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Your marketing cover letter must quickly capture the hiring manager's attention. It should highlight your most impactful achievements that align with the job's requirements. Demonstrate your creativity and how it translates into successful campaigns. Let your passion for the field shine through, as enthusiasm can be as compelling as experience.

All cover letter examples in this guide

Crafting a marketing cover letter can feel like a puzzle, especially when you're already deep into the job-hunting process. You know your resume lists achievements neatly, but the cover letter is your chance to shine, delving into that one professional triumph you're truly proud of. It's a formal handshake in words—no clichés, just your authentic story on a single page. Ready to stand out? Let's navigate through this essential piece of your application together.

Check out our marketing cover letter guide to find out how to:

  • Write a marketing cover letter that helps you stand out (and get the job);
  • Understand how to start and end your marketing cover letter with the appropriate greeting;
  • What to include in the body of your marketing cover letter to put your best foot forward;
  • Your most important achievements - how to present them as part of your marketing cover letter.

And if you want to make your life even easier, simply drag and drop your marketing resume into Enhancv's AI cover letter generator, and it will write your cover letter for you in just a few moments.

Marketing cover letter example

Sarah Miller

Syracuse, NY



Dear Hiring Manager,

I was thrilled to discover the opportunity at your esteemed company. Your commitment to fostering innovation aligns perfectly with my proven track record in driving impactful marketing strategies and significant revenue growth in the financial services sector.

At Bank of America, I spearheaded a pivotal re-architecture of a core SaaS product, which not only expedited the platform deployment time for our clients by two months but also solidified our market position as a leading innovator. This initiative exemplifies my capability to manage intricate projects and leverage technical tools to deliver tangible business outcomes. I thrive in environments where I can blend strategic thinking with analytical skills to execute initiatives that propel the company forward.

I am eager to contribute my expertise to your team and am confident that my unique blend of strategic and operational experience would be a valuable asset. I would appreciate the chance to discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasms can align with the exciting goals of your company.


Sarah Miller

Marketing Coordinator | Project Manager | Financial Services Specialist
What makes this cover letter good:

  • Aligning with Company Values: Starting the cover letter by expressing excitement about the company's mission on innovation demonstrates an understanding of and alignment with the company culture, which is key in showing personal fit.
  • Relevant Experience: Highlighting a past successful project with a similar company, such as Bank of America, provides concrete evidence of the candidate's capability to handle similar responsibilities in the new role, showcasing their direct experience in the sector.
  • Skills and Achievements: Mentioning the management of intricate projects and leverage of technical tools showcases the candidate's strategic thinking and analytical skills, which are essential for a Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager role focused on driving growth and innovation.
  • Eagerness and Fit: Concluding with the candidate's eagerness to contribute and a statement of confidence in their suitability for the role invites the hiring manager to consider how the candidate's background aligns with the company's needs, creating an opening for further discussion.

The format of your marketing cover letter: structure, fonts, margins, and more

Your marketing cover letter should include a header (with your name, position, and date); a greeting and introductory paragraph; a body and closing paragraphs; and an optional signature.

Remember that you're writing your marketing cover letter for recruiters - as the Applicant Tracker System won't scan this content.

Here are a few more tips and tricks to keep in mind when formatting your marketing cover letter:

top sections icon

The top sections on a marketing cover letter

  • Header: Includes your contact information, date, and the employer's details to ensure that your cover letter appears professional and to make it easy for the recruiter to reply to your application.
  • Greeting: Addresses the hiring manager by name if possible, demonstrating your attention to detail and personalizing your cover letter which is important in a marketing role that values customer relationships.
  • Introduction: Captivates with a strong opening statement that highlights your excitement for the position and company, as well as your unique marketing value proposition, which is crucial for making a memorable first impression.
  • Body: Elaborates on your relevant marketing experience, achievements with measurable results, and specific skills related to the job description, thereby showing evidence that you can excel in the position.
  • Closing: Ends with a call to action such as requesting an interview and reiterating your enthusiasm for the role, which mirrors marketing strategies by encouraging the next step in the engagement process.
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Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Proficiency in digital marketing tools: Recruiters value candidates with hands-on experience using SEO tools, Google Analytics, and social media management platforms, as it demonstrates the ability to analyze and optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Strong communication skills: Whether it's crafting compelling ad copy or negotiating with vendors, excellent written and verbal communication is crucial for effectively conveying brand messages and collaborating with team members.

