A Creative Resume That Does Things Differently


Eric’s creative marketing resume example ditches conventional wisdom to get your attention. The numbers can come later. In this way, Eric’s resume is perfect for handing out at a networking event or a conference when people don’t want to see a bunch of data, but want a conversation starter like “tell me about that Kickstarter campaign.”

Eric Hu's resume preview

Why Eric’s Creative Marketing Resume Works

This resume does three things well, here’s what makes it a great example for a creative marketing resume.

  • Step 1: It tells a story

    The headline under Eric’s name starts it off, telling you how his career has evolved and what has remained consistent. This frames the entire rest of the resume. When you see the more unconventional elements, Eric has already told you that he’s a performer at heart, so a more creative resume makes sense.

  • Step 2: It starts a conversation

    This resume is clearly designed as a starting point for a conversation. Instead of going into the details of every single campaign he’s run, it seeks to show you the enormous variety of projects Eric has worked on. That increases the likelihood one of those projects will stand out and serve as a starting point for a conversation.

  • Step 3: It catches your eye

    From the section titles to the interesting photo, Eric’s resume seeks to have its own style that makes it stand out. The average recruiter certainly isn’t likely to confuse Eric with another applicant.

Why Resume Examples Are Better Than Resume Templates

When it’s time to create a resume, the first search most people make is for a template. If your goal is to get hired, taking the time to look at resume examples and create something worthy of the job you want is the better bet.

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