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Your office manager cover letter must immediately grab the hiring manager's attention. Showcase your ability to lead and organize effectively from the get-go. Emphasize your track record of improving office operations in the second paragraph. Demonstrate how you can be the backbone of their team's daily success.

All cover letter examples in this guide

Crafting an office manager cover letter can be daunting, especially if you're just starting your job hunt and realizing the importance of this pivotal document. It's not just a repeat of your resume; it's your chance to showcase a signature accomplishment with a compelling narrative. Steer clear of clichés and aim for formality that engages, all within the concise span of one page. Let's tackle this together and transform your cover letter into a memorable introduction.

Introducing our office manager cover letter writing advice, which will show you how to ace the initial profile assessment. Make sure to stick around to find:

  • Some inspiration from other professionals' job-winning cover letters;
  • The best structure and format for your office manager cover letter;
  • Insights on how to write about your best achievement to stand out;
  • A creative twist on your office manager cover letter intro.

Upload your office manager resume to Enhancv's AI, which will quickly scan and prepare a job-winning cover letter for you.

Office Manager cover letter example

Carter Andrade




Dear Hiring Manager,

Navigating the demanding pathways of operations and inventory management has honed my ability to directly contribute to the productivity and success of organizations. My tenure at Gerhold, as part of a team that facilitated a significant growth phase, has equipped me with a robust skill set directly applicable to the challenges your company faces.

During my time at Gerhold, I was instrumental in managing the office's transition from a 30-person operation to a thriving hub of over 200 employees. A key project involved organizing the monthly distribution of 20,000 magazines, a task that not only demanded precise logistical coordination but also detailed inventory tracking. This experience underscored my capacity to handle large-scale operations and the complexities of rapid organizational growth, ensuring that I can bring both strategic vision and practical know-how to your team.

I am eager to bring my operational expertise and commitment to excellence to your esteemed organization. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and certifications align with the needs of your team. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.

Carter Andrade

Operations & Inventory Management Specialist
What makes this cover letter good:

  • Demonstrating relevant experience: The cover letter highlights the candidate's direct experience in managing operations and inventory during a period of significant company growth, which is relevant and attractive to potential employers looking for seasoned professionals.
  • Quantifiable achievements: It includes specific achievements, such as organizing the monthly distribution of 20,000 magazines, which helps to provide concrete examples of the candidate's capabilities and successes.
  • Offering a mix of strategic and practical skills: The letter emphasizes the candidate's ability to provide both strategic vision and practical execution, which suggests a well-rounded individual capable of both planning and implementing operations.
  • Invitation to discuss further: The closing paragraph invites the employer to schedule an interview, indicating the candidate's eagerness and availability to engage in further discussions about their fit for the role.

The visual appeal of your office manager cover letter: format, font, and structure

When using our cover letter builder, make sure to include these vital sections:

  • Header (with your name, contact details, the role, and date);
  • Greeting (that's personalized to the recruiter);
  • Introductory paragraph (to capture attention);
  • Body paragraph (to tell a story of how you've obtained your job-crucial skills);
  • Closing paragraph (ending with a nod to the future ahead);
  • Signature (that is not a must).

Our cover letter templates are already set up for you with the best office manager cover letter design with single-spaced paragraphs and a one-inch margin.

As for the font of your office manager cover letter, use the same one as you did in your resume (where modern and simple fonts, like Rubik and Bitter, take precedence over Arial and Times New Roman).

Your office manager cover letter is created with the recruiters in mind - as no Applicant Tracker System looks over this part of your profile.

When sending over your office manager cover letter, download it in PDF. This format allows your information and design to stay intact and to keep the same visual quality.

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The top sections on a office manager cover letter

  • Header: Include your contact information and the date to ensure the potential employer can easily identify you and reference the correspondence.
  • Greeting: Address the hiring manager by name if possible, to add a personal touch and show that you've done your research on the company.
  • Introduction: State the position you're applying for and summarize your enthusiasm for the role and the company, highlighting your organizational skills as key to an efficient office environment.
  • Body: Detail specific experiences that relate to managing an office, such as improving office systems, handling administrative staff, or managing budgets, to demonstrate your capability to fulfill the duties of an office manager.
  • Closing: Reiterate your interest in the role, invite the hiring manager to review your enclosed resume, and express your eagerness to discuss how you can contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the office in a personal interview.
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Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Exceptional organizational skills: Necessary for managing office operations, coordinating meetings, and maintaining files and records.
  • Strong leadership and team management abilities: Critical for supervising administrative staff and ensuring efficient office workflows.
  • Excellent communication skills: Vital for liaising with internal teams, external clients, and vendors to foster a professional business environment.
  • Proficiency in office software and technology: Important for managing electronic data, creating reports, and troubleshooting basic IT issues.
  • Experience in budgeting and resource allocation: Required to oversee office expenses, negotiate with suppliers, and ensure cost-effective office management.
  • Proactive problem-solving attitude: Essential for addressing office issues swiftly and implementing effective solutions to prevent disruptions in office productivity.