  • Creativity and innovation: Creativity sets apart strategies in a competitive market. Candidates who can demonstrate originality in campaign ideas or problem-solving show they can help a brand stand out.

  • Project management experience: Marketing roles often involve managing multiple projects simultaneously, so the ability to plan, prioritize, and execute projects efficiently is highly sought after.

  • Data-driven decision-making ability: A candidate's experience with data analysis to inform marketing strategies proves they can make informed decisions that drive measurable business outcomes.

  • Understanding of consumer behavior and market trends: Being able to anticipate and respond to consumer needs and market shifts shows that a candidate can develop strategies that align with the target audience and current industry landscape.

How to address hiring managers in your marketing cover letter greeting

Goodbye, "Dear Sir/Madam" or "To whom it may concern!"

The salutation of your marketing cover letter is how you kick off your professional communication with the hiring managers.

And you want it to start off a bit more personalized and tailored, to catch the recruiters' attention.

Take the time to find out who's recruiting for the role (via LinkedIn or the company page).

If you have previously chatted or emailed the hiring managers, address them on a first or last name basis.

The alternative is a "Dear HR team" or "Dear Hiring Manger", but remember that a "Dear Ms. Simmons" or "Dear Simon," could get you farther ahead than an impersonal greeting.

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List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [Company Name] Recruiting Team,
  • Dear [Department Name] Team,
  • Dear [Mr./Ms. Last Name],
  • Dear [Job Title] Hiring Committee,
  • Dear [First Name Last Name of the Contact Person],

How to start your marketing cover letter introduction

The opening paragraph of your marketing cover letter can seem like a real enigma.

Where do you start writing?

In your marketing cover letter introduction, focus on yourself by stating what:

  • gets you motivated and excited about the role;
  • you like best about the company, from culture to awards.

Write no more than two sentences, which are both authentic and show your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Intro Paragraph
Immersed in the groundbreaking branding strategies that [Company Name] has pioneered, I am keen to contribute to your team's success with my expertise in innovative marketing solutions.

That one achievement in your marketing cover letter body

The lengthiest part of your marketing cover letter is the body.

Within the next three to six middle paragraphs, present yourself as the best candidate for the role.

How can you do that without retelling your whole professional resume?

Select one key achievement that covers job-crucial skills and technologies (and is memorable).

Within the body of your marketing cover letter, aim to tell the story of how you achieved your success. Also, write about how this would help out your potential team.

Body Paragraph
Leading a team in a mid-sized tech firm, I orchestrated a product launch campaign that exceeded KPIs by 150%. By leveraging targeted content strategies and data-driven SEO, our campaign bolstered web traffic by 70% and increased conversion rates by 30%, culminating in a 45% uplift in quarterly sales.

Closing paragraph basics: choose between a promise and a call to action

You've done all the hard work - congratulations! You've almost reached the end of your marketing cover letter.

But how do you ensure recruiters, who have read your application this far, remember you?

Most marketing professionals end their cover letter with a promise - hinting at their potential and what they plan on achieving if they're hired.

Another option would be to include a call for follow-up, where you remind recruiters that you're very interested in the opportunity (and look forward to hearing from them, soon).

Choose to close your marketing cover letter in the way that best fits your personality.

Closing Paragraph
Eager to bring my expertise to your team, I look forward to discussing how my skills align with the goals of your company. Please consider me for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Marketing cover letter advice for candidates with no experience

If you're worried about writing your Marketing cover letter and have no professional experience, we sure have some advice for you.

Turn recruiters' attention to your transferable or relevant skills gained thanks to your life and work experience.

Instead of writing about past jobs, focus on one achievement (whether from your volunteering experience, education, etc.) and the skills it has helped you build.

Alternatively, you could focus your Marketing cover letter on your career objectives and goals. Always remember to make those relevant to the job you're applying for by detailing how you see yourself growing as part of the company.

Recruiters would be way more impressed with candidates who fit the job profile and can bring about plenty of skills and vision to the table.

