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Top Architect Project Manager sections that make the best resume

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers & results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

How to write the perfect Architect Project Manager resume experience section

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Architect Project Manager Experience Section Checklist:
  • Keep it short: use no more than 4-6 bullet points per position;
  • Go for short, easy-to-read sentences to keep recruiters engaged;
  • Focus on relevant job experience that will enhance your application;
  • Describe your experience using the C-A-R (challenge, action, result) methodology;
  • Ditch buzzwords and go for power words instead.

If you prefer to be led by example, check out some great Architect Project Manager resume experience section snippets below!

Work Experience
Architect Project Manager
ABC Architects
01/2018 05/2022
  • Managed a team of 15 architects and successfully completed 10 projects on time and within budget
  • Developed and implemented a sustainable design strategy that resulted in a 20% reduction in energy consumption in a commercial building
  • Negotiated contracts with vendors and reduced project costs by 15%
  • Managed the design and construction of a $15 million cultural facility, resulting in a LEED Platinum certification
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to develop proposals and won 3 major projects worth over $50 million
Work Experience
Architect Project Manager
Gomez Construction Co.
01/2016 06/2021
  • Oversaw 10 projects at once, ensuring on-time delivery and within budget constraints, with a 95% success rate.
  • Implemented new project management software, resulting in a 25% increase in efficiency and cost savings.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with clients, architects, subcontractors, and vendors, leading to a 20% increase in new business.
  • Led a team of 15 people, including project engineers, construction managers, and superintendents.
  • Ensured compliance with all safety regulations, resulting in zero on-site accidents in 5 years.
  • Managed all project-related financials, including budgets, cost reports, and billing, with 100% accuracy.
  • Facilitated weekly project status meetings with stakeholders, resulting in better communication and issue resolution.
Work Experience
Project Manager
Rodriguez Construction, Inc.
02/2013 12/2015
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, with a total project value of $12M.
  • Ensured compliance with all project specifications and regulations, resulting in 100% client satisfaction.
  • Led weekly project meetings with architects, engineers, and subcontractors, resulting in successful project completion and minimal change orders.
  • Prepared and managed project schedules, with a 90% adherence rate to deadlines.
  • Managed project finances, including billing, change orders, and cost control, with a 98% accuracy rate.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals.
  • Implemented a new safety program, resulting in zero on-site accidents in the past three years.
  • Provided regular project updates to upper management, resulting in increased transparency and improved decision-making.
Work Experience
Project Engineer
Ace Building Co.
06/2011 01/2013
  • Assisted in the management of $20M construction project from start to finish, ensuring adherence to schedule and budget constraints.
  • Reviewed and processed submittals and RFI's, resulting in timely project completion and reduced change orders.
  • Managed the tracking and delivery of materials and equipment, with a 95% success rate.
  • Created and maintained project logs and documentation, ensuring easy access to critical project information.
  • Assisted with project scheduling and cost control, resulting in a 10% cost savings for the client.
  • Collaborated with project team members to ensure project success, resulting in 100% client satisfaction.
Work Experience
Project Manager
Trahan Architects
2018-01 2021-12
  • Managed a team of 10+ designers and architects to deliver a $10M mixed-use facility in New Orleans on time and on budget.
  • Negotiated contracts and managed relationships with contractors and vendors resulting in a 15% cost savings on a $5M cultural facility project.
  • Developed and implemented sustainable design strategies resulting in a 20% reduction in energy consumption for a $15M educational facility project.
Work Experience
Design Architect
Studio M Architects
2015-06 2018-01
  • Designed and managed the construction of a $5M residential complex, meeting all project milestones and client expectations.
  • Developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy for a $10M institutional project resulting in LEED Platinum certification.
  • Collaborated with contractors and consultants to ensure successful construction of a $20M commercial project within budget and on schedule.
Work Experience
Project Designer
Smith & Associates
2013-06 2015-06
  • Designed and managed the construction of a $2M commercial building, meeting all project milestones and client expectations.
  • Developed innovative design solutions for a $5M institutional project, resulting in increased functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Collaborated with consultants and contractors to ensure successful construction of a $3M residential project within budget and on schedule.
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Check the Architect Project Manager job description for inspiration. Look for similarities between your employer’s values and your experience.

Action Verbs for your Architect Project Manager Resume

Finding what the unique words for your [Job Title] position are is difficult. That’s why the Enhancv team went through thousands of resumes that got people hired at top companies. Forget about sounding boring. These action words will help you showcase your strongest personality traits in the most intriguing way possible!

Top Architect Project Manager Skills for Your Resume

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The Ultimate Architect Project Manager Skills Section Checklist:
  • Balance between all kinds of hard skills – technical, analytical, etc.
  • When it comes to technical skills, match them to the job description;
  • Add keywords present in the job advert to pass ATS;
  • Don’t forget to list transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, work ethic, and presentation skills.
Top skills for your architect project manager resume

Project Planning


Building Codes and Regulations

Construction Documentation

Budget Management

Risk Management

Quality Control

Contract Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Systems Design



Effective Communication

Time Management

Problem Solving


Attention to Detail


Team Building


Conflict Resolution

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When picking skills to feature in your resume, make sure they'll be relevant to the position you’re applying to. The point of listing skills is for you to stand out from the competition. Stay away from repetitive, meaningless skills that everyone uses in their resumes. Or else, they’ll backfire and make you look like an average candidate.

what to write in your resume header
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Impressive Architect Project Manager resume summary checklist:
  • Point out the achievements that make you a valuable applicant;
  • Mention the total years of experience you have;
  • Highlight the things you believe make you the best fit for the position;
  • Keep it short: aim at having no more than 3-5 sentences.
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Resume summary formula:
Resume Summary Formula: [Adjective] [job title] with [number] years of experience in [industry], a proven ability to [relevant, measurable skills], and a strong background in [relevant context of your work experience] seeks a position as [the job title you’re applying for].
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Read the job description carefully and understand what the hiring company is exactly looking for. After that, write your summary accordingly while highlighting your potential and ability to be the best at that job.

Choosing the Best Format for Your Architect Project Manager Resume

The content of your Architect Project Manager resume is what will get you hired, right?

But even when your content’s amazing and you’re a true over-achiever, recruiters might not think you’re a good fit if your resume looks messy or is not formatted the right way.

In general, there are three basic resume formats we advise you to stick with:

Deciding which one to use depends on your experience, the industry, and the company. In short — you need to know what your applicant profile is.

For instance, reverse-chronological resumes are great for people with over 10 years of experience and no employment gaps. Here, you need to list all your relevant experience in a reverse-chronological format, starting from the most recent and going back to less recent positions.

Functional skills-based resumes, on the other hand, are great for entry-level applicants, graduate students, or people who have different kinds of experience. It focuses on skills, education, and character traits, rather than experience.

If none of these work for you, and you dream of adopting a more creative approach that makes a difference, the combination (or hybrid) resume format is exactly what you’re looking for. It allows you to focus on both your experience and your skills, making it a ‘best of both worlds’ format. It’s also suitable for those who want to spice things up by adding different creative sections (e.g. ‘life philosophy’ or ‘what my day looks like’).

After choosing the right format for your Architect Project Manager resume, it’s time to perfect the layout and style.

Looking for more ways to make your application stand out? Read this article!

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