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Ben’s teacher resume is the perfect example of how to present all of your achievements and qualifications as a guidance counselor. His resume catches your eye by providing an effective overview of his personal ventures and professional experience in one page.

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Teacher Resume

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Ben is an Australian career practitioner (a type of career counselor who does coaching and teaching) who has found himself in the field on-and-off for the last decade. Beginning his longest consistent stint in the area in 2016, Ben designed his one-page resume to ensure no matter what part of his application the recruiter sees, they become interested. Ben notes that his Enhancv resume is the “cherry on top” as it fuses his resume and cover letter in an aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing way. This way, no matter if the recruiter spends one minute or ten seconds looking at his resume, they’ll see something of note and will want to hear more from him.

  • What Ben’s Teacher Resume Does Right

  • 1. It’s A Launching Pad

    Recruiters scan resumes for a minute if not a few seconds. This means you need to be short and sweet with the information you provide. Ben uses his resume as a launching pad to further resources that go more in-depth on his experience while also pinpointing key details that will catch your attention. This way, he doesn’t rely on his resume to have all the answers. It starts a conversation with recruiters which intrigues them to further investigate and offer him an interview.

  • 2. It’s Self Evident

    To be effective, your resume needs to speak for itself. There can be no difficulty in identifying the skills and talents that you are bringing to the table. Ben’s resume gives due regard to the certifications he has achieved and the education he has completed. With this, there is little time wasted on reading fine-print to see what makes him an individual candidate. It’s all laid out in front of you.

  • 3. Everything is Measured

    Vague statements on your achievements will make your resume look unplanned and rushed. Ben makes sure to define his achievements in his roles as Career Advisor and the Head of Humanities & Careers including increasing student retention from 45% to 90%. Defining success in this way ensures that your accomplishments are not only recognised, but understood. Recruiters then take these accomplishments and can identify where Ben can make an impact in their business. Ultimately, it places him in a great position to be considered for a vacancy.

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