Top Skills to Put on Embedded Software Engineer Resume in 2020

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How to describe your Embedded Software Engineer resume skills

  • C
  • Python
  • Java
  • Linux
  • C++
  • Git
  • C#

How to feature Embedded Software Engineer resume skills

How to use C in your embedded software engineer resume:

Leading a team and delivering technical guidance to the team members.

How to use Python in your embedded software engineer resume:

Verified and validated firmware and customers' device configurations using Python and Ash/Bash scripts

How to use Java in your embedded software engineer resume:

Develop Full-Stack on embedded Linux platform in Golang as well as Javascript

How to use Linux in your embedded software engineer resume:

Developed Embedded Linux-based CTM wireless gateway device application firmware features and fixes using C/C++ and GNU Toolchain including MODBUS and cell device support features

How to use C++ in your embedded software engineer resume:

Developed Windows software features and fixes using C/C++, MFC, and SQL including a software test application for WPAN Man Down devices and a Windows modem management application

How to use Git in your embedded software engineer resume:

Setup Continuous Integration testing and code formatting with Github hooks using BuildBot and TravisCI

How to use C# in your embedded software engineer resume:

Developed mapping applications in C# using PostgreSQL and the Google Maps API.

Here’s how to include skills for Embedded Software Engineer resume

Nvidia Tegra X1/K1STM32NXPAnalog DevicesRenesasATMELPIC16
Schematic and PCB DesigningARM Cortex-M3Bare Metal Embedded C/C++Arduino APIAVR/PICHardware InterfacingEagle CADIoTESP32/8266GPS
Languages: C/C++/Java/Shell Scripting GUI Framework:QTRTOS :TI/Free RTOS μC/μP: AVR/PIC/MSP/ARMIDE: Qt-Creator/Eclipse/MPLABSerial:RS232/485/I2C/SPI Network : TCP/UDP/RTP/RTSP/GigeVisionTools: GDB/GCC/GIT/Buildroot/EagleRC Protocol:Bluetooth/Xbee/Zigbee
Embedded ProgrammingARMVirtualizationDevice driversRTOSQNXLinuxCGitData structuresMicrokernelsJTAG debugging
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