Top Skills to Put on Dentist Resume in 2020

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Here’s how to include skills for Dentist resume

  • Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Business Development
  • Microsoft Office
  • Lead Generation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mejora continua

How to feature Dentist resume skills

How to use Dentistry in your dentist resume:

All aspects of general dentistry including Perio, Restorative, Fixed Prothesis, Invisalign

How to use Orthodontics in your dentist resume:

Invisalign case with the postgraduate orthodontics students

How to use Business Development in your dentist resume:

Building strategic marketing and business development plans.

How to use Communication in your dentist resume:

Provided communication and collaboration with coworkers.

How to use CRM in your dentist resume:

Regularly updated account information & opportunities on Salesforce CRM after every client visit.

How to use Sales Representative in your dentist resume:

Worked with and provided phone support for outside sales representatives.

How to use Leadership in your dentist resume:

Led the formation of a theological position of women in leadership resulting in the hire of our first woman pastor in 67 years.

How to describe your Dentist resume skills

PatientCommunicatorEthical ConcentratedArtistic Caring and ConcernedA LeaderInnovativeIntuitiveTrustworthyDetail OrientedCommitted
Aveon Software (Staff Roster)
Coupa ManagementFraedom Qualitrics (NPS)D4W Dental Software Oasis ManagementApplications Systems 400 POSOffice 365Xero
Training experienceTeaching experience Digital ScannersDental Lab TrainingDental ProceduresProsthodontics ProceduresCAD CAMInfection ControlSurgical InstrumentationOrthodonticsEthics and Code of Conduct,Intraoral ScannersSterilisationOrthoCADPhysiololgyAnatomySurgeryMedicineMedical DevicesDentistrySalesRoot Canal TreatmentITOutbound SalesCommunication Skills
AHPRA GuidelinesQuality Assurance SafetyComplianceAustralian Therapeutic GuidelinesHIPPATGAValidationISO 13485Root Cause AnalysisGCP
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