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Apr 4, 2023 4 min read

When looking for a job, you should always consider the biggest professional network out there – LinkedIn.

A professional note to recruiter on LinkedIn can get you one step closer to getting your dream job with almost no effort on your part.

However, don’t relax just yet – writing notes to recruiters is not as easy as it sounds.

The issue here is that recruiters receive hundreds of InMails on LinkedIn on a daily basis, and you really need to try to stick out from the rest.

We are here to help you improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters, in this article, we are going to explore the following questions:

  • What is LinkedIn InMail?
  • How to message a recruiter on LinkedIn?

And we are going to wrap things up with a few example messages to get you started on your own message to send to a recruiter on LinkedIn.

If it all sounds good, let’s not waste any more time and dive in.

What is LinkedIn InMail?

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LinkedIn InMail is a tool in the professional platform LinkedIn that allows you to send a short note to users that are in your outer circle.

If you are using the free version of LinkedIn, you can only message users who are in your 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree connections list, but if you have taken on the paid version, you can message anyone on the platform.

LinkedIn InMail is a great tool for networking with recruiters and getting one step closer to your dream job.

But first, you need to know how to use it properly, or your messages might never be opened.

How to message a recruiter on LinkedIn?

Now that you know what LinkedIn InMail is, it is time to find out how to send a note to a recruiter using that tool.

Send a connection request with a personalized message

Whenever you want to contact a recruiter on LinkedIn, you should consider sending a personalized message, along with your connection request.

This way, your message gets noticed more easily, and you have a greater chance of making the connection and starting a conversation.

You don’t need to make your note too complicated, as these messages are typically up to 300 words long.

It is enough for you to introduce yourself and sharing the reasons for you reaching out.

Send a follow-up message after the recruiter accepts your request

As recruiters receive and accept tons of connections on LinkedIn on a daily basis, it is important for you to not miss out on writing a follow-up message to them.

That’s where you should thank them for accepting your connection request, and go a little deeper in why you are reaching out to them.

If you are looking for a new position, or you are particularly interested in an open position you have seen, you should definitely attach your resume with that message.

But make sure your resume is good and ready to get you the job by creating a unique design using our Resume Builder.

Establish a friendship

Now that you have established the initial connection on LinkedIn, it is essential for you to maintain a relationship with the recruiter.

You need to keep in touch and check with them for any open positions that might match your profile, periodically,

However, don’t be too pushy, you should not message them on weekly basis asking for updates, as that will get off-putting, and you will not create a good relationship with the recruiter.

Instead, message them every 2-3 months, and eventually your efforts will pay out.

If you manage to establish a good relationship with the recruiter, you might not even need to circle back and message them at all, as they will start messaging you with suitable positions.

Example messages to send to recruiter on LinkedIn

Now that you know how to establish a connection with the recruiter on LinkedIn, it might be of great help to you to see some example messages that you can send to them.

Check them out and use them to create your own personalized messages to send to recruiters.

When you have applied for a job position

Hi Jane,

I am happy that I found out that you are currently looking for a new marketing specialist in your company. After a Master’s degree in Marketing and three years of work experience in the field, I have become absolutely sure that this is my passion. I believe my skills and experience would fit perfectly in what you are looking for. I have already submitted my application in your web job portal, and if you have time, I would love to discuss how my experience and qualifications match the job.

Thank you for your time!

When you want to learn more about an open position

Hi John,

I hope your day is going great! My name is Jane Doe, and I am interested in working at your company. I have noticed that you have an open position in your sales department. I have a question about the position, and I hope you can help out – do you know if the company can sponsor a visa application for this role, as I am a citizen of France?

Many thanks for your time answering my question!


Jane Doe

When you want to ask if a position is still open

Hi Jake,

I am writing to ask about a job opening for a content writer that I saw on a LinkedIn job board. The ad was placed over a month ago, and I was just wondering if the position has been filled? If you are still in search for someone to fill the position, I would love us to discuss my qualifications and experience.

Many thanks for your help and your time!

Best wishes,

John Doe

When you want to ask about internship opportunities

Hi Joanna,

My name is Jake Doe, and I am currently in my second year of a Master’s degree in data science. I have been following your company on LinkedIn for quite some time now and would like to ask if you have any vacancies for interns this summer? I have experience in data analysis, as well as some programming languages. I am attaching my resume just in case an opportunity turns up.

Thank you for your time and consideration, hope to hear from you soon!


Jake Doe


We are all done, now you know how to send a note to a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Just to make sure you have everything you need to get this right, let’s do a quick recap:

  • Send a connection request with a personalized message – you need to add a personalized message, so that the recruiter would take some interest and accept your connection request
  • Send a follow-up message after the recruiter accepts your request – that’s where you should thank them for accepting your request, and go a little deeper in the reason you contacted them
  • Establish a friendship – you need to keep in touch with the recruiter, but don’t be too pushy, messaging them once every 2-3 months is enough

Check out our example messages to send to recruiters on LinkedIn once again, and start working on your own personalized note to recruiters.

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