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Sep 8, 2022 3 min read

If you are reading this article, we need to congratulate you.

If you are in Phi Beta Kappa, you are a part of one of the most exclusive societies in the USA.

Whether you are applying for a scholarship, or looking for a job, an achievement like this should definitely get a place on your resume.

It is pretty clear for your potential employer that you would be a great asset to their company.

Being a part of Phi Beta Kappa is always the result of hard work and ethics, skills that are rarely found among applicants.

But how to list your Phi Beta Kappa on your resume?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we are going to go through some important topics like:

  • Why Should You Include Phi Beta Kappa On Your Resume?
  • How Do You Describe Phi Beta Kappa On a Resume?
  • How To Put Phi Beta Kappa On Your Resume

Once we are done, you will be ready to really make your Phi Beta Kappa show you in the best possible light.

If you have some more general wondering about your resume, we can help you Make Your Resume Stand Out.

But if you are ready to put your Phi Beta Kappa on your resume, stick around.

Why Should You Include Phi Beta Kappa On Your Resume?

It might bother you that not every employer might know what Phi Beta Kappa is.

But it would be absolutely worth it for those employers who do.

If you present a Phi Beta Kappa to a potential employer, it would most probably put you one step ahead of other candidates.

Your Phi Beta Kappa can show your potential employer that you are a hardworking individual and will become a reliable employee.

So no matter what, you shouldn’t miss out on including your Phi Beta Kappa.

It might be the last thing you need to get the job you want.

How To Put Phi Beta Kappa On Your Resume

The most usual placement of your Phi Beta Kappa is in your Education Section.

After listing your degree, school name, and dates of attendance, you would want to add one more bullet point.

That’s where you should highlight your honors, and more specifically - Phi Beta Kappa.

If you graduated recently, or you don't have much work experience, you might also want to mention your relevant coursework, projects, and your best extracurricular activities.

If your education is not at all relevant to the job position you are applying for, you should consider adding your GPA as well.

Phi Beta Kappa is the most prestigious honor society in the USA, but it still may be unfamiliar to the hiring manager.

Another way to go is to include your Phi Beta Kappa in your Honors and Awards Section.

That’s where you should also list all your honors, including Dean’s list and any academic achievements.

Another place where you can mention your Phi Beta Kappa is in your Resume Objective.

That’s the place where you present yourself with one paragraph of your best accomplishments.

Last but not least, don’t forget to also mention your Phi Beta Kappa in your Cover Letter.

A great cover letter that matches your resume and includes Phi Beta Kappa can really improve your chances of getting the job.

Should You Include Phi Beta Kappa If You Have More Work Experience?

Phi Beta Kappa is a great thing to have on your resume.

But is it worth the mention if you already have a significant amount of Work Experience?

Simply put - yes.

No matter how long and impressive your work experience is, there is no harm in boosting your resume a little more.

Even if it is not relevant anymore, Phi Beta Kappa is still worth the mention.

It is a significant honor, and you should find a place for it on your resume.

Takeaways: Phi Beta Kappa on Resume?

We are all done.

Now you know how to list your Phi Beta Kappa on your resume.

You are now ready to upgrade your Education Section, your Honors and Awards Section and your Resume Objective with your babysitting.

Take your time and think about all the best place to include your Phi Beta Kappa.

Don’t forget to list your it in your Cover Letter as well.

Boost your resume with your Phi Beta Kappa and make your resume perfect for the job you seek.

Make your move!
Your resume is an extension of yourself.
Make one that's truly you.
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