The office manager cover letter salutation: how to address hiring managers

After covering the format of your office manager cover letter, let's look at the salutation.

Back in the day, the cordial "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir/Madam", might have worked out fine.

But, nowadays, your cover letter should approach hiring managers on a more personal basis.

So, what to do about your cover letter salutation?

If you've messaged the recruiters and are on a first name basis or a more formal one, use the hiring manager's name in the greeting (e.g. "Dear Sophie," "Dear Ms. Givens", or "Dear Mr. Everett,").

Always aim to make the effort to find out the name of the hiring manager, who'd be assessing your application. Search on LinkedIn, double-check the advert on the corporate website, or message the brand on social media to find out more about the role.

If you can't find the hiring manager's name (and still want to sound professional), use "Dear HR Team,", "Dear Hiring Manager,", or the likes.

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List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [Specific Name],
  • Dear [Mr./Ms./Dr.] [Last Name],
  • Dear [Title] [Last Name],
  • Dear [Department] Team,
  • Dear Search Committee,

What to include in those first two sentences, or your office manager cover letter introduction

Have you ever wondered what the best way is to present your profile in the office manager cover letter introduction?

There's no right or wrong answer if you're being concise and authentic to yourself.

Some professionals start their office manager cover letter by:

  • congratulating the company - focusing on something impressive, whether that's an award, an industry-leading project, or a key event;
  • aligning their passion for the field or industry with the job - if you're enthusiastic about what you do, you'd thus grow your skill set and value as a professional.
Intro Paragraph
Immersing myself in the operational heartbeat of a forward-thinking organization like XYZ Corp, I am drawn to the seamless way your team integrates innovation with efficiency. Anchoring the role of Office Manager at your company, where dynamic growth is the norm, aligns seamlessly with my proven track record in creating organized, empowering office environments.

Choosing your best achievement for the middle or body of your office manager cover letter

Now that you have the recruiters' attention, it's time to write the chunkiest bit of your office manager cover letter.

The body consists of three to six paragraphs that focus on one of your achievements.

Use your past success to tell a story of how you obtained your most job-crucial skills and know-how (make sure to back these up with tangible metrics).

Another excellent idea for your office manager cover letter's middle paragraphs is to shine a light on your unique professional value.

Write consistently and make sure to present information that is relevant to the role.

Body Paragraph
At my previous role as an Assistant Office Manager, I spearheaded the transition to a digital file management system that improved document retrieval times by 35%. This initiative not only led to a decrease in operating expenses by 20% but also enhanced overall office efficiency, showcasing my capability in project management and my commitment to advancing office operations.

Thinking about the closing paragraph of your office manager cover letter

Before your signature, you have extra space to close off your office manager cover letter.

Use it to either make a promise or look to the future.

Remind recruiters how invaluable of a candidate you are by showing what you plan to achieve in the role.

Also, note your availability for a potential next meeting (in person or over the telephone).

By showing recruiters that you're thinking about the future, you'd come off as both interested in the opportunity and responsible.

Closing Paragraph
Eager to bring my expertise to your team, I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your company's success. Please contact me to arrange an interview.

What could you write about in your office manager cover letter when you have no experience

Candidates with zero professional experience often struggle to write their office manager cover letter.

You may lack experience, but your application could still be impressive when you focus on your strengths.

Consider your most relevant talents (and/or one achievement) that align with the role and help you stand out.

Perhaps you spent every summer volunteering at your local dog pound - think of the job-relevant skills this experience taught you.

Sharing your tangible career goals is another good strategy to stand out.

