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Short Term Job Resume

Short Term Job Resume

How should short-term jobs be included on a resume?

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Short-term jobs should be included on a resume in the same way as long-term jobs. This typically means including them in a "Work Experience" section, along with the job title, the name and location of the company, and the dates of employment.

A brief summary of the responsibilities and accomplishments in that position should also be provided. It's important to include all relevant work experience on your resume, regardless of the duration, as it can demonstrate to potential employers that you have a consistent work history and have acquired a variety of skills over time.

A short-term job in a resume experience section example

Work Experience
Summer Intern
ABC Company
New York, NY
Completed a summer internship at ABC Company, where I assisted with various tasks in the sales and marketing department.
  • Assisted with sales and marketing campaigns
  • Researched potential new customers and markets
  • Conducted market analysis and reported findings to the team
  • Assisted with event planning and coordination
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Short Term Job Resume
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