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Your administrative assistant cover letter must immediately highlight your organizational skills. Employers seek meticulous attention to detail in candidates. In the second paragraph, showcase your ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Your cover letter should reflect your interpersonal expertise and capacity for seamless office management.

All cover letter examples in this guide

Crafting a compelling administrative assistant cover letter can be a tricky part of your job search. You've found the perfect position, and the application calls for a cover letter, not just a repetition of your resume. It's your chance to share a standout achievement, giving it life beyond bullet points. Striking the balance between professionalism and a fresh, unique voice—without stepping into clichés—is essential, all while keeping it to one succinct page. Let's guide you through creating a cover letter that opens doors.

Discover our guide on writing your administrative assistant cover letter with tips and tricks on how to:

  • Introduce your profile to catch recruiters' attention;
  • Use professional templates and examples to make sure your administrative assistant cover letter follows the best industry standards;
  • Settle on your most story-worthy achievement to shine a light on what makes your application unique;
  • Write a administrative assistant cover letter, even when you lack professional experience.

Ready to start with the basics: upload your resume to Enhancv's AI, below, to see the administrative assistant cover letter it would write for you.

Administrative Assistant cover letter example

Leroy Bayley

New York, NY



Dear Hiring Manager

I recently came across your opening for an Administrative Assistant role at your esteemed company and, after thoroughly researching your organization's commitment to quality and innovation, I felt compelled to apply. Your emphasis on fostering a team-oriented environment resonates with my professional values and work history.

During my tenure at XYZ Corp, I spearheaded an initiative to revamp our scheduling and task management systems, which led to a commendable 20% increase in overall productivity for over 100 employees. My hands-on experience in enhancing operational efficiency and team leadership, highlighted by the Employee of the Year award I received in 2022, underlines my capacity to contribute meaningfully to your esteemed team.

I am eager to discuss how my background, skills, and dedicated approach to administrative excellence can be a great fit for your company. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to the continued success of your organization. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview.


Leroy Bayley

Organized Administrative Assistant
What makes this cover letter good:

  • Customization: The cover letter is tailored for an Administrative Assistant role, emphasizing the applicant's relevant experience and achievements, such as leading initiatives to improve scheduling and task management systems.
  • Demonstration of Results: It showcases quantifiable success by mentioning a specific instance where the applicant's actions led to a 20% productivity increase, which is compelling evidence of their potential impact on the company.
  • Company Research: The letter reflects the applicant's awareness of the company's values by mentioning its commitment to quality and innovation, suggesting that the candidate has done their homework and is genuinely interested in the company’s culture and goals.
  • Call to Action: The cover letter concludes with a proactive call to action, inviting the hiring manager to schedule an interview, which demonstrates the applicant's keenness to move forward in the application process.

The format of your administrative assistant cover letter: structure, fonts, margins, and more

Your administrative assistant cover letter should include a header (with your name, position, and date); a greeting and introductory paragraph; a body and closing paragraphs; and an optional signature.

Remember that you're writing your administrative assistant cover letter for recruiters - as the Applicant Tracker System won't scan this content.

Here are a few more tips and tricks to keep in mind when formatting your administrative assistant cover letter:

top sections icon

The top sections on a administrative assistant cover letter

  • Header: This includes your contact information, the date, and the employer's contact information, necessary for ensuring the recruiter can easily get in touch with you.
  • Greeting: Tailor this to the hiring manager if possible, as personalization can demonstrate your attention to detail—a crucial skill for an administrative assistant.
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and express your enthusiasm for the administrative assistant role, highlighting your organizational skills and readiness to support the workplace efficiently.
  • Body: In one or two paragraphs, detail your relevant experience, skills in managing office tasks, proficiency in software used for administration, and any specific achievements or accolades that underline your suitability for the role.
  • Closing: Reiterate your interest in the position, thank the reader for their time, offer any additional attachments like references, and provide a call to action, such as a request for an interview, showcasing proactive communication skills.
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Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Exceptional organizational skills: Necessary for managing schedules, coordinating meetings, and handling multiple tasks effectively.
  • Strong communication abilities: Crucial for drafting correspondence, engaging with clients, and conveying information clearly to other team members.
  • Proficiency in office technology: Knowledge of office software, such as Microsoft Office Suite and email management, for efficient completion of tasks.
  • Attention to detail: Vital for accurate data entry, proofreading documents, and maintaining records without errors.
  • Time management expertise: Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage the executive's calendar efficiently.
  • Proactive problem-solving: The capacity to anticipate potential issues and take initiative to resolve them, minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

Kick off your administrative assistant cover letter: the salutation or greeting

When writing your administrative assistant cover letter, remember that you're not writing for some complex AI or robot, but for actual human beings.

