Must-Have Resume Skills for Regulatory Affairs

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What phrases to use in my Regulatory Affairs resume skills

  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • SQL
  • Word
  • PySpark
  • Data Mining
  • APIs

How to describe your Regulatory Affairs resume skills

How to use Excel in your regulatory affairs resume:

Developed excel macros to automate the creation of tables and charts for data analysis

How to use SQL in your regulatory affairs resume:

Engineered a python based data gathering solution to harness data from SQL, CSV and Excel files, and Prevalent APIs with Python and Postman

How to use Word in your regulatory affairs resume:

I have demonstrated competence in the use of word processing software, spreadsheet composition, creation of slide shows, and drafting of emails to be sent to customers or other departments.

How to use Data Mining in your regulatory affairs resume:

Engineered a python pandas based data mining solution to harness data from tools, files, and APIs

How to use Python in your regulatory affairs resume:

Ensured data tidiness and data quality in Python and Pandas

How to use Project Management in your regulatory affairs resume:

Project management of medical device design and development.

How to use NLP in your regulatory affairs resume:

Feature Engineering for NLP algorithms

How to feature Regulatory Affairs resume skills

Morphograph XiRocsRStudioCLC workbenchImageJ/fijiGISMatlabEndnoteAgrimonitorFlowJoGeneVestigatorGalaxyPythonMs ProjectMs OfficeELNCell-o-TapePLAZACytoscape
Lab Techniques
Flow cytometryCell sortingRT-qPCRPlant PhenotypingCloningConfocal ImagingPlant/Bacteria TransformationPCRGenotypingRoot/Leaf Growth AnalysisMicroarray analysisRNAseq analysis
LeadershipCreativeResults-oriented CommittedTeamworkMS Office
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