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Should You Include A Short Term Job On Your Application

Should a short-term job be included on a job application?

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Yes, it is generally recommended to include all relevant work experience on a job application, regardless of the duration of the employment. Short-term jobs can demonstrate a candidate's work history and can show that they have had experience working in similar roles or industries. Additionally, having a short-term job on an application can show that the candidate is willing to work in a variety of positions and that they are not afraid of change, which can be viewed positively by employers.

Example of a short term job in a resume experience section

Work Experience
Sales Associate
ABC Retail Store
New York, NY
Worked as a sales associate, responsible for providing excellent customer service, restocking and pricing merchandise, and maintaining store appearance.
  • Consistently met or exceeded sales goals
  • Developed strong product knowledge and effectively communicated it to customers
  • Trained new employees on sales techniques and customer service
Customer Service Representative
XYZ Call Center
Chicago, IL
Answered customer inquiries and resolved complaints over the phone and through email.
  • Handled an average of 50 calls per day
  • Received positive feedback from customers and superiors for problem-solving skills
  • Assisted in training new employees on customer service protocols
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Should You Include A Short Term Job On Your Application
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