And recruiters, while on the lookout to understand your experience, would enjoy seeing a cover letter that is tailored to the role and addresses them. Personally.

So, if you haven't done so, invest some time in finding out who's the hiring manager for the role you're applying to. A good place to start would be LinkedIn and the corporate website.

Alternatively, you could also get in touch with the company to find out more information about the role and the name of the recruiter.

If you haven't met the hiring manager, yet, your administrative assistant cover letter salutation should be on a last-name basis (e.g. "Dear Mr. Donaldson" or "Dear Ms. Estephan").

A good old, "Dear HR Professional" (or something along those lines) could work as your last resort if you're struggling to find out the recruiter's name.

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List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [First Name Last Name],
  • Dear [Job Title],
  • Dear [Department Name] Team,
  • Dear [Company Name] Recruiter,
  • Dear Sir or Madam,

The administrative assistant cover letter introduction: focusing on your unique value, with a creative twist

You are not the only one wondering how to start your administrative assistant cover letter. Those first two sentences introduce your profile and should be memorable.

No pressure.

When beginning your administrative assistant cover letter, immediately point out the unique value of working with you. In other words, what you promise to bring to the role by using your past track record of success.

Start your administrative assistant cover letter with a creative twist by telling a joke or stating something relatable. Select this type of introduction only if it aligns with the company culture.

Intro Paragraph
With a deep appreciation for the innovative workspace solutions that [Company Name] has pioneered, I'm seeking to contribute my meticulous organizational skills and technological adeptness to further enhance the efficiency of your team.

What comes next: your administrative assistant cover letter middle paragraphs

In the next three to six paragraphs (or the body of your administrative assistant cover letter) you have to prove your unique value.

Most candidates tend to mess up at this stage. They tend to just copy-paste information from their resume.

That's one big no-no.

Remember that when writing your administrative assistant cover letter, it has to be personalized. And, your ultimate aim is to catch the recruiter's eye.

So, look back on key job requirements and write down a list that includes the ones you cover.

Next, select just one key achievement from your professional (or personal) history that meets those advert keywords.

Narrate a story around how you've grown your skill set and knowledge. Also, aim to show the unique understanding or soft skills you bring about, thanks to your past success.

Body Paragraph
In my previous role as an administrative coordinator, I spearheaded a digital filing system overhaul that resulted in a 35% improvement in document retrieval times, supporting a team of 50 staff members. This initiative reduced misplaced files by 75%, showcasing my capabilities in project management, adeptness in digital organization tools, and commitment to efficiency.

Finishing off your administrative assistant cover letter with what matters most

So far, you've done a fantastic job in tailoring your administrative assistant cover letter for the role and recruiter.

Your final opportunity to make a good impression is your closing paragraph.

And, no, a "Sincerely yours" just won't do, as it sounds too vague and impersonal.

End your administrative assistant cover letter with the future in mind.

So, if you get this opportunity, what do you plan to achieve? Be as specific, as possible, of what value you'd bring to the organization.

You could also thank recruiters for their interest in your profile and prompt for follow-up actions (and organizing your first interview).

Closing Paragraph
Eager to bring my skills to [Company Name], I look forward to discussing how my administrative expertise aligns with the team’s needs. Please find a suggested time for our interview.

No experience administrative assistant cover letter: making the most out of your profile

Candidates who happen to have no professional experience use their administrative assistant cover letter to stand out.

Instead of focusing on a professional achievement, aim to quantify all the relevant, transferrable skills from your life experience.

Once again, the best practice to do so would be to select an accomplishment - from your whole career history.

Another option would be to plan out your career goals and objectives: how do you see yourself growing, as a professional, in the next five years, thanks to this opportunity?

Be precise and concise about your dreams, and align them with the company vision.

