Professional Release Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

Professional Release Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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Professional Release Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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An Release Manager resume has to go beyond the basic certifications employers expect. You need to demonstrate that you can have an impact in your roles and are a good culture fit. This means carefully studying the job and the company offering it before crafting a resume that fits it perfectly.

Edgar Greer
Austin, TX
IT PM/Senior Release Manager
Rau-Ward2017 - Ongoing
Austin, TX
Rau-Ward is the largest American automobile manufacturer. The Austin IT Innovation Center helps GM develop and support technology and tools for its business and vehicles. While working as a IT Project Manager for the GSMC domain:
Managed and kept up-to-date the 40 thirdparty dependencies on 5 OSes
Redesigned the development platform (4M€ project)
Release Manager
Streich2014 - 2017
Austin, TX
Streich is the editor of a modular and customizable ECM platform. I was in charge of organizing the release of the Streich Platform along with its 30+ addons.
Successfully developed and now maintain 50+ partnerships across Europe, USA, India and Asia.
Managed 5 independent work streams per release with as many as 3 simultaneous releases in flight per quarter
Lowered cost by 45% by reducing change volumes and rework
Sr. QA and Product Release Manager
Lessard2012 - 2014
Austin, TX
Lessard is a start up insurance technology firm delivers the full spectrum of risk analytics to the risk management community
Led DevOps for teams across Canada and China, improving automation performance by ~20%
Implemented tools and processes that led to a 95% decrease of post-release defects.
Redesigned the development platform (4M€ project)
Successfully managed global enterprise production changes totaling 1,100+
Quality Assurance (QA) and Release Manager
Koepp Inc2011 - 2012
Austin, TX
Koepp Inc is an Australian Cloud Point of Sale Solutions suited for use in both hospitality and retail stores. And designed exclusively for the Apple iPad platform including add on integrations with Xero, Tyro and ANZ Blade Pay merchant facilities.
Managed the end to end Release Management process for BI at one of the Fortune 100 companies
Successfully planned and executed E2E releases for all IT changes in the Pensions Stack
Managed full-time 5 QA team members
Most Proud Of
Investor EngagementSpear headed the negotiation with investors to raise investment of SGD 440,000 for Agape
Volunteer WorkVolunteer work for NGO's like CRY and Oxfam
Delivering the SoftwareI am using all my talents, skills and the experience, working in complex environments to make things better and to deliver working, high quality software in the most effective way.
Coaching skillsI educated myself and was practicing coaching with individuals, the teams and executives to discover the resources for success and make it work.
Understanding Software DevelopmentSince early age I loved to program and develop software. I worked on several positions in engineering and I understand all the aspects of software engineering, being able to understand and to help engineers and the teams to get to the best possible solution

Go through our full resume header guide for extra insights.

Here’s how to include experience on Release Manager resume

Release ManagerHewlett-Packard
Jan/2010 - Jan/2014
Enterprise IT Services provisioning
New server build and decommissioning coordination
Planning and coordinating changes to existing live customer environment
Onboarding new processes in multiple accounts, training and mentoring

Release ManagerThomson Reuters Financial Software
Jan/2014 - Jan/2018
Kondor Global Risk Team - Enterprise Risk Management SaaS software
Customer-specific Release management account process lead role: release calendar creation & update for application, infrastructure and maintenance releases, reporting, change management.
Automated releases through Python scripts
Coordinated releases of SaaS Enterprise Risk Management software

Release ManagerUniCredit Business Integrated Solutions
Jan/2018 - Ongoing
Followed-up deliveries and tests with Product Managers, Support, QA
Coordinated development teams to release multiple streams of software and hot-fix version
Followed-up deliveries and tests with Product Managers, Support, QA and Financial Engineering teams

Of course every resume might vary based on the person or the job. It’s important to determine where your strengths are and what information you want to get across to the reader first.

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Release Manager resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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