice, from real estate to stocks, all successful brokers share common traits.

We’ll help you write that job-winning resume with these simple tips. Follow along and let the interview requests come rolling in.

Shaun Lopez
Marketing Manager – broker/mortgages
Crist2015 - Ongoing
Crist is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia.
I’ve produced over $4,124,624 in revenue in just 6 months with no prior industry experience
Managing the system for licenses of trucks traveling to third countries or in EU, increased revenue with 30%
Managed a Scheme Portfolio worth $300,000 - $400,000; Quotes, New Business, Renewals and escalated Claims.
helped over 300 people
Principal Real Estate Broker
Bernier2013 - 2015
Bernier is a full service real estate brokerage with ~20 real estate agents supporting owners, investors and property development companies throughout the Central Texas region.
Immediately added value generating 100% revenue increase in previously inactive accounts.
Achieved 2nd Presidents Club Award (AP) across 2 state operations.
Transportation Broker
Streich2012 - 2013
Streich is a Logistics Brokerage Firm specializing in Automobile Transportation.
Independently created this company, gathering 126+ listings, ongoing
As a RIBO licensed Insurance Broker, managed an established book of over 500 policies.
Technical AnalysisFocused on Price Volume Analysis
SQLData analysis with relational databases, produce KPI
Excel 2010Pivot tables, Formulas, Formatting
Industry Expertise
Rapport Building
Active Listening
Objection Prevention/Handling
LeadershipAble to create and share a vision. Ability to communicate, inspire and influence
CoachingHelp my team to improve their performance and reach their true potential to drive sales performance

Check out our full guide on how to review your resume for additional tips.

How to write your Broker resume experience section

BrokerAV Trading BI
Jan/2010 - Jan/2014
Residential Real Estate Brokerage Firm
Held operations on freight forwarding and cargo handling of food ingredients with third party suppliers.
I´ve Contributed to the reopening of groundnut oil exports and participated on the first biodiesel export experiment.
Apointed by clients to sell their items, from furniture to vehicles. Responsible for searching for potential buyers, contacting them and supervising the selling process.

BrokerResidential Real Estate
Jan/2014 - Jan/2018
Forex trading broker
Learned a lot about the economics of other countries and the value of trading with currencies and stocks.
Succesfully Importing confectionery to China
Succesfully exporting food package to Denmark and Latvia

Jan/2018 - Ongoing
Working in a dynamic environment with a team or professionals, which broaden my knowledge in the field;
Improving my interpersonal skills
Lead generation, Arranged numerous meetings with top business decision makers in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Here’s what a recruiter is looking for in a Broker resume:

  • Certifications and licenses - Every industry and country has their own broker licenses, but one thing is for sure, most jobs require them. It’s the first thing that recruiters will look for on your resume.
  • The right skills - Successful brokers have a mix of technical and soft skills. From computer skills and product knowledge to networking and negotiation, brokers should have it all.
  • Industry specific experience - If you’re applying to be a stock broker, the hiring manager will be looking for past experience directly related to stocks. The same applies for every industry.
  • Results oriented - Brokers are motivated by sales targets. Prove your results-oriented attitude by showing off impressive sales figures from your former roles.
  • Excellent communication - From writing reports to meeting directly with clients, strong communication skills are a must-have for landing your dream role as a broker.

PRO TIPPersonalize each resume you send by mirroring the same keywords used in the job description. Are they looking for someone with 5+ years of experience? Sold a minimum of $3 million? Mention these facts directly in your resume.

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Broker resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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