Key takeaways

Summarizing the most important aspects in writing your administrative assistant cover letter, remember to:

  • Create a personalized administrative assistant cover letter for each role you apply for, that includes the recruiter's name in the salutation;
  • Format your administrative assistant cover letter with single-spacing, one-inch margins, and a modern, yet ATS-friendly font;
  • Always start off your administrative assistant cover letter with two sentences that reflect what is most important about your application;
  • Your administrative assistant cover letter body should feature your biggest accomplishments and the job-relevant skills it has taught you;
  • Instead of opting for the "Sincerely yours" ending, close your administrative assistant cover letter with a nod to the future with what you aim to achieve in this potential role.

Administrative Assistant cover letter examples

Explore additional administrative assistant cover letter samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Senior Administrative Assistant

For a Senior Administrative Assistant role, it's essential to showcase your proficiency in office management and advanced clerical work. Highlight your experience with scheduling, project coordination, and document preparation. Mention any expertise with office software like Microsoft Office Suite or CRM systems. Emphasize your ability to support multiple executives and your experience in organizing company events or managing communication flow. Illustrate your organizational skills with examples where they improved office efficiency or contributed to team success using a 'task-action-result' format.
View Senior Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Entry-Level Administrative Assistant

When targeting an Entry-Level Administrative Assistant position, showcasing your organizational skills is essential. Any relevant experience in managing schedules, data entry, or office administration should be highlighted. If you possess proficiency in office software like Microsoft Office or scheduling tools, be sure to mention this, as it demonstrates you can adapt to various workplace technologies. Using examples such as 'improved filing system efficiency' illustrates your proactive approach to tasks. Always connect your experience to the potential benefits for the employer, using a clear 'action-result' format.

Administrative Assistant No Experience

When applying for an Administrative Assistant role with no experience, it's important to stress any organizational or clerical skills. Attention to detail, proficiency in Microsoft Office, and effective communication are key to success. If you've completed a computer skills course or participated in coordinating events or projects, even informally, highlight those to demonstrate your logistical capabilities. Mention how you've used these skills to organize data, manage time efficiently, or streamline processes, adopting a 'skill-application-outcome' framework to illustrate your potential value to the employer.

By Role

Construction Administrative Assistant

When seeking a Construction Administrative Assistant position, stress any administrative or construction industry experience. Emphasize your organizational skills and proficiency in project management software. If you've completed courses such as 'Construction Management' or 'Office Administration,' showcase these, noting the timeframe to demonstrate your commitment. Present specific instances where your attention to detail and efficiency improved project workflows or supported management, adhering to a 'skill-action-result' formula. Highlight your ability to multitask and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
View Construction Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Dental Administrative Assistant

When applying for a Dental Administrative Assistant position, highlight your organizational skills and experience with office management tools. It's important to demonstrate a knowledge of dental terminology and office procedures. Mention any certifications in healthcare administration or related fields. Describe how you've improved office efficiency in past roles using a 'task-action-result' framework. Show your expertise in scheduling, record-keeping, and billing, and how you've contributed to a smooth-running dental practice.
View Dental Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

HR Administrative Assistant

When targeting an HR Administrative Assistant position, highlight any administrative or human resources experience. Essential for this role are strong organizational skills and the ability to handle confidential information. Mention courses such as 'Human Resources Management' or 'Business Communication', noting the timeframe to illustrate your commitment to learning. Be specific about your skills in improving HR processes or implementing systems that have streamlined operations, adopting the 'skill-action-result' model to showcase tangible outcomes.
View HR Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Medical Administrative Assistant

Securing a Medical Administrative Assistant role necessitates showcasing your organizational skills and knowledge of healthcare procedures. Detailing any experience with medical billing, coding, or chart management will be beneficial. Make sure to note proficiency in healthcare software and compliance with HIPAA regulations. Any classes in 'Medical Terminology' or 'Health Information Systems' should be featured. Use real-world examples where your expertise has streamlined office operations or improved patient satisfaction, adopting the 'skill-action-result' model in your descriptions.
View Medical Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Real Estate Administrative Assistant

For the Real Estate Administrative Assistant position, it's essential to showcase any administrative or office management experience you've gained. Highlight your proficiency in handling scheduling, documentation, and record-keeping with precision. Point out familiarity with real estate terms and processes if applicable. Your cover letter should demonstrate your organizational skills and attention to detail, presenting examples of your ability to support real estate transactions and maintain efficient office operations. Use the 'skill-action-result' format to show how your contributions improved organizational flow or supported team success.
View Real Estate Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Sales Administrative Assistant

For a Sales Administrative Assistant role, stress your organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently. If you have experience with CRM tools or scheduling software, mention this to showcase your technical aptitude. Detail your proficiency in report preparation, data entry accuracy, and inventory management, if applicable. Illustrate with an example how your keen attention to administrative detail led to cost reductions or improved sales processes. Adopt the 'task-action-result' format to concisely demonstrate how you directly support sales objectives through administrative excellence.
View Sales Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

School Administrative Assistant

When applying for a School Administrative Assistant position, underscore any administrative or clerical work history. Emphasize organizational skills and attention to detail. If you have proficiency with school database software or pertinent tools like Google Suite or Microsoft Office, make sure to showcase these, including any software-specific training completed. Mention previous roles that demonstrate your ability to maintain confidentiality and manage tasks effectively. Using a 'skill-action-result' model, illustrate how your capabilities have led to successful outcomes in your past roles, like improving office efficiency.
View School Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Temporary Administrative Assistant

When seeking a Temporary Administrative Assistant position, it's important to showcase organizational and multitasking abilities. Detail your proficiency in office software, such as Microsoft Office Suite or Google Workspace. If you've managed schedules or handled office correspondence, mention these tasks to demonstrate your administrative competence. Mention any short courses like 'Effective Office Administration' you've completed to indicate a dedication to the role. Use specific instances where your organizational skills led to improved office efficiency or contributed to project completion to provide a clear picture of your capabilities.
View Temporary Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Executive Administrative Assistant

When applying for an Executive Administrative Assistant position, illustrate your organizational and multitasking abilities. Essential skills to showcase include calendar management, travel arrangements, and efficient handling of correspondences. If you have experience with specific tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, include them. Exhibiting your proactive approach towards office management tasks, problem-solving skills, and any in-house software experience is beneficial. Use a 'challenge-action-result' structure to describe situations where your administrative competence significantly contributed to streamlining processes or supporting executive functions.
View Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Administrative Associate

For an Administrative Associate role, prioritize detailing any prior administrative or office management experience. Demonstrate your proficiency with scheduling, data entry, and Microsoft Office or similar software; if applicable, mention any technical certifications. It is beneficial to illustrate your ability to facilitate smooth operations and support various departments. Employ the 'skill-action-result' model to showcase scenarios where your organizational skills directly contributed to efficiency or problem-solving within a past role, thereby highlighting your potential value to the employer.
View Administrative Associate Cover Letter

Administrative Coordinator

When targeting an Administrative Coordinator position, underscore any organizational or administrative tasks you've managed. Showcase your attention to detail, proficiency in office software like Excel and PowerPoint, and ability to prioritize tasks effectively. If you've attended workshops like 'Efficient Office Management' or 'Time Management Fundamentals,' be sure to mention these. Illustrate with an example of a project where your organizational skills led to improved office efficiency or cost savings, using a 'task-strategy-impact' structure.
View Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter

Administrative Assistant Receptionist

For an Administrative Assistant role, stress your organizational skills and proficiency in office software like Microsoft Office or Google Suite. Detail any previous administrative work, even if voluntary, showcasing your ability to manage schedules and handle correspondence. When describing your experiences, use a 'task-outcome' approach, emphasizing how your initiative saved time or improved efficiency at your past workplaces. For a Receptionist position, highlight your strong interpersonal and customer service abilities. Mention any experience in managing front desk operations, including answering phones and greeting visitors. Describe your adeptness at multitasking and your professional demeanor, focusing on situations where your attention to detail and warm customer engagement positively impacted your former employer's office environment.

Administrative Assistant Ii

For an Administrative Assistant II role, highlighting organizational and time-management skills is essential. Showcase your proficiency in office software like Microsoft Office Suite and any experience with scheduling or database management. If you have specific training in administrative tasks, mention these courses and their length. Focus on how your ability to manage multiple tasks has directly contributed to the efficiency or success of past teams, using clear 'task-action-result' scenarios to underscore your impact.
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