Teacher Resume Example and guide for 2019

If you're not hearing back from a potential employer, often, it's not because you're not good enough. It's because your resume doesn't show your talent and expertise in the best possible way. If you're looking for the best teacher resume example out there, you're in the right place. With our advice you'll create a resume nobody can overlook.

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Ben Archer
Education Leadership
+359 88 888 8888
Canberra, ACT
Careers AdvisorSt. Francis Xavier College
01/2018 - Ongoing
Diocesan Catholic School
Coordinated College Information Night
Contributed to raising retention rate from 50% - 85%
Increased Australian School-based Apprenticeship rates to 25% of student cohort
Ran on-going university information sessions
Head of Humanities & CareersBrindabella Christian College
01/2014 - 12/2017
Independent Christian School
Increased student retention rate from 42% to 90% (2015-2017)
Developed and implemented three new College courses in Humanities Learning Area
Master of Business AdministrationUniversity of South Australia
2015 - Ongoing
Dean's Excellence Award (Sem 2, 2015)
Euan Crone Scholarship for Asian Awareness (2016)
Intensive unit at Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan (2017)
Graduate Certificate of Education (Career Development)University of Southern Queensland
2016 - 2017
Master of Religious EducationUniversity of Notre Dame
2012 - 2014
Professional Registration Career Development Association of Australia
Proficient TeacherNSW Education Standards Authority
Proficient TeacherACT Teacher Quality Institute
White Card & Asbestos AwarenessCanberra Institute of Technology
Senior First AidAblaze Training Solutions
Anaphylaxis TrainingACSIA
Project: Issues/Benefits in a Blended 10/11 Economics CourseGlobal Science and Technology Forum
Religious Education and ConsumerismBurgmann Journal (ANU Press)

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5 Best components of a Teacher Resume:

  • Experience relevant to the job you’re applying for
  • The right skills for the job (based on the posting)
  • Quantifiable achievements (Contributed to raising retention rate from 50% - 85%)
  • Examples of what makes you unique (Your usual day or your favorite books)
  • What you’re most proud of (displayed creatively)
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What does every teacher resume example needs to cover in the experience section?

What every teacher resume needs to include is a strong list of professionally presented experience. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Be Specific!

When writing your teacher experience section, remember that it's more important to show than just tell. Make each bullet point of your teacher resume experience section count, mentioning the impact you had in your previous positions. Make sure every point comes together with a concrete example. So don’t just say you’re great at customer support, demonstrate it.
Resume Strengths Example

Not just logical, but chronological too!

Another important part of your perfect experience section is to keeping it chronological. That means starting from the most recent position and continue further down. Also, never forget that you don't need to write every single position you've ever had. You know, like that waitressing job you did in college? Be mindful when choosing what you put in your teacher resume. The key here is to include only what a recruiter wants to see. And to find that, look through the job description in detail.

What's the average experience on resumes VS job description for a Teacher?

As you can see, the experience required by employers for a teacher job and the experience found in teacher resumes is well balanced. Still, you need to stand out during your job search. Follow our guide and advice on how to write the best teacher resume employers have ever seen.

Average Experience On Resumes vs Job Offers

avg. experience on resumes
avg. experience on job offers

 Source: enhancv.com

Resume Experience Example

Best skills for a Teacher resume

3 steps to follow when adding skills to your Teacher resume
  • List all the soft and hard skills.
  • Check the job description for a teacher position and write all the skills mentioned in it down too.
  • See which skills correlate, and those are the ones your teacher resume needs to feature.
List of the top 5 skills for resume:
  • child care
  • teacher assistant
  • special education
  • organizational skills
  • excel

Top 5 Skills On Resumes vs Job Offers

 Source: enhancv.com

Cause and Effect - Tell them how you made a difference!

Imagine you're at an interview. They ask you a question: What difference did you make in your previous school? The truth is, majority of potential employers ask this. And if you put the answer in your teacher resume, you'll be ahead of other applicants. Also, try to leave out all the buzzwords and only use sentences that really matter and make a difference in your teacher resume. Otherwise you'll be risking looking just like any other average candidate.
Resume Skills Example

Unique content ideas for a Teacher resume

Most recruiters read dozens (if not hundreds) of resumes a day. You need to make your teacher resume stand out for the right reasons. That means showing who you are as a person, not just a professional. Recruiters and hiring managers are far more likely to remember a candidate who seems like genuine person and not just a list of previous jobs and duties. Do this by including a link to a compelling personal website, talk about your passions (which is also a great place to demonstrate skills on a resume), or even share your favorite books.
Unique Resume Example

Tell them what you’re proud of!

The Most Proud Of is a section we're not used to seeing in traditional resumes. But in 2019, give it a go! This section can help you stand out as a candidate and an individual. Include something interesting about yourself, show where your true passions are. You can share a story about overcoming hardship, learning an important lesson, or just a triumph you had that means a lot to you. Either way, this is one of the best places to make your teacher resume really stand out.
Make your resume stand out
Writing a resume can feel quite overwhelming. We hope our guide for Teachers will help you write a resume to be proud of in 2019.

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