Key takeaways

Turning your marketing cover letter into a success is all about staying authentic to yourself and relevant to the job:

  • Be creative with your marketing cover letter introduction by stating something you enjoy about the company (that is genuine) or about your skill set (to get the recruiters' interested);
  • Use single spacing and have a one-inch margin wrapping all around the content of your marketing cover letter;
  • Select just one past achievement from your career or life to tell a story of how you've obtained job-crucial skills and how they'd be beneficial to the role;
  • The finishing paragraph of your marketing cover letter doesn't necessarily have to be a signature but could be a promise of what you plan to achieve in the role;
  • Instead of focusing on your lack of experience, spotlight your transferable skills, one relevant achievement, and career dreams.

Marketing cover letter examples

Explore additional marketing cover letter samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Marketing Intern

When applying for a Marketing Intern position, underscore any relevant coursework or projects such as 'Introduction to Marketing' or 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals'. It's beneficial to showcase analytical skills and prior experience with social media campaigns or market research. Detail how you've applied academic knowledge to achieve results in any previous roles or class simulations, adhering to a 'skill-action-result' framework. Emphasize your enthusiasm for learning industry trends and how your contributions could support the company's marketing initiatives.
View Marketing Intern Cover Letter

By Role

Affiliate Marketing

For an Affiliate Marketing position, underscore any digital marketing capabilities or experience handling online campaigns. It’s critical to showcase your proficiency with performance metrics, such as click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. If you have proficiency in affiliate software or platforms, mention these clearly. Briefly outline how your analytical skills led to improved campaign outcomes by following a 'metric-strategy-impact' structure. Highlight any partnerships you’ve managed and describe how your contributions led to revenue growth or enhanced partnership relationships.
View Affiliate Marketing Cover Letter

Business Marketing

When aiming for an entry-level position in Business Marketing, showcasing your understanding of market research and strategy development is critical. Highlight your experience with marketing campaigns or social media management. Be sure to mention any marketing courses or workshops you've attended, such as 'Digital Marketing Essentials' or 'Brand Management Basics'. Illustrate how your marketing ideas have positively impacted past projects or internships, focusing on the correlation between your strategic input and the tangible outcomes, using the 'strategy-implementation-effect' framework in your explanations. For an entry-level Business Analyst role, underscore your analytical and data interpretation skills. Mention any experience with data analysis tools or software like Excel or SQL. If you’ve taken courses like 'Business Analytics' or 'Data Science for Business', emphasize these to show your technical proficiency. Provide a concise example of how your data-driven insights led to a decision or solution that benefitted a group project or previous job, using a ‘data-discovery-impact’ method to clearly outline the value you brought. In consideration for an entry-level Project Coordinator position, it’s important to highlight your organizational and project management abilities. Discuss any experience with coordinating tasks, leading groups, or managing schedules. Include participation in workshops or courses like 'Introduction to Project Management' or 'Team Leadership Skills'. Describe a particular instance where your organizational acumen led to the successful completion of a project or task, aligning your skills with the outcome through a 'planning-execution-success' narrative.
View Business Marketing Cover Letter

Content Marketing

When pursuing a Content Marketing role, spotlight any relevant writing, blogging, or social media management history. Showcasing your ability to craft engaging content and understanding of SEO principles can set you apart. Highlight any courses such as 'Content Strategy for Professionals' you've completed. Use clear examples illustrating how your content has improved traffic or engagement, adopting a 'content-goal-metric' structure to demonstrate the measurable impact of your work. Include metrics to quantify your successes for potential employers.
View Content Marketing Cover Letter

Creative Marketing

For a Creative Marketing position, stress your experience with digital content creation and campaign management. Detail your proficiency in using software such as Adobe Creative Suite and your ability to analyze market trends to craft targeted strategies. Mention any successful campaigns you've contributed to and the results they yielded. Discuss how your creativity has led to increased brand engagement or revenue growth, showing your impact with a 'concept-execution-metrics' approach. Highlight any workshops or courses taken such as 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals' or 'Brand Storytelling' to substantiate your expertise.
View Creative Marketing Cover Letter

Ecommerce Marketing

When applying for an Entry-Level Ecommerce Marketing position, highlight any digital marketing experience or projects. Showcase your proficiency in SEO, PPC campaigns, or social media marketing, which are crucial in driving online sales. Include any courses completed such as 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals' or 'Social Media Advertising,' noting the duration to demonstrate your commitment to the field. Use concrete examples of past campaigns you've run or contributed to, describing your role, the strategy implemented, and the tangible outcomes, such as increased traffic or conversion rates.
View Ecommerce Marketing Cover Letter

Email Marketing

When applying for an Email Marketing position, be sure to emphasize your experience with email campaign management, A/B testing, and proficiency with platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Highlight your ability to analyze campaign performance metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates, and how you've used this data to improve engagement. Mention any successful campaigns you've executed that significantly increased leads or sales. Use a 'strategy-implementation-impact' structure to demonstrate how your tactics have directly contributed to business growth.
View Email Marketing Cover Letter

Event Marketing

For an Event Marketing role, it's essential to showcase your organizational skills and your ability to manage multiple tasks effectively. Emphasize your experience with marketing software and social media platforms. If you have coordinated events or campaigns before, describe the event size and the results, such as increased attendance or social media engagement. Use a ‘task-impact-outcome’ format to demonstrate how your marketing strategies have successfully promoted events in the past. Don't forget to mention any relevant coursework or workshops you've attended.
View Event Marketing Cover Letter

Experiential Marketing

When seeking a role in Experiential Marketing, it's important to showcase creative thinking and project management skills. Detail hands-on experience with brand activations or event planning, even on a small scale. Highlight proficiency in customer engagement strategies and touch upon your ability to analyze campaign effectiveness. Mention any relevant coursework, like 'Event Marketing Strategies' or 'Consumer Behavior'. Use specific examples with a 'concept-execution-impact' structure to demonstrate how your innovative ideas have successfully captivated audiences and created memorable brand experiences.
View Experiential Marketing Cover Letter

Fashion Marketing

For a Fashion Marketing entry-level role, emphasize any experience in the fashion industry or relevant marketing internships. Highlight your ability to analyze trends and use social media platforms to boost brand presence. Mention any successful marketing campaigns you've contributed to, showing your understanding of branding strategies. If you've taken courses like 'Fashion Merchandising' or 'Digital Marketing,' include them. Use a 'skill-action-result' model to detail specific marketing projects and their impact on your past roles.
View Fashion Marketing Cover Letter

Freelance Marketing Consultant

As a Freelance Marketing Consultant, it's important to showcase a history of successful marketing campaigns and client satisfaction. Emphasize your proficiency in digital marketing tools and analytical software. Point out any specialty areas like SEO or social media strategy, and mention relevant certifications such as 'Google Analytics' or 'Digital Marketing Masterclass'. Describe measurable outcomes you've achieved for clients using a 'strategy-implementation-impact' framework. Highlight your ability to work independently, adjust strategies rapidly, and manage multiple projects, which will demonstrate your versatility and result-oriented approach.
View Freelance Marketing Consultant Cover Letter

Growth Marketing

When seeking a Growth Marketing position, underscore any experience with digital marketing tools and analytics platforms. It's essential to showcase a data-driven mindset and ability to leverage metrics to drive marketing strategies. Mention any successful campaigns you've spearheaded, particularly those that have resulted in measurable growth. Cite familiarity with SEO, content marketing, and social media strategies, giving examples of past increases in user engagement or conversion rates. Use a 'challenge-solution-impact' framework to demonstrate how your interventions have led to positive outcomes.
View Growth Marketing Cover Letter

Influencer Marketing

When applying for a position in Influencer Marketing, it's important to showcase your knowledge of social media platforms and trends. Detail your ability to build relationships with influencers and your understanding of audience engagement strategies. If you've managed successful influencer campaigns, outline your role and the campaign's impact, using clear metrics like follower growth or conversion rates. Mention any relevant courses, such as 'Social Media Marketing' or 'Influencer Relations', and specify the skills you've gained from them. Use a concise 'action-impact' approach to demonstrate your expertise and results.
View Influencer Marketing Cover Letter

Marketing And Sales

For a Marketing and Sales position, emphasize your understanding of market research and strategy implementation. Include experiences where you've successfully developed and executed marketing campaigns, and discuss your ability to work collaboratively with sales teams. Highlight your proficiency with digital marketing tools and how they've driven results. By showcasing your analytical skills and how they informed sales decisions, follow a 'strategy-implementation-outcome' format to demonstrate direct impact. For a Sales position, focus on your track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets. Detail your ability to build relationships, manage a sales pipeline, and close deals. Mention any sales methodologies or CRM systems you're proficient in. If you've had experience with cold-calling or prospecting, outline how these activities led to successful sales. Use a 'technique-achievement-impact' structure to underscore your contributions and their benefit to previous employers.
View Marketing And Sales Cover Letter

Marketing Assistant

When seeking a Marketing Assistant position, stress any hands-on marketing or related internship experience you've acquired. Proficiency in marketing tools and software like Google Analytics or social media platforms should be highlighted. If you've completed courses such as 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals' or 'Social Media Strategy', be sure to mention these, including their timeframes. Illustrate how your expertise has driven campaigns or increased engagement by using a ‘skill-application-outcome’ formula in your examples.
View Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

Marketing Associate

When crafting a cover letter for a Marketing Associate position, highlight any marketing campaigns you've been a part of, especially where you analyzed market trends or consumer behavior. If you've engaged in digital marketing or social media promotion, detail your achievements with metrics to demonstrate effective reach or engagement. Courses like 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals' or 'Consumer Behavior Analysis' should be underscored. Use a 'challenge-action-result' format to describe how your strategic marketing initiatives have led to increased brand awareness or sales for your past employers.
View Marketing Associate Cover Letter

Marketing Coordinator

When aiming for a Marketing Coordinator role, it's essential to showcase any direct marketing campaign or project management experiences. Highlight your proficiency with digital marketing tools and social media platforms. Mention any successful campaigns you've coordinated, demonstrating your ability to manage timelines and resources effectively. If you have analytics and SEO knowledge, detail how you've used these skills to increase engagement or sales in a past role. Use a straightforward 'challenge-strategy-impact' format to describe your accomplishments.
View Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter

Marketing Specialist

When targeting a Marketing Specialist role, stress your expertise in market analysis, content creation, and digital marketing tools. If you've managed campaigns or social media profiles, detail this experience. Show proficiency in SEO and data analytics by mentioning any projects or courses like 'Digital Marketing Analytics' you've completed. Applying a 'strategy-implementation-outcome' framework, describe how your marketing strategies have increased visibility or sales. Highlight understanding of consumer behavior and adaptability to marketing trends to showcase how you can drive successful campaigns.
View Marketing Specialist Cover Letter

Product Marketing

Seeking a Product Marketing position requires showing a grasp of market analysis and product positioning. Stress any direct experience with product launches or marketing campaigns. Highlight skills like proficiency in customer segmentation, competitor analysis, and using metrics to guide strategy—mention key tools you're familiar with, like Google Analytics or SEMrush. Outline successful projects with the 'challenge-solution-impact' structure, demonstrating how your involvement carried tangible benefits. If applicable, point to any relevant courses or workshops you've completed to underline your commitment to the field.
View Product Marketing Cover Letter

Sports Marketing

For a Sports Marketing position, it's important to emphasize your understanding of sports-focused promotional strategies and audience engagement tactics. Draw attention to your expertise in digital marketing platforms, social media trends relevant to sports fans, and any successful campaigns you've managed or contributed to. Detailing achievements with quantifiable metrics, such as increased fan base or higher engagement rates, demonstrates the direct impact of your marketing skills. Remember to include any sports-related coursework or internships that have prepared you for this role.
View Sports Marketing Cover Letter


When applying for a Telemarketing position, showcase your excellent phone etiquette and persuasive communication skills. It's key to accent your experience with outbound calling and lead generation. Note any experience with CRM software and cold-calling scripts, highlighting your ability to quickly build rapport with prospects. Stress your patience and persistence in handling rejections, detailing your resilience through a 'challenge-action-result' framework. Mention successes in achieving or exceeding sales targets to quantify your potential impact on the company's goals.
View Telemarketing Cover Letter
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