Key takeaways

Winning at your job application game starts with a clear and concise office manager cover letter that:

  • Has single-spaced paragraphs, is wrapped in a one-inch margin, and uses the same font as the office manager resume;
  • Is personalized to the recruiter (using their name in the greeting) and the role (focusing on your one key achievement that answers job requirements);
  • Includes an introduction that helps you stand out and show what value you'd bring to the company;
  • Substitutes your lack of experience with an outside-of-work success, that has taught you valuable skills;
  • Ends with a call for follow-up or hints at how you'd improve the organization, team, or role.

Office Manager cover letter examples

Explore additional office manager cover letter samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Entry-Level Office Manager

When applying for an Entry-Level Office Manager position, showcase any administrative or organizational experience you possess. Highlight your proficiency in office software and tools, such as Microsoft Office or Google Suite. Mention any courses taken, like 'Office Administration' or 'Project Management', specifying their duration. Demonstrate how your organizational abilities have positively influenced past work environments, using a 'skill-action-result' model to illustrate your capacity to streamline processes, manage resources efficiently, and support a productive office atmosphere.

By Role

Assistant Front Office Manager

For an Assistant Front Office Manager position, emphasize your customer service proficiency and leadership capabilities. Highlight your experience in managing front desk operations, resolving guest issues, and leading a team. If you have experience with hotel management software or a hospitality certification, include these details. Use a 'situation-action-outcome' framework to illustrate how your leadership improved guest satisfaction or team efficiency. Mention any multi-tasking and organizational skills, as these are crucial for a successful front office manager.
View Assistant Front Office Manager Cover Letter

Business Office Manager

When applying for a Business Office Manager position, it's critical to underline your organizational skills and proficiency in office administration. Detail your prowess in handling administrative tasks, such as record keeping and scheduling, and mention any relevant software you're adept at using, like MS Office or QuickBooks. If you've played a pivotal role in streamlining office operations or improving processes, describe these accomplishments succinctly. Address your ability to lead a team, coordinate cross-departmental activities, and how your contributions have positively impacted your previous workplace's efficiency.
View Business Office Manager Cover Letter

Chiropractic Office Manager

When seeking a Chiropractic Office Manager position, highlight managerial experience, especially in healthcare settings. Showcase your proficiency in office administration, billing, and scheduling software. Demonstrate leadership with instances of team coordination and patient relations improvement. Include certifications like 'Healthcare Administration' or 'Medical Office Management', specifying the course length for credibility. Detail how your organizational skills led to increased office efficiency or patient satisfaction, using a clear 'skill-action-result' formula in your examples.
View Chiropractic Office Manager Cover Letter

Dental Office Manager

For an entry-level Dental Office Manager position, stress any management experience, your ability to oversee clinical and administrative procedures, and exceptional organizational skills. Highlight customer service expertise, proficiency with dental practice software, and understanding of dental billing and coding. Mention relevant education such as a 'Dental Office Administration' certificate, noting the duration of the program. Demonstrate with examples how your leadership and problem-solving skills have positively impacted past workplaces, using a 'skill-action-result' narrative.
View Dental Office Manager Cover Letter

Front Office Manager

Aspiring to become a Front Office Manager requires showcasing your organizational instincts and leadership abilities. Mention your proficiency in managing tasks such as scheduling, staffing, and customer service. Highlight your experience with front desk software, and, if relevant, mention any hospitality certification you've acquired, like 'Hospitality Management' with the training duration. Illustrate your competence with examples using the 'skill-action-result' manner, emphasizing how you effectively led a team, improved check-in processes, or helped increase guest satisfaction ratings in your past roles.
View Front Office Manager Cover Letter

Office Manager Assistant

When targeting an Office Manager Assistant role, showcase administrative expertise and organizational prowess. Highlight proficiency in software like Microsoft Office or scheduling tools, since these skills ensure efficient office operations. Include experiences where you've supported a team or managed office resources, focusing on specifics such as event planning or streamlining filing systems. Use a 'task-outcome' framework to illustrate how your direct actions have improved office workflow or contributed positively to team dynamics, showing potential employers your capability to be a fundamental support in their office environment.
View Office Manager Assistant Cover Letter

Medical Office Manager

For a Medical Office Manager position, emphasize your experience in healthcare administration and any expertise in medical billing and coding. Highlight your leadership skills and any past roles managing personnel or coordinating office operations. If you have certifications like 'Certified Medical Manager' or have completed courses in health services management, include these to showcase your commitment to the field. Demonstrate with examples how you've improved office efficiency or patient satisfaction through your initiatives, using a clear 'situation-action-outcome' format.
View Medical Office Manager Cover Letter
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