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5 Oral Surgery Assistant Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your oral surgery assistant resume must emphasize your proficiency with dental surgery procedures. Highlight your experience with patient preparation and post-operative care management. Showcase your ability to sterilize and maintain surgical instruments effectively. Detail your skills in supporting oral surgeons during complex dental procedures.

All resume examples in this guide

An Oral Surgery Assistant may struggle to effectively communicate the technical skills and precise detail-oriented nature of their role in a concise and compelling way. Our guide can assist by providing industry-specific examples and actionable tips on how to translate complex medical procedures into understandable, engaging resume content that highlights your expertise and commitment to patient care.

Dive into our concise guide to learn how to:

  • Show your oral surgery assistant career's brightest moments through your resume's summary, objective, and experience sections.
  • Explore top-notch oral surgery assistant resume examples to understand how to distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Identify the most sought-after oral surgery assistant skills and certifications in the industry.
  • Design a structured yet unique resume layout.

Structuring your oral surgery assistant resume to engage recruiters

The presentation of your oral surgery assistant resume is crucial.

Is it easy to read and well-organized? Does it have a logical flow?

Avoid overwhelming recruiters with a cluttered document. Instead, follow these best practices to ensure a consistent resume format:

  • Include a header in the top third of your oral surgery assistant resume for easy contact and quick access to your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile.
  • In the experience section, start with your most recent role and detail your career in a reverse-chronological order.
  • Unless specified, submit your resume as a PDF to maintain its layout. Some companies might request other formats.
  • If you're applying for a senior position and have over a decade of relevant experience, a two-page oral surgery assistant resume is acceptable. Otherwise, aim for a single page.
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Pro tip

While color can enhance your oral surgery assistant resume by emphasizing key details like headlines, job titles, and degrees, moderation is key. Stick to a primary and a secondary color to maintain professionalism and avoid a cluttered appearance.

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Essential sections for your general dentist resume, favored by recruiters:

  • A clear header with pertinent links and contact information.
  • A concise summary or objective, offering a snapshot of your career milestones and your fit for the general dentist role.
  • An experience section detailing your professional qualifications and achievements.
  • Skills sections that align your talents with job-specific keywords and requirements.
  • Education and certifications sections that underscore your dedication to industry-specific growth.
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Certifications: Valid certifications such as Dental Assistant (DA), Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Assistants (COMSA), or radiology certification demonstrate professional competency.
  • Surgical Assisting Experience: Proven experience in oral surgery settings, including assisting with procedures such as dental implants, tooth extractions, and biopsies.
  • Patient Care Skills: Experience in managing patient care before, during, and after surgical procedures; this includes comforting patients, explaining procedures, and providing post-operative care instructions.
  • Knowledge of Sterilization Techniques: Understanding of proper instrument sterilization techniques to maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Technical Skills: Familiarity with dental software, digital X-Ray equipment, and other relevant technologies used in an oral surgery practice.

The experience section of your oral surgery assistant resume: your professional journey

The experience section is your platform to narrate your professional story. Recruiters scrutinize this section to gauge your unique value proposition.

Here are five steps to craft a compelling experience section:

  • Highlight relevant roles, including the company, role description, and tenure, supported by up to six bullet points per role.
  • Emphasize tangible outcomes of your contributions, using quantifiable metrics where possible.
  • Integrate positive feedback or endorsements to bolster your claims.
  • Ensure verb tense consistency when detailing responsibilities.
  • Summarize significant achievements relevant to each role.

Explore how seasoned oral surgery assistant professionals have crafted their experience sections to secure roles at industry-leading firms.

Work Experience
Experienced Oral Surgery Assistant
Oceanview Dental Associates
  • Assisted oral surgeons in conducting a wide range of surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placements.
  • Managed patient appointments, ensuring proper scheduling and timely treatment delivery.
  • Prepared surgical instruments and materials, maintaining sterilization standards according to industry regulations.
  • Provided post-operative care instructions to patients, ensuring their comfort and recovery.
  • Acted as a liaison between oral surgeons and patients, addressing concerns and answering questions.
  • Coordinated with the dental lab for the fabrication of custom prosthetics and appliances.
  • Assisted in the administration of IV sedation and monitored patients' vital signs during surgery.
  • Performed radiographic imaging and developed X-rays for diagnostic purposes.
  • Maintained accurate patient records and updated treatment charts.
  • Assisted in research studies and clinical trials, contributing to advancements in oral surgery techniques.
Work Experience
Senior Oral Surgery Assistant
Harborview Dental Specialists
  • Supported oral surgeons during surgical procedures, ensuring proper equipment setup and patient positioning.
  • Educated patients on pre-operative and post-operative care, minimizing complications and enhancing recovery outcomes.
  • Assisted in the treatment planning process, analyzing patient's medical history and conducting preliminary examinations.
  • Managed inventory and ordered dental supplies, optimizing clinic efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Performed dental impressions and constructed temporary crowns, bridges, and splints.
  • Collaborated with the dental team to develop comprehensive treatment plans for patients.
  • Assisted in complex oral surgeries, such as orthognathic procedures and bone grafting surgeries.
  • Provided chairside assistance during oral surgery procedures, anticipating surgeon's needs and ensuring patient comfort.
  • Conducted thorough sterilization of instruments, adhering to strict infection control protocols.
  • Participated in continuing education programs to stay updated with the latest advancements in oral surgery techniques.
Work Experience
Dental Surgical Assistant
Coastal Oral Surgery Center
  • Assisted dentists and oral surgeons in a busy oral surgery practice, maintaining high levels of organization and efficiency.
  • Managed patient flow, including check-in, paperwork completion, and escorting patients to treatment rooms.
  • Performed dental radiographs and developed X-rays, ensuring accurate diagnostic imaging.
  • Prepared and maintained surgical equipment and instruments, following strict sterilization guidelines.
  • Provided chairside assistance during surgical procedures, anticipating dentist's needs and maintaining clear communication.
  • Scheduled patient appointments and coordinated treatment plans with referring dentists.
  • Educated patients on proper oral hygiene practices, emphasizing post-operative care instructions.
  • Assisted in minor surgical procedures, such as tooth extractions and biopsies.
  • Maintained inventory of dental supplies, restocking as needed and minimizing waste.
  • Collaborated with the billing department to ensure accurate documentation and timely insurance claim filing.
Work Experience
Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant
Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Clinic
  • Assisted oral surgeons in conducting complex maxillofacial surgeries, including orthognathic procedures and tumor resections.
  • Managed a high-volume patient caseload, ensuring optimal patient care and satisfaction.
  • Developed and implemented a streamlined patient scheduling system, reducing wait times by 30%.
  • Trained and supervised junior oral surgery assistants, optimizing team performance and efficiency.
  • Assisted in the development and execution of research projects, resulting in several published articles.
  • Collaborated with the dental lab to fabricate custom surgical guides and prosthetics for precise treatment outcomes.
  • Administered local anesthesia and monitored patients' vital signs during surgery.
  • Maintained strict adherence to infection control protocols, ensuring a safe and sterile surgical environment.
  • Provided post-operative follow-up care, addressing patient concerns and facilitating smooth recoveries.
  • Participated in community outreach programs, educating the public on oral health and promoting preventive care.
Work Experience
Multi-Specialty Oral Surgery Assistant
Prestige Dental Group
  • Assisted oral surgeons in a multi-specialty dental practice, providing support for various surgical procedures.
  • Coordinated patient appointments and maintained accurate treatment records using electronic medical record systems.
  • Prepared and sterilized surgical instruments, ensuring compliance with infection control guidelines.
  • Educated patients on the benefits and risks of oral surgeries, addressing their concerns and providing informed consent.
  • Collaborated with insurance companies to verify coverage and obtain pre-authorizations for surgical procedures.
  • Assisted in the placement of dental implants and performed post-operative implant maintenance procedures.
  • Managed inventory and supplies, implementing cost-saving measures and reducing waste.
  • Conducted preliminary patient consultations, gathering medical history and performing radiographic examinations.
  • Provided chairside assistance during oral surgery procedures, maintaining a calm and supportive environment.
  • Collaborated with the dental team to develop treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.
Work Experience
General Dentistry Assistant
Lakeside Family Dental Care
  • Assisted oral surgeons in performing routine extractions, root canal therapies, and periodontal surgeries.
  • Managed patient records and updated treatment charts, ensuring accurate documentation.
  • Educated patients on proper post-operative care, leading to faster recovery times and improved treatment outcomes.
  • Prepared surgical trays and maintained inventory of dental supplies, optimizing clinic efficiency.
  • Assisted in the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, providing immediate dental solutions for patients.
  • Conducted dental photography for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.
  • Provided chairside assistance during oral surgery procedures, anticipating dentist's needs and ensuring patient comfort.
  • Scheduled patient appointments and coordinated treatment plans with referring dentists.
  • Performed instrument sterilization and maintenance, following strict infection control protocols.
  • Participated in workshops and seminars to enhance skills and stay up-to-date with emerging dental technologies.
Work Experience
Advanced Oral Surgical Assistant
Summit Oral Surgery Center
  • Assisted oral surgeons in complex surgical procedures, such as orthognathic surgeries and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgeries.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive system for managing patient records, improving record accuracy by 20%.
  • Educated patients on treatment options and provided pre-operative counseling, ensuring informed decision-making.
  • Managed surgical supply inventory, reducing waste and optimizing cost-effectiveness.
  • Collaborated with dental lab technicians to create custom-made surgical appliances and prosthetics.
  • Assisted in the administration of IV sedation and monitored patients' vital signs during surgery.
  • Performed Cone Beam CT scans and 3D imaging for precise treatment planning.
  • Provided post-operative care instructions and followed up with patients to track recovery progress.
  • Conducted research on emerging oral surgery techniques, contributing to a published research paper.
  • Participated in dental mission trips, providing oral surgery services to underserved communities.
Work Experience
Reconstructive Oral Surgery Assistant
Facial Reconstruction Institute
  • Assisted oral surgeons in complex reconstructive surgeries, including cleft palate repairs and facial trauma reconstructions.
  • Collaborated with maxillofacial prosthodontists to fabricate custom-made facial prosthetics for patients.
  • Managed patient scheduling and coordinated with referring physicians and hospitals for surgical procedures.
  • Maintained strict infection control protocols, ensuring a safe and sterile surgical environment.
  • Provided emotional support and reassurance to patients before and after surgery, promoting positive patient experiences.
  • Assisted in the planning and execution of continuing education programs for oral surgery professionals.
  • Developed and implemented a system for tracking surgical outcomes, resulting in improved patient care and satisfaction.
  • Performed dental radiographs and analyzed diagnostic images for treatment planning purposes.
  • Assisted in the placement of dental implants and performed implant maintenance procedures.
  • Conducted comprehensive oral health assessments and provided preventive care recommendations.
Work Experience
Surgical Dental Assistant
Metro Dental Specialists
  • Provided chairside assistance during oral surgery procedures, ensuring a smooth workflow and optimal patient comfort.
  • Managed patient appointments and maintained treatment records in compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Performed dental radiographs and assisted in the interpretation of diagnostic images.
  • Educated patients on proper oral hygiene practices and post-operative care instructions.
  • Collaborated with dental lab technicians to fabricate custom-made surgical guides and appliances.
  • Assisted in complex oral surgeries, such as full-mouth reconstructions and bone grafting procedures.
  • Prepared and sterilized surgical instruments, adhering to strict infection control measures.
  • Supported clinical research projects by collecting data and coordinating patient follow-ups.
  • Assisted in the administration of local anesthesia and monitored patients' vital signs during oral surgeries.
  • Participated in professional development courses to enhance skills and stay abreast of industry advancements.
Work Experience
Private Practice Oral Surgery Assistant
Southside Oral Surgery
  • Assisted oral surgeons in a busy private practice, providing support for a variety of surgical procedures.
  • Managed patient flow and ensured smooth clinic operations through effective coordination and communication.
  • Developed a training program for new oral surgery assistants, enhancing team efficiency and performance.
  • Maintained and organized surgical equipment and supplies, minimizing downtime during procedures.
  • Educated patients on procedural details and post-operative care instructions, addressing their concerns and questions.
  • Collaborated with insurance providers to verify coverage and obtain pre-authorization for oral surgeries.
  • Provided chairside assistance during surgeries, anticipating surgeons' needs and maintaining a sterile environment.
  • Performed dental radiographs and analyzed diagnostic images for treatment planning purposes.
  • Assisted in the placement of dental implants and performed implant maintenance procedures.
  • Conducted patient follow-up calls to assess post-operative recovery and address any complications.

Quantifying impact on your resume


  • Include the total number of surgical procedures assisted, this helps to quantify your hands-on experience.
  • Specify the number of different types of surgeries you've assisted in, showing a range of skill and versatility.
  • Mention the average number of patients served per day or week, demonstrating your capacity to handle workload.
  • Highlight any significant decrease in patient wait time or increase in daily operations as a result of process improvements you've made.
  • List any trainings or certifications completed with the respective hours invested, suggesting dedication to continuous learning.
  • Note the percentage of successful post-operative recoveries under your assistance, emphasizing your effectiveness.
  • Quantify the number of preoperative preparations you've been involved in, showcasing your competence in preparation for surgery.
  • Report any decrease in supply costs or other efficiencies you contributed to, indicating your awareness of business operations and financial acumen.
  • Writing your oral surgery assistant experience section without any real-world experience

    Professionals, lacking experience, here's how to kick-start your oral surgery assistant career:

    • Substitute experience with relevant knowledge and skills, vital for the oral surgery assistant role
    • Highlight any relevant certifications and education - to showcase that you have the relevant technical training for the job
    • Definitely include a professional portfolio of your work so far that could include university projects or ones you've done in your free time
    • Have a big focus on your transferable skills to answer what further value you'd bring about as a candidate for the oral surgery assistant job
    • Include an objective to highlight how you see your professional growth, as part of the company
    pro tip icon
    Pro tip

    The wording of your experience items should be with active, power verbs, instead of adjectives. Always be specific about each item you detail, and never overuse vague buzzwords. You weren't just "organized", but rather "Enhanced internal work processes to optimize operational management by 65%".

    Oral surgery assistant resume skills: showcasing both hard and soft skills

    Your oral surgery assistant resume should show recruiters your range of skills. List the tools and software you use (hard skills) and how they fit into your daily tasks. But don't stop there. Share the personal traits (soft skills) you've gained from your experiences. Here's how:

    • Showcase three top career achievements.
    • For each achievement, mention a hard and a soft skill you used.
    • Highlight unique skills that set you apart.
    • Discuss how your skills improved the workplace or team culture.

    Check our list for popular hard and soft skills in the industry.

    Top skills for your oral surgery assistant resume

    Knowledge of Oral Surgery Procedures

    Patient Care and Monitoring

    Medical Terminology Knowledge

    CPR Certification

    Sterilization Procedures

    Dental Software Proficiency

    Radiology Skills

    Anesthesia Administration

    Infection Control Practices

    Patient Records Management


    Communication Skills

    Empathy and Bedside Manner

    Attention to Detail

    Critical Thinking

    Stress Management

    Problem-solving Abilities



    Interpersonal Skills

    Time Management

    pro tip icon
    Pro tip

    Double-check the spelling of all skills and tools on your resume. Remember, software like the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) scans for these details.

    Detailing your education and top oral surgery assistant certifications on your resume

    Your education section can reflect a variety of skills and experiences relevant to the position.

    • List post-secondary qualifications, noting the institution and duration.
    • If you're currently studying, mention your expected graduation date.
    • Exclude qualifications unrelated to the role or industry.
    • If relevant, delve into your educational background, especially if it was research-intensive.

    Including both relevant education and certifications on your oral surgery assistant resume can set you apart. It not only showcases your qualifications but also your commitment to the profession.

    When listing these on your oral surgery assistant resume, make sure to:

    • Highlight degrees and certificates relevant to the role.
    • Mention the awarding institution for credibility.
    • Include the start and end dates, or if the education/certification is ongoing.
    • If relevant, incorporate a few keywords from the job advert within the description of the certification or degree.

    If you have additional certifications not directly related to the role, consider placing them towards the end of your resume. This way, they can be viewed as personal interests rather than core qualifications.

    For a quick update, check out our list of popular oral surgery assistant certifications curated by the Enhancv team.

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    Best certifications to list on your resume

    pro tip icon
    Pro tip

    If you're in the process of obtaining a certification listed in the job requirements but haven't completed it yet, be transparent. Mention your ongoing training and the expected completion date. Honesty is always the best policy on a resume.

    Summary or objective: making your oral surgery assistant resume shine

    Start your resume with a strong summary or objective to grab the recruiter's attention.

    • Use a resume objective if you're newer to the field. Share your career dreams and strengths.
    • Opt for a resume summary if you have more experience. Highlight up to five of your top achievements.

    Tailor your summary or objective for each job. Think about what the recruiter wants to see.

    top sections icon

    Resume summary and objective examples for a oral surgery assistant resume

  • Seasoned Oral Surgery Assistant boasting 10 years of hands-on experience in a leading healthcare center. Proficient in surgical procedures, infection control, and patient care. Recognized for elevating patient satisfaction scores by 20% within one year.
  • With over 8 years of experience as an Oral Surgery Assistant at a renowned dental clinic, I am adept at managing complex patient cases, instrument sterilization, and assisting with surgeries. Achieved ‘Employee of the Year’ award twice consecutively for exceptional performance.
  • Former General Nurse transitioning to the field of oral surgery assistance, carrying 12 years of experience in patient care. Acquainted with surgical protocols, medical terminology, and patient management. Commended for reducing post-surgery infections by 15% in last role.
  • Experienced Physiotherapist aspiring to leverage robust patient handling skills into a role as an Oral Surgery Assistant. Gained knowledge of dental procedures through additional coursework. Praised for effective communication and organizational skills in previous roles.
  • Eager to apply my strong commitment to high-quality patient care and recently acquired certification in dental assisting, towards contributing to a reputed oral surgery practice. Keen to utilize my proficiency in dental tools and software, coupled with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Highly motivated Dental Hygiene graduate seeking an entry-level position as an Oral Surgery Assistant. Ready to employ academic knowledge, practical internship experience, and a passion for providing compassionate care in a challenging and progressive environment.
  • Additional sections to elevate your oral surgery assistant resume

    To further differentiate your oral surgery assistant application, consider adding sections like:

    These sections can further demonstrate your technical acumen and interpersonal skills.

    Key takeaways

    • The format and layout of your oral surgery assistant resume should reflect your career experience;
    • Use the resume summary and objective to highlight your most prominent accomplishments;
    • Always be specific about your experience and consider what value each bullet adds to your oral surgery assistant application;
    • Consider how your academic background and technical capabilities could further showcase your alignment to the role;
    • Your soft skills should contribute to your overall oral surgery assistant profile - aligning your personality with your professional self.
    oral surgery assistant